October 1, 2009

Twilight....how i missed thee :(

if i were a glove upon thy hand, oh wait, sorry that's Romeo and Juliet. I have some moving drama so i'm temporarily stalled until i work my shit out, basically i will be homeless this weekend unless i find another apartment to lease because i refuse to stay in the current one.
Found myself going through vampire withdrawal tonight until i realized it's Thursday night which means..........Vampire Diaries!!! the make up is getting so much better they are looking hotttttt. Anyways, it's as if they knew i was watching and they knew i had a shitty day because this weeks episode opened to Damon-hmmmm Damon-he was reading New Moon, yup you read that right. Anyways in his usual smart ass tone-another reason i love him sooooo-he started making fun of Edward for "sounding whipped". The chick asked him how come he doesn't sparkle and his response?? this is Damon after all "because i live in the real world where vampires burn in the sun....blah, blah...it's complicated, text me" can you say L-O-L-O-L-O-V-E, i worship at the alter that is Damon lol.

As if my night could possibly get any better BFF showed me a blog of someone trashing everyone i can't stand on twitter, they go to say what I've been told not to say-damn BFF she's worst than the man-i guess she's trying to avoid drama. This person makes a lot of sense, why is it certain people run into the entire cast so often unless they're stalking. To be honest if they didn't feel the need to remind us how accidental and unintentional their run-ins were no one would really comment on it.....not too much at least.

Before all that drama i did find a really good interview Kristen did in a magazine, a new interview!!! she basically said she was bored because people constantly ask her about Twilight. I thought about this and realized she had a point, there is no way anyone is creative enough to ask her a question she's hasn't heard from last year until now. We need to bring our A-game people and surprise kstew, no more what kind of underwear does Rob like to wear questions either because kstew will cut a bitch. It's nice to hear her be herself, it was kinda sad too hearing her talk about not leaving her hotel room and dying to go for a run. She has given up a lot and she shows how realistic she is by saying this type of fame is fleeting and she'll be forgotten in a few years. Kstew interview
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Funny Twilight!

The best letter ever, not matter what team you're on!

this is mean but soooo funny!

These are the best one's i found

lol don't you love how they go together???

I missed all this?!?

Damn you real world, Damn you!!!!! How the futuck did i miss alllllll this manly goodness, my goodies, my goodies....

maybe your right twihershey i do speak a little wolf!

appearently since we're all desperate if you spend $50 at Nordstroms you get a free ticket to New Moon on nov. 19, personally i think buying the damn ticket myself would be cheaper but what do i know. Their clothes are cute especially the New Moon line but i'd be damned if i let them insult me like that unless they're giving a ticket to the Westwood premiere on Nov. 16 :) Find info here
pic source

September 29, 2009

Twi-Tour merch

Can't make it to Twi-Tour?? Or is the TwiTour not stopping in your town??! Creations Entertainment doesn't want you to worry!! They've realized that they can make an even larger profit AND make all Twihards happy at the same time! They just added various Twilight merchandise for you to order. They have shirts, glossy 8x10 photos [the official shots & movie stills] of ALL characters- Culllen fam, wolf pack, Volturi, the 'bad' vampires too! Go here to check out what they have and buy to your hearts desire!!

P.s. Um is it me or do the guy who play Marcus look like the Ooz guy from the Power Rangers movie (1995)-- just sayin...

sorrie... no time to post pics i'm at school =( i'll try to update later though!

3 NEW NM posters!!!

So I was breifly looking around at TwiFans.com and found these super cool posters!!! Word is that these are *Offical*!?! [if thats not correct, just let me know... too tired to try to research it now =) ] Below are the 3 posters for your viewing pleasure! Which do you like best?? Are you mad (or laughing, like me) that they used the unporportioned pic of Bella& Edward? -(his claw" is out too! lmao!!) I dont really like how the Cullen posters has each person looking diff ways. Its obvious they took their pics individually and merged them into the one poster. Can I suggest for Eclipse, Summit... TAKE ONE GROUP PICTURE! that will look less cheap and messy. Cause with the Twilight Poster and not this one, there's always one Cullen looking in a diff direction and thats not cute... sorrie for the babble.. enjoy!!

Does Kristen Stewart want it?

Kstew hasn't been very happy lately and it shows in all her photos. I was browsing the other day-yes heffa i admit i wasn't packing, i got tired god damn it and i knew you were studying-anyways i found a lot of pics of her and she's really beautiful which made me realize we don't post enough of her on here, some what out of respect because we know she hates the lime light-Rob does too but he's too irresistible to not have on here-besides Rob has sad face, kstew has bitch face which is by far more powerful, you just wanna hug him but with kstew you always gotta wonder in the back of your mind if she might be packing heat.

she not only looks good in magazines, she's gorgeous on the daily

Maybe it's true, Kristen wants it! wondering what "it" is click here, this hot mess of a blogger explains it all in hilariously long detail.

September 28, 2009

This is hilarious, you must read!

There are no words to describe this, it is by far the craziest thing I've ever found. This girl wanted to let the paps know how she felt about their behavior towards the twilight cast, she cussed them out!

@canadagraphs is a autograph hound, this f*cker tracks down our twilight stars for their autographs, why you might ask, so he can sell it to you lazy f*cks who don't want to become a stalker like the rest of us 
@PUNKD_IMAGES is the only pap who seems to be able to find kstew, take her pic and make her smile which is amazing hard even for her fans.
***Warning~explicit language below, a whole lot more than above, you've been warned

-@canadagraphs @PUNKD_IMAGES you both need to stay the FUCK away from Justin Timberlake 1) and 2) Twilight cast..if I fucking see you guys in my city lets just put it this Your. NOT. Gonna. Want. To. Fucking. See. Me. I had it up to here with you motherfucking paparazzi invading MY city this summer stalking this poor guy and making him hate NY. WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE. Your a fucking nobody because NO ONE in this industry has a motherfucking once of respect for you including Justin Timberlake I know his friends very well and I've seen first hand what you bitches do. Your lower than fucking dirt off my shoe. I saw one of you fuckers at the Bobby Long show in NY and I was gonna knock his motherfucking teeth out. Told that bitch to get back on his bike and go the fuck home. You guys think this is funny but I'm in the industry and because of motherfucking pieces of shit like you I'm hiring my own photographers. Your both going on block. Fuck YOU and have a nice day. Also if see you lets just say the cops won't stop me. :)
Awww, she was so polite, she even ended her tweet with a smiley face lmfao
Then i found this:
BLOOD Energy Potion looks just like an IV transfusion bag, but is actually a drinkable concoction loaded with sweet fruit punch flavored energy drink. I love this part: “Not only does Blood Energy Potion have a similar nutritional makeup to real blood, but it has the same color, look, and consistency of blood. Get real blood nutrients without that real blood taste!”  you can order your own bag of blood here but it won't be available til January, too much vamps i guess.

More info on saturday nights' party

 The reason Rob was seen around Vancouver saturday night: apparently there was more than one party and we weren't invited to either, luckily someone??? was, while Rob and KStew didn't go to both they went to the more exclusive one that was locked down tight-invites only!
monkeys-invite-28sep09.jpg (640×459)
still don't have a reason for the stains on his pants, even though..........it's none of business what he does in the dark.
Here's Rob looking amazing in Another Man magazine, wouldn't mind seeing him like this more often...don't even notice the sad face, i'm too busy being dazzled.

to see the rest click here

New Moon cast/characters

I've been living in a bubble name Robert Pattinson so it's no wonder i missed all the info well that and the fact that Summit tried to keep the Volturi under wraps to i got bored.
Meet Felix played by Daniel Cudmore he's over 6'5" and might i say that is one tree i'd really like to climb.

It seems Summit covered their bases in New Moon and Eclipse, they have someone to attract everyone. We go for the story line of course but there's people like me who watch movies/shows because you like who your looking at. I mean there's Bella, Angela, Jessica and Gianna who is just unbelievably beautiful. If the human girls aren't for you there's Victoria, Alice, Rosalie, Emily, Heidi and Jane.
Gianna played by Justine Wachsberger
Michael Sheen
Aro aka Michael Sheen
Jamie Campbell Bower as Caius
Caius played by Jamie Campbell Bower and the most active twitter-er
Then there's the male characters they're all pretty amazing-yes i'd even date Billy Black and Billy Burke cause they're hot too-you can see the entire character list here and the cast list here. I need to get from under my rock because i'm really missing all the goodies.

September 27, 2009


I didn't want to post these because i hate sad Rob photos, his face lights up when he laughs so sad photos just makes us sad. Please do not misinterpret the following comments because Rob will always be my daddy but i'm not loving the chest hair or the angry/sad look on his face. I really want to hold him down and remind him why he's my daddy go over his chest with a razor. As for the pants what i can say, twihershey says it looks like he was eating donuts but i say hehehe it must have been a fun night.....there might be children reading this so i can't really say, formulate your own opinions with your own dirty minds. As for the shirt it's damn sexy, he never seems to be able to do his buttons right, i'm sure there is something he could do right. He seriously looks like he almost got caught doing something he wasn't supposed to and needed to get dressed in a hurry.


How twilight has help change the world...

Well, technically it hasn't really changed the world. It made more girls/women believe in mythical creatures! What other book/movie series has done that?! None I can think of thats for sure!! But as I sit here watching Finding Nemo it occured to me-- Twilight has influenced a LOT of other shows/books/songs/ etc! here's a quick list of some of the ways Twilight has had an impact on other generes of entertainment.. and it has streached far and wide!!

1) While I'm watching Disney this has to be first- Wizards of Waverly Place- their whole Wizards vs. Vampires 4 part series?! If that doesnt SCREAM Twilight I dont know what does... that and the fact the Ms Selena Gomez is all buddy-buddy with Taylor [they'd be sooo cute 2gether..] I dont wanna explain these episode.. find em on YouTube or Disneychannel.com but basically the Russo Family [they're wizards] have to deal with a new family in town. (they're the vampires(. Its cheesy cause its Disney, but somehow captured my attention due to the vampire incorpartion and now i kinda sorta watch this show... ::hangs head in shame::

2) Vampire Diaries- Kim has mentioned this *numerous* times before.. but the ONLY reason this show was created or even became a hit is due to Twilight. Now I'm not saying its not a good show.. but it's different from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which was the only vampire related show out during my pre-teen/early teen years. and basically 10 years of technology makes a HUGE difference in television! Plus VD was written... 18 years ago!! Those books are the same age as one of my nieces!! So I'm just assuming after the success of Twilight they decided to reinvent VD.. I guess Buffy wasn't inspiration ennough?

3) True Blood-- I've only seen 1 episode and couldnt get into it... a vampire show "for adults' ummm i just dont get it.. from the 10 minutes I've watched it just looks wierd... so i have to pass on this show.
*Twiremedy~It's like the R-rated version of Twilight with non-stop orgies and while orgies can never be a bad thing this show's damn weird, besides Sookie and that accent has got to go, she reminds me of trailer trash...i think of her and i see Miley Cyrus pole dancing meshed into one.

4) The outbreak of Vampire-related books. I was in Wal-Mart in Long Beach (CA) a few months back and saw like 3 or 4 different series of Vampire books! Maybe i've been oblivious to these types of book or Young Adult labled books in general but it just seems crazy. However, I do understand that everyone is trying to Milk the Twilight cow for all they can!

5) BFF-Kim brought it to my attention a few weeks back about a video clip she saw on mtv.com apparenty the Twilight movie has influences a hip-hop heavy weight!From the clip [which i will have to find later] Timbaland claims the movie helped to influence some of the recent music he's been working on! WTF? really? I didnt see anything wrong w/ the last album he had OR all he colabo's with [my future-baby-daddy] JTimberlake... hmm guess everyone one wants a lil taste of the vampire world?

6)Shakira "She-Wolf" I still don't fully understand or like this song.. but after the VMAs where she was paired up with none other than Taylor, to present an award, it makes you wonder, well me at least, if her song has anything to do with the Twilight Saga. And their lil wolf joke made me wonder even more! "Every good She-Wolf needs a werewolf" <-- haha my lil Tay was totally hittin on Shakira!

7) All the Twilight inspired fan-bands we all know about them! we've seen their websites, youtube videos, their interviews on Reelz TV... We all have our fav little groups, songs, etc. Their like mini celebs within the Twilight fandom! So no other details are really necessary, right? Right!

Vampire Diaries Ep. 3

This week marked the third episode of VD-don't you just love VD is a disease is turning into a good show....a permanent show thanks to rising number of viewers-The Vampire Diaries book might have been before the Twilight book how ever the movie was first and the producers seem to have no problem using the movie as a manual. This week was the beginning of the love triangle or an attempted one. I noticed i could never get into the books but i seem to have no problem getting into the show hmmm wonder why???

don't you just want to climb on......such bad thoughts, all rushing through my head, all at once

that body.....the bad thoughts keep returning

you can't tell me see this doesn't make you wonder what it would be like to wake up beside him every morning!
don't get me wrong i'm Rpattz for life but if men can have wandering eyes then so can i! Drool a little more by clicking here
***A big Thank you to everyone for the #FF on twitter, we never want to forget to thank anyone for supporting us

Saturday nights' cast dinner

While i was out getting sh*t faced last night the twilight cast apparently had the same idea, they went to a steakhouse from what i read-hungover so i might not be the best source-it was in celebration of director David Slade's b-day the irony is he was still working, he didn't even go so i think they were stressed and just want a reason to party....like me. While people were arguing about who tipped off the paps someone spotted Rob and Kstew getting in a cab but there were no photos taken-can i just say how much i love this because if they are a couple they finally got a decent date night alone with no witnesses as long as they stayed off the street that is-there were photos of the rest of the cast and Stephenie Meyer-is it me or has she been in Vancity for a while? i thought she had kids and a man? she's turning into a real party girl go getter from concerts to parties, she must be checking up on David, i will say she has my full support everyone needs a little escape from their reality.

he's married, he's married, he's married, just gotta keep reminding myself


k-lutz, well dressed as always, might i say clothes never looked so good....
Taylor was also spotted at LAX on his way back to the crazies

This is the entire gallery

New Layout?!?

Hey faithful viewers! So since I have some free time today [before I continue my hours-long biology study session] I've decided to play around with a new layout... with 3 coulmns cause it's cuter and we need more space on the sides. So tell us what you think, is the coloring okay, should something be different, banner ideas?! All comments are welcomed =)


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