September 25, 2012

Breaking Dawn 2: The FINAL trailer

Remedy has chosen to live under a rock and refuses to watch any BD2 trailers... myself on the other hand am all for them! So it's only fitting that I show you all the final trailer on the blog.... What do you think?

Personally I think Bella makes a kick-ass vampire... and Jacob ::sigh:: love him as always!! Only 52 more days!!! I'm too excited!!!

September 24, 2012

We're back from under our rock

So I know it's been over a year since we've posted on this lovely blog. Partially due to the fact we were living in different states and kinda lost the Twi bug =( BUT never fear.... we've returned! Well at least I have ["wolf girl"].

So just to catch everyone up to date on the going-on's .... Remedy and I moved to Seattle almost 2 months ago [YES we're a hop, skip, and a jump away from Forks!] We're still getting settled with work, school and night life etc. Frankly I'm thrilled to be back in a big city and to have some freedom! I love my family and I kinda like Texas too, but it was time for me to GO!

image from google

But I'm not here to discuss any of that! I'm here to discuss Twi... and the fact that the end of an epic Era is now in out near future! In less than 8 weeks Breaking Dawn part 2 will be released for the entire world to see. THE END of it all! Currently we're trying to decide if we're going to skip work November 16 and watch all 5 movies in the theaters..... Its funny how about 2 years ago we thought the fans that sat through 3 movies were psycho yet we're contemplating sitting through all 5! Yes it seems like a super fun idea for any Twi fan and 2 best friends.... but lil ole me has the attention span of a 8 year old sometimes.... and I can only take so much of Edward.... But at the same time I feel we need to go out with a bang for the final film... hell maybe even go to Forks or something , idk.

So for those of you who still follow our lil blog, what are your plans for Twi-Day (11.16.12)? Getting dressed up? Gonna watch all 5 films?? Let us know!

Til next time!

--Nicole "Wolf Girl"

September 13, 2011

First full Breaking Dawn trailer

It's that time again! The first full Breaking Dawn trailer is here and I just want to know why they're hiding Bella's wedding dress. Happy Birthday Bella!


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