September 26, 2009

Goodbye Bloggy world.....for now!

Hey guys, i'm stuck moving this week so i'm gonna have to yank myself away from everything twilight until i get my computer and internet connected in my new place. *sigh* oh Edward! i'm gonna miss you soooooo much *tear* i'm gonna miss you guys too but it's only for a little while, i promise, i think.......this means twihershey will be taking over so forgive me team Edward because she will use this opportunity to try and tempt you into switching sides but stay strong!

** [From TwiHershey.. not to worry ppl.. I will be fair (for once) towards all things Twilight.. including Rob/Edward. Let just hope I can find time to blog a bit.. my school schedule is a bit hectic... sooo expect my next posting 2night or 2morrow.. for now its back to studying biology (and there's no "edward" in my bio lecture or lab... well there's this 1 dude w/ an accent.... hmmm lol]

UPDATE~i can't unplug my computer and leave her bitchiness to Rob bash, she's already mad because I've been spying on her so look out for her posts, my computer will be up for a little longer......until i know she will behave

Let the jailbait countdown begin

So as I was looking for pics of Tay from last night's Teen Vogue party that I was completely unaware of.... I found this cute countdown on [which came from] Apparently I'm not the only who is counting down until the day Mr Taylor becomes legal. So here's one of the countdown ticker things. lol I would've put in on the side bar of the page.. but then Kim would fill it up with Rob related stuff and i thnnk i'll pass on that.

And here's a cute pic/banner to go along with it

both countdown timer & banner found on via

Taylor: (young) Man of The Month!

Its been a good few weeks for all us Team Jake-sters out there! First we got the special edition New Moon with the movie poster cover.. the cover that I adore! Taylor and KStew ..umm Jacob and Bella front and center! Yes, I bought the book even though my mom had a copy of NM w/ the original cover! And yes, I have that lovely poster from the book on my wall now! I had to show support for Team Jacob. THEN a few days after I got my NM copy, the issue of Teen Vogue w/ Taylor on the cover was in the my mailbox! Apparently when i entered that contest TeenVogue had, the one about winning 3 passes to the LA New Moon premiere, I accidently subscribed.. and thats the issue they sent me for FREE! sooo that always good, right? Sadly, since I've been busy with school i wasn;t able to read the magazine, or seen their tiny advertisment about this Young Hollywood party =/ So to make-up for my lack of knowledge about the party and its attendees... here's picks!!! =) Christina Serratos & Mike Welch were there too! And I read somewhere that Noot girl... i forget who she plays in NM.... must not be too important.. jk

this is the pic Teen Vogue put on their twitter.
I must agree he does look really nice in this suit [see above photo]

Mike Welch aka Mike Newton

Christian Serratos aka Angela

September 25, 2009

My TwiLife

I came across a couple of blogs the other day, they asked whether twilight ruins your love life. I will tell you i'm 22 yrs old-proud Virgo-i have no kids nor do i plan on acquiring any and i'm singles-yes, by choice because dating's a bitch and i don't want the drama-in fact that's how i go into reading twilight. I don't broadcast my love for everything twilight-wait does this blog count?-but once you get the conversation started it's pretty hard to get me to refocus.

I converted my bff, her mom, i even tried to get my mom into it but with her it's a little harder-she lives 2000 miles away or i would have bombard her with everything twilight, actually when you mention twilight this is her response "the one with the shiny dead people? don't they drink blood? what kind of nastiness is that, in the name of Jesus....." i'll spare you the rest cause this sometimes go on for a few minutes, the only movie she ever like was a walk to remember.

Sorry got off topic, every once in a while i run into the persistent guy and he swears we're destined for each other so they come up with new creative ways to ask you out. What if that guy turns out to be a jackass, do you bust out the twilight deets like a true twihard to scare him off? What if you end up liking him, do you wait until your in a relationship before telling your secret?-ewww not that one nasty, i'm talking about what's locked in your TwiCloset-if he's not a complete douche he'll put up with it. So when is it ok to tell that special someone?

I loves me some RobWard, i'm constantly talking about him-luckily my Alice/twihershey lets me get it out of my system even though she's team Jacob or i'd be blogging like a stalker, did i mention that i almost flew to Vancouver by myself two weeks ago until she reminded me of the movie hostel, one of the many reasons why you should never go to a foreign country alone-hopefully we realize real men can't completely live up to Edward and Jacob's standard, so i wonder should we tell them anything at all?

 ~The smart ass in me says he needs to put a ring on it before you bring up your twilight addiction but then i realized if he doesn't like it i might be tempted to choke him late one night.......


Random friday funny!

think we need to change that to black volvo, i'm all for it so don't worry summit i won't boycott because of a car, i'm still happy about scene it twilight edition
edwardmadepic.jpg edward and bella image by mrsceciliacullen

don't we all do that???
edwarddd.jpg Funny Twilight Saying image by Teamedward76
don't get mad, calm down, read it again and let me see you laugh!

this one's just for you twihershey, reminds me of Sorority Row lol

***Welcome follower #6 your now apart of the crazy lol don't worry twihershey and i are still the craziest!

Seriously India?? Seriously?!?

It seems like the crap from OK magazine is still trickling it's way to India because they're excited about "the wedding of the year" apparently Bella and Edward gets married in New Moon-did someone forget to mail them a copy of New Moon when they sent that sh*t from OK, when the hell did Edward and Bella have time to get married?? oh right, the long ass 400 pgs of Jacob's thoughts was a cover up for their secret wedding wtf-since Bella and Edward is getting married in NM lmfao it appears Rob and Kris' wedding won't be far off because they want to mirror their twilight roles.
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
Ah, the things we come up with in our crazy ass minds. If you need a laugh read the rest here but please read it with a grain of salt because it's all false! i wish someone would send India the memo so they can keep up.

Mike Newton our favorite gramps

Found this pic of Mike Welch in character as Mike Newton, if you remember this is the scene with Mike Jake and Bella at the movies in New Moon and Mike is supposed to be sick....

guess that's his sick face, isn't mike supposed to be in high school? why does he look like a swollen frog??? i'm gonna miss the old twilight days with stalker mike.

September 24, 2009

Breaking Dawn and Vampire Diaries *update*

Hollywood Crush is reporting that Melissa might have gotten the green light to do Breaking Dawn. I mention this because they said everything that was on my mind, what happens to those 200 pgs of crap Jacobs thoughts? That should be written out so should his pedophilia towards Nessie.  Making it a two part movie is such a bad idea because the first movie would just be about Bella and life after Eclipse, the second movie would be Bella after Nessie and that's where the book starts to lose my love. 
Also found out Vampire Diaries creator will be continuing the series! way to go, ride that money train maybe Stephenie should take a few more ideas from L.J Smith. The new book being released in Feb 2010 will be about Damon, can i suggest this for the cover??

or this

and this

yes! i love searching for this man's picture! 
read the entire article here, she also mentions twilight.

Scene It?® Twilight Edition

This morning summit announced they will be partnering with Konami to bring us the twilight version of Scene it? i say hell yea! this game is the sh*t so why would i not want the twilight edition. You did me right today summit, you did me right, if oooonly we could do something about Jackson's wig you would totally get off the sh*t list i'd even go see Boob fest a second time-for the NM trailer but that's just details, who cares really, the point is i'd be paying.
This game includes:
 TWILIGHT content: On-screen puzzles, movie clips, sound bytes, music and trivia questions pulled directly from the very successful first TWILIGHT film.

 All-new puzzle types: Puzzles including "Alice's Vision" and "Locker Picks," sure to satisfy both Team Edward and Team Jacob fans around the world.

 Bonus features and activities: Bonus activities like "Which Cullen are You?", and an exclusive downloadable bonus feature for hardcore fans, which provides all the planning elements for hosting the ideal TWILIGHT-themed party.

Twilight Scene It? Game
The game will be available for purchase sometime in October. Scene it? Twilight party! my house! sometime in October?!? 

Twicrap, Dumb Aaa A-listers and more Eclipse set deets

Someone needs to burn OK magazine to the ground, they've gone too far when their rumors spread to India! The India Times report, thanks to OK, that Kristen's ex or current boyfriend-who knows, who cares-is waiting for Rpattz to slip up so he can steal her back. WTF i'm still shocked at how far the good twilight news gets but when the fabricated crap starts reaching other countries we need to make it stop! I especially love the fact that they let you know Robsten isn't official but they go on to say Kstew will become tired of Rob and Michael's waiting. WTF is it me or does that not make any sense at all, how can he be waiting for a relationship that they themselves say is not a relationship?? anyone??? alright, i rest my case.

O.K.! this is not ok, does any body need wrapping paper??? stuffing paper?? toilet paper?? how about something to burn?? that's all this is good for and in case you didn't read it above this is a rumor, never been confirmed.

Then....there's this one, she seem to walk, talk and breathe Rob. Being the A list celeb she is was she needs to stop name dropping Rob to catch our attention. She has not had an interview in the last month where she didn't mention him. shouldn't you be using precious air time to talk about your viewer less show maybe? no? alright, it's your career. Here she is once again reminding us how desperate she is to carry Rob's luggage, i got you Jen luggage is your code word for love child!

she was the body back in the day, maybe she needs to reevaluate that and try again

Which bring us to the last one of the day.....then again it's me so it might not be, i always find something else to bitch about....a few people are super excited because Rob and Kris were on set together yesterday. hmmm, they are filming a little movie called Eclipse right?? doesn't the story revolved around them, the main characters??? so why the fuss, they have to be on set "together" you f*cking losers.


Rob, Billy and Kristen on set yesterday, look! the mullet's alive! I also updated yesterday's post to explain what scene was shot yesterday.

Eclipse Kellan Bear update.. pic/ video included

So i'm at school waaaayy too early and have an hour before class so i decided to post a lil bloggy =) Sorrie for my lack of post yesterday.. i had more than enough time BUT i was busy trying to find Britney Spears[.. its a contest she does before each show..] now back to twilight...

I'm kinda behind on whats been going on lately..[apparently OK mag is lying once again... the paps are all over the set & some newspaper in Vancouver is leaking secret locations?!]. BUT i did find some info at && some pics! So i figured, why not post em just for the sake of doing so! =) Do we all remember when Kellan somehow was able to sneak into Los Angeles undetected(by me at least).. and we've seen the pics of him leaving LA right?! The cute pics of him w/ his teddy grahmns [awww] well here's a video of my Kellan Bear talking to the stalkerazzi!

wasn't able to post the video from the actual PopSugar site.. but thank goodness for YouTube!!

this would be the Teddy Grahams pics yumm =)

The funniest most insane twitter conversation

of course it took place between me and twicrackhead but that's because she called my Edward a bloodsucker, she had some serious at.ti.tude, guess she forgot to check her flees at the door that's why you don't run with dogs! This is how it started.....
HersheyKissez86Icon_lock@kimvwz -u know what's funnie? I overheard some girls discussing Twilight haha. Well all I heard was "jacob takes his shirt off" and... from twidroid in reply to kimvwz
HersheyKissez86Icon_lock@kimvwz ... and something about having strong feeling about characters she doesn't like... she must b Team Edward... ugh from twidroid in reply to kimvwz
kimvwz@HersheyKissez86 lmao why she gotta be Team Edward? are you trying to say we're all bitter? team Jake isn't so hot either! from web in reply to HersheyKissez86
HersheyKissez86Icon_lock@kimvwz well if u dnt like jake u must like the bloodsucker.. I mean edward. Lol and u dnt have to laugh @ me from twidroid in reply to kimvwz
kimvwz@HersheyKissez86 i'd rather the bloodsucker than the space heater fetching puppy! lmfao from web in reply to HersheyKissez86
HersheyKissez86Icon_lock@kimvwz - he wasn't a space heater fetching puppy! Go read Eclipse again because he WAS the space heater 108.5 ... 108.5 remember that!? from twidroid in reply to kimvwzFYI, i think this might have set her offTwiRemedyDaily Remedy~ That's right bff, info on getting your very own bk crown from twitterfeedTwiRemedy@HersheyKissez86 you see it as caring, i see it as another opportunity to laugh at your expense! from web in reply to HersheyKissez86What's even funnier is she looks like she's arguing with two people so all her followers must think she's loco
***this was all joke, it was a real conversation and there's been many like it, don't get offended, if you do then your in the wrong place

September 23, 2009

Eclipse set deets....from a smart ass point of view

Pictures were posted of Rob, Kristen and Billy on set today, apparently they were shooting at the police station?? i don't remember the police station in Eclipse-it's been about a month since i re-re-reread it-maybe one of you remember or this could be a new scene written in by Melissa's and we all know her habit of creating scenes that weren't in the book. You might notice by now that i am a huge smart ass so i found a story behind that story! we need to get the Vancouver sun shut down-it can be temporarily of course, until Oct 31 aka the last day of filming for the cast-those stupid mofos printed another article with the exact location of the set and this time i do mean exact. It's amazing how stupid they are, they had the nerve to talk about an increase in security, um maybe summit wouldn't be wasting money on security if it weren't for you dumb f*cks! more than half the employees must be on set security guards. Rob and Kstew inaccurately blame twitter for the mob people when they need to be going after the sun. That's how you know they're in Canada because if they were in the Ghetto that sh*t would have stopped. It's not the first time they've done this and by the looks of it, it won't be their last.
Twilight actors Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart film on location outside of the Port Moody Arts Centre in Port Moody, BC Wednesday afternoon.
At the same time our favorite blogger, who will remain anonymous, found a new way to piss me off. B*tch is now a full time set stalker and still has the nerve to talk sh*t about other people and the paps. Ooooh, rigggght, she seems to think she's exempt from that list because she goes to the set early when the cast isn't there but she stays until they show up and she watches them film, um news flash ho you are a f*cking set stalker. Leaving early and showing up early is just as bad as the b*tch beside you who stays all day. Taking selective photos is the same as the paps who click non-stop but say whatever you need to say to make your man think your not a TwiHard like the rest of us.
**UPDATE-Lainey gossip reports Bella was at the police station where she and Edward were talking but he tries to hide the details from her, like most in most of Eclipse, then Charlie comes out and they talk about the plane tickets, to Florida???, i think Melissa did create a new scene using info from the book.

***I'd like to welcome follower #5! that's right #5, you know who you are.....thanks for joining the team! To show our appreciation i give you.....the holy grail

This dumb ass is Paris aka Nikki Reed's puppy, did you notice his tattoo?? no??? didn't see the ink on his hand???? That's right the dumb f*ck got Nikki tatted on his hand....don't believe me then zoom in....guess they were too stupid to realize any couple with ink always break up, always, how long have they been together??? hehehe not for much longer.
Thanks to @Kstew411 for the great tip as always!

Twilight weekly spotlight

We recently got into the habit of watching Reelz Chanel Twilight Weekly Spotlight honestly because it's about Twilight-shut up!. They showcase things we didn't know about, Pre-June when we were TwiVirgins. On the latest episode they spoke about people who quit their jobs after many years and moved to Forks, WA. While i completely disagree with these crazy f*cks, i will applaud them for having the cahones to do what I've been dying to do, pack up and move to a new town. These people left behind their lives, moved and started over-not saying i would ever be crazy enough to move to Forks. Brought this up because they're holding a contest to find New Moon ultimate fans and we thought we'd give it a try. They want a Team Edward and a Team Jacob fan and what do you know that's us....should we enter the contest? saw this on the show and i so want it!
this is a shirt from 98331 gear and i love it! mostly because i'm a pervert but i'm still trying to figure out how to order it without actually going to Forks even though bff is quite adamant about going so i think i might let her talk me into it just to buy this shirt.

This gorgeousity is Ashley Green better known as our Alice Cullen on her first cover! I love the hair so i had to post this pic.

That's right bff, info on getting your very own bk crown

So's been a long sh*tty day until i saw this! Twihershey has been dying to get her hands on one of these. She has been to every bk in our neighborhood trying to find out when she can get her very own. Did i mention she will be wearing it to the nm premiere???
New Moon Burger King Crown
Just in time for NM burger king released info on how you can get your very own crown. Click here to find out more info so you can be first in line with Twihershey. i can't believe she will rock this sh*t to the NM premiere in Nov. but she won't even consider becoming Pattinson pants lady for a couple of short hours. Yes everyone our very own TwiCrackhead will be wearing the BK crown to the NM premiere so you can spot her a mile away, to make it worst she's teaming it with a Team Jake shirt. Take it from me bff, neither is less embarrassing! Here's an idea why not wear it with this???
Edward Wig
That's right, the latest Edward wig!

September 22, 2009

awww, poor Jackson...not the hand, the hair!

Jackson was hurt on the set of Eclipse on tuesday and some say Kellan was responsible somehow i think he got hurt after seeing his reflection in the mirror wearing that busted ass wig or Kellan hit him after seeing him looking a hot mess in that wig.

WTF summit, wtf, did you guys run out of money?? please tell me David Slade did not waste money like Katherine Hardwicke did and buy another $20,000 gazebo. Did you guys recycle Bella's wig and put it on Jackson, he's so hot and that wig completely destroys him. This is Jackson, how the hell do they turn someone into that, his hair looks like a homeless man after one too many nights on the street.

This is Jackson looking his normal hotness minus busted ass wig and yes that is a tattoo you see there, stop staring!

Blog #100!

This being our 100th post we wanted to take the time to thank each of you....yes all four, count em four of our followers and our daily readers who don't follow us yet! thank you for allowing us to continually supply your TwiRemedy. Before we get down to business, how about a snack??? No, what if it was a vampire snack?? see i knew you wanted some!

now we can talk.....yes that does say salt and vampire

We're still learning the bloggy business and look forward to bringing you the next obscenely inappropriate 100 posts we can muster with more profanity, bitching, moaning, and fighting....which at this rate will be in the middle of October. Keep an eye on the poll as well because there might be some surprises in store before it ends until then we will be getting deeper into all things Twilight. With less than two mnths til Nov 16, the premiere of NM things will become more interesting. fyi, if i need to pimp twihershey down the block [Twihershey- EXCUSE me?! umm I know i live near Figueroa Blvd but there will be NO pimpin anything.. unless its my jail bait hottie! lmao] we will be at the premiere but don't worry we will be safe....


here's a pic taken by Gil Birmingham of him Taylor and Kstew in costume...notice Bella's hair, do you think they heard our cry cause they fixed her up! This was random i know but we needed to include some of today's news.

[from TwiHershey] Like Kim said.. thanks to those that follow our lil blog and those who arent following us BUT still visit on a regular basis! See told y'all that location tracker thing on the side wasnt to stalk you... just seein who we are branching out to! So yea, be expecting lots of funny and informative blogs from us, especially when Twilight saga events are near [ex. NM Westwood premiere & TwiTour L.A.] Also (shameless plug alert) make sure you go check out Valentine's Day on Feb 12, 2010... then you get to see Kim look funnie at TwiTour!... i think someone will be rocking the Jacob crown! =) yea i dont have much else to say except thanks again for reading out blog... make sure you vote for us on Top Sites & Top Blogs!

Soundtrack or sell out???

The artist list of the new moon soundtrack was released today and of course i need to put my two cents in on the topic. I am so disappointed with that list-Muse and the Killers seem promising-as for the rest wtf summit??? did you choose these people based on the highest bid??? I love the twilight soundtrack so much i bump it in my car and this in it self is saying a lot because i sorta live in the hood so i can get shot for listening to Muse too loud j/k but seriously can anyone tell me who Sea Wolf is??? is that a typo? is that supposed to be Shakira's She Wolf. What about Anya Marina??? i'm sorry but this is moving further down the list of things to purchase so Twicrack-a-lac aka Twihershey will not be borrowing anything from me.
To view the complete list of  artists on the soundtrack click here but be warned it's like finding out they won't be able to make Breaking Dawn the movie.
here's K-Lutz at LAX because we can never have enough Kellan
Click to view full size image
~can someone tell me why he has that big ass grin on his face?? he must be getting some good pootang
Previous Photo
Robert Pattinson, and his eyes, on the set of "New Moon." April 24, 2009
Look upon the hotness, all hail robward! i worship at the altar that is the sparkly one....ya'll thought i was joking when i said i will always post a daily pic of Robward, yes even in a Jacon blog.

September 21, 2009

Less than 2 months until... you know what!

So we are finally under the 60 day mark! Exciting right?!?! I'm super excited. So it got me wondering.. how does one properly [<-- "proper F'n Wolf!" lmao- sorrie inside joke. go here to get it] prepare for a movie premiere like New Moon? Its not every movie were thousands of people, young and old are anxious for the official release! So we [and maybe just me] want to know-- How are u preparing for the release of NM?! I'll post my list below.. and maybe Kim will too. So leave us comments with your "things to do before NM" check list! =)

- Re-read NM... just got to cute movie tie-in edition =)
- Get one [or 2] of those lil Burger King Crowns! Yep i'm rockin that sh*t to the premiere!
- (Possibly) make a shirt.. gotta represent for all the Team Jacob-ers!
- Watch Twilight a couple times.. gotta make sure I don't forget anything.
- Buy the soundtrack... or borrow Kim's! nothing like the NM soundtrack to get me in the NM mood
- Watch random vampire/wolf movies and laugh at how they are completely wacked-out compared to what NM will bring to the table
- Find more hott pics of my Kellan Bear & Jail Bait hottness to drool over ;)
..... that concludes my list, more may be added later ....

here's some juicy eye candy =)

Click to view full size image


even from the side he looks good

NM set pics

So I'm at school.. suppose to be typing a paper... but I needed a Facebook break.. and what do I find?!?! NM set pics =) YAY just make my day better!! Here's a few below. check out the rest here

Hott Damn!! Jail Bait hottness =)

not sure why they need a green screen for Bella's room??
Hmmmm wonder what scene this will be?!?!

Chris [director] & Rob


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