September 12, 2009

Saturday Funnie!!!

no, i'm not retarded, i do know i didn't spell funny right-did you ever think that maybe, just maybe i don't care-for all you know i could be helping you think outside the box.
new moon date Pictures, Images and Photos
Funny Edward and Jacob Pictures, Images and Photos
Twilight Pictures, Images and Photos

For BFF aka payback for your Edward comment
Twilight icon Pictures, Images and Photos
Twilight Pictures, Images and Photos

edward Pictures, Images and Photos
....unless it really is Edward Cullen, then you cut off his escape routes!

mtv's NM sneaky peek, a taste of what will air before the vma's

With the vma's coming in about 26 hrs-damn why couldn't that be the New Moon premiere-Summit being the total a-holes that they are reminded us why the didn't advertise the NM preview that was shown before boob fest '09 like they clearly did with band crap '09. This is a shot from the new never before seen world premiere which will air during the vma's on mtv tomorrow night-afternoon, i'm from LA trick-
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in "New Moon"
in fact they have a nice little sneak peek for you to see and apart from this shot, everything else was in the leaked preview. Once again Edward doesn't look his normal hottie hot hot self, he has his hottie body but that night of the living dead look on his face does not work for me esp when Bella looks normal. 

this is for you BFF even though i'm still mad at for your insensitive
Edward comment, little fyiii, posted it right under Rob's sexy abs
Click to view full size image
found this on where you can find a 
whole lot more

September 11, 2009

Did Summit forget about the rest of the Cullen fam?!

Is it just me or have the previous 4 New Moon trailors [both comic-con clips, the trailor before BandSlam and now the one before Sorority Row] lacked a very important part of the film?!!!?? That important part would be the Cullen Family.. well mainly I'm refering to my personal fav, Emmett!! Yes this another random blog, but I felt it was necessary for me to express my sadness in the lack of Emmett Cullen/Kellan in the trailors. Even in the 1st trailor you only see him smile [a cute smile at that] and walk behind Rosalie/Nikki. I understand the Cullens disappear for a good chunk of NM & I get to see more of Jake [yay] but where's Emmett?!?! All I know is it would be in Summit's best interest to include lots of Emmett in the end when the Cullens go back to Forks! So i guess i'll just have to look at these lovely pics of Monkey Man to hold me over the next 69 days...

* yes this was partially my way of posting random pics of this sexy man =)

guess the volvo is black....don't believe me check it out here

spent all day on youtube looking for this, i knew some f*cker would do what i couldn't-they practically cavity searched us before the previews started. They told us to turn off our phones instead of the usual "please silencing your phone" and they waited til everyone did it. i know wtf right! the nerve! i wasn't even in the ghetto! poor ole me would never video tape something illegally, just wanted to remember what i saw and share it. Seeing it again is so much better than my notes! don't rag on my notes, that is not ok.
*major spoiler alert*
aww Bella's scream still hurts but she reminds me of twilight when James bit her and the venom started to spread. i hate that Edward look a hot mess at the end, he really does look tortured but Alice is so pretty as always. That wolf looked like a damn bear, pretty lose to the book. Good Job Chris Weiss please do take your bow, if he had directed twilight it would have been a bigger blockbuster, oh yes that is possible.

New Moon Preview we saw before watching Sorority Row!!!

So just came back from seeing Sorority Row, went with BFF told her i really wanted to see the crap but i just wanted to see the New Moon clip that we all knew Summit was gonna throw in there-will spare deets cause it's not even important, movie was more like porn than slasher-any who, saw clip of New Moon and it was amazing, it made me realize Summit was just d*ck teasing us the whole time with these stupid ass clips they've been throwing at us. Think of it as eating dog food your entire life until you discover real meat. I would bet my kids and their kids (if i had any that is) summit would've made serious money from Band Crap if they showed this clip cause it made sitting through boob fest '09 totally worth it! Sorry no videos to show, f*ckers practically searched us before the previews started. They told us to turn off our phones instead of the usual "please silencing your phone" and they waited til everyone did it. i know wtf right! the nerve! poor ole me would never video tape something illegally, just wanted to remember what i saw and share it but i showed them-who needs txt and video when you got good ole fashion pen and paper-so ha! Summit, ha! cause my creative ass took notes!
*spoiler alert*
.So the preview started how the last one ended with Jane walking through the door in the volturi lair, you see all the volturi coven Aro, Caius and Marcus sitting on their thrones-like true pimps!
.Edward and Bella at school in the parking lot with the damn black Volvo
.Edward leaves Bella in the woods after telling her she's no good for him
.Search party looking for Bella in the woods
.Someone-Sam i'm guessing but now i'm thinking Victoria-jumps out a big ass tree from way up and helps with search
.Bella laying in her bed screaming-this is after Edward left her, it was so sad you could feel her pain
.Bella confronts the wolf pack and someone transforms into a wolf-Paul i'm guessing-the sh*t was huge and we remember how impulsive Paul was from the book
.Bella and Jacob riding the bike, she falls off and hit her head after seeing Edward appear in front of her
.Bella and Jessica at the movie theater and she calls her an "adrenaline junkie"
.Bella and Jake at the theater on the stairs and he tells her he'll never leave her
.Bella jumps off cliff and she sees Edward in the water when she's drowning
.Jake pulls Bella out the water and yells [CORRECTION from Nicole- he says to her "What the hell were you thinking" while rubbing her face- he wasnt yelling] at her for jumping, she looked like a doll the way he yanked her ass out
.Alice tells Bella Edward plans to kill himself, she looks a hot mess like she was drowning [she didnt look a hot mess, just confused.. shocked.. confused....]
.Jake yells at Bella outside her house for going after Edward and she reminds him why she needs to go [again he doesnt YELL... he says "he left you bella,he didnt want you anymore" that was his way of reminding Bells why she should choose him =) ]
.Alice driving the Porsche with Bella clinging to the seat
.Bella runs through crowd into Edward when he's about to walk into sun light
.Edward fights with one of the guards-now this i don't remember being in the book, unless it's Alice's vision of Edward trying to find a way for them to escape, he wanted to fight one of the guards the first time so they would kill him and he wanted to fight them so Bella and Alice could escape-but they really go at it, like he gets thrown into the wall and body slammed kinda thing, he gets beaten pretty badly
.It ends with Jane torturing Edward and Bella yelling "no! stop it! your hurting him!" [not to be mean, but i totally wanted to see Edwards face while he was twitching... again not to be mean....]
***Did i miss anything BFF? told you i took notes but you refused to believe me, show you didn't i? next time have more faith in me damn it.
Fyi highly recommend finding a way to see that preview cause it will blow your mind.
By the way Summit, i will totally go into bitch mode if you show the same f*cking clip during the VMA's [i will too! show another/ different clip of Jake shirtless.. NO show EMMETT damn it!!!!] that wouldn't be fair to me after sitting patiently through boob fest '09 and bad acting.

all comments in this pretty color are posted by BFF/Nicole =)

September 10, 2009

To official retraction

Found this just for BFF lmao, wanted to show her how much i care but this is all the ungrateful heffa had to say in response-fyi she left me this note on here all red and bold can you believe it? saw it when i woke up, nice way to start my day-"lt's not funnie" Well! the nerve! i say blame yourself for mentioning it because you know me, as soon as you said it duh i went looking for it!
Funny Twilight Pictures, Images and Photos **********
So i'm apologizing now because i woke up and found this.........
Click to view full size image
the above photo & all its hottness is approved by me [Nicole/BFF] gosh can he be hotter! that 18th b-day needs to hurry!!!!!

sweet jesus, holy mother....sorry about that, i'm back, like i was saying found this and while i can resist him when he's dry i must say this pic did it for me, it was calling me like the sweetest dream. I want to worship at the alter that is Team Jacob but under one condition-she (bff) needs to convert to team Edward/Jacob. Come on, you can do it, don't make me out you in front of everyone cause you've admitted he (Rob) was hot on several occasions, it will be our little secret.
Click to view full size image
How can you not love him??? your heart must me made of stone
Click to view full size image
Found all pics on, it's been a while since we've seen a genuine smile on their faces so figured everyone would enjoy seeing it.
***Dear Summit, WTF is up with big man in back ruining the happy moment by rummaging through his clear purse? Ya'll need to tell him those were never in style and never will be.
Click to view full size image
Have to throw this one in for good measure! Is it me or is he licking his lips??? wonder if that's because kstews lovely lady lump is all up in his face..."what you gonna do with all that junk, all that junk inside your trunk" i didn't say it, Black Eyed Peas did.

KStew- meant to play Bella all along, OR lucky opportunity?

Its funny one huge blockbuster movie [twilight] can open one's eyes to other films.. mainly films with a cast that consist of a person from that huge blockbuster. Since i'm still a fairly new Twilighter [since june 09!!!!] I've been trying to watch some of the other movies that our beloved Twilight actors have been in. For whatever reason, many of this films that are new to my eyes have featured KStew. Since she's still young, most of these other movies she did she was... well young. but none-the-less i watched them, and i liked them.. specially Speak.. VERY good movie with a good message even though KStew's character goes through a horrible experience it still teaches a valuable lesson-- never be too scared to talk about what you've gone through!!

So if it's one thing I've noticed it's this: some of Kristen's movies have few short scenes/moments that made me think 'Twilight'. idk if it's because thats the role I'm most familiar seeing her in... but it seems that these small occurances from her other movies kinda made her portrayal of Bella a little easier. Soooo the main purpose of this entire blog is to compare a few [literally 2 or 3] of KStew's [previous movie roles to her Twilight character Bella. Please don't take offence to this post.. it's meant to be funny/ observational

1) Panic Room - in this movie KStew's character is diabetic and after being locked in a bank vault-type room, she begins to get sick due to lack of food.. this then causes her to go into a siezure like shock/convulsion.... I found this to be extremely simular to that exciting scene in Twilight... no, not the one when Bella bust her ass on the driveway.. but when shes withering in pain after James bites her!! Its no wonder she did that scene sooo convincingly, she'd previously worked on it when she was like 12!

2) Speak - So we all know that Michael dude KStew is/isnt dating [Im not really keeping up, so I really dont know] well supposedly they met while filming this movie... and guess what class they have together in the movie?!?! yep, BIOLOGY... coincidence?? Is Bio class not the course Bella is taking when falling in love w/ Edward?!?! hmmmm and it really doesn't help much w/ the Robsten rumors... they do say history repeats itself.... you be the judge on this one [I personally don't care if Robsten are secretly dating or not.]

3) Speak - you know how the apple in Twilight is supposed to represent 'forbidden fruit'? welllll it ain't that forbidden in this movie. While in Bio (or was it Art?) class... I forget what they were doing but it involved havign to protect/monitor an apple..Either way instead of watching the apple/following instruction she starts earing it..random, I know... but its a connection to Twilight right?! [its kinda like how Bella is suppose to stear clear of Edward but doesnt... she's not suppose to eat the apple does] & "Edible Art?".....I know im not alone on this... everyone knows what i'm talking about.

this is just for the sake of adding a picture..
plus Kristen looks really pretty in this pic []

Okay so those are the only simularities I could come up with... maybe because I haven't seen many of KStew's movies so maybe cause those are the only simularities there are? Either way, I'm sure these movie directors never thought they'd be 'preparing' Kris for her most recognized role ever.

September 9, 2009

Ashley Greene- fashionista??

I think we all can agree that Ashley Greene always has the cutest outfits, yes? Well okay, maybe there has been a few days where pieces of her outfit were not so cute but all-in-all this chica dresses cute. She never seems to wear the same thing twice[still stuck on how she does it]?!! What I love most about Ashley's style is that she's keeping up with the trends... and I dont mean the 'Eclipse cast' fashion trend! You all know what i mean... jeans, tank top/ t-shirt & [black] hoodie jacket! The "signature" outfit worn by KStew, Nikki (on most occasions), Taylor, Rob[he started this trend!] &.... sometimes Elizabeth?--> her 'cast' look tends to vary which is good. So in appreciation for Ashley going against what her peers are doing on a fashion scale i've decided to post some random pics that i'm sure we've all seen.. showcasing Ash's many cute fashion pieces & my opinion.

*pic 1- im not fond of 'liquid leggings' but Ash makes them look super cute in her all black outfit

*pic 2- surpriseingly i have various pieces of this outfit but never wore them together.... might have to try it now, Ashley's outfit has a 'southern girl' feel to it.. which fits me well!

* pic 3- this one is very basic, but still cute.. simple can be cute too!!!

Other cast members in their Volturi disguises.... sadly its not working.

Nikki.... my little Taylor ... Rob... all sportin the black hoodie. There's pics out there of Elizabeth & KStew.. but i got impatient of looking... Do you all see the recurring theme? my question to them is this: Are crazy fans causing you all to not get super cute... I mean Ashley & Kellan always look trendy & cute [or hott in Kellan's case] but maybe it's just personal choice of style?! Either way if they like it, i love it [sorta]. But just as long as Ash doesnt try to adopt the 'Black Volturi Hoddie' all will be good! =)

ashley pics coutesy of
Nikki/Taylor/Rob pics coutesy of

Keeping w/ the funny....hehehe

Hey BFF remember how we were laughing at the autographed copy of NM for $400 well got one better for ya, ready?, NM soundtrack Limited Edition for $500 oh excuse me $499.99-why do people refuse to accept the last damn penny- with tax that's what $550 i say oh hell no!

Edward tissues any one? Fine it's Edward and Bella but you don't have to look at her, find more designs to keep you under the weather on TwiFans, don't tell me you wouldn't mind getting a cold after seeing this???
~BFF, i know what you're thinking and don't you dare, come Christmas i refuse to accept this!

Check out the bus um did Summit run out of money or did someone forget how to spell Quileute??-mine might not be right either, team edward ppl, but it's still a whole lot closer than Quillayute-Find more of the saga cars on Twilight Gossip reminds me of Pumpkin from Twilight
Click to view full size image
Jimmy's back! well his version of Edward anyways and once again Edward's bothered....

And now the funny ***FYI this is not for your eyes if your too young to buy porn***

I did promise funny, didn't say it would be PG, so the examiner has an article on this lovely piece of art-to be honest if it's not Rob then who cares!-oh wait she's an award winning actress, award of the porn kinda that is not the Oscars don't get it twisted but the real funny is.......this is the second Twilight porn parody the first was The Twilight of Virginity, i leave you with that cause there's nothing i can say it's too degrading but we all knew it was coming-lol, sorry-esp after the production of The Vamp

It's time for some funny!!!

edwardface Pictures, Images and Photos
Bitch say what!!!

Fave Funny Pic Pictures, Images and Photos

Google never fails to amaze me, they know where it's at!

Edward ''provoking'' the Volturi Pictures, Images and Photos

This is possibly the funniest thing I've ever seen, probably cause it's my brain.

The Twilight Brain Pictures, Images and Photos

Wheel me a Edward Pictures, Images and Photos

What if.....Bella was your BFF??

So i just spent the last five hours reading the first eight chapters of Dark Side Of the Moon-it's a fan created version of New Moon from Edwards perspective, basically Midnight Sun but written by a fan not Stephenie Meyer, it's amazing how well Blondie understand Stephenie and the characters-if you haven't read it then i'd suggest pulling up a chair. Anyways i started thinking, what if Bella was my BFF?? To be honest, i would hit the bitch a few times a week for good measure, lol. Kinda harsh i know but she's psychotic, she's seems to have a sixth sense but she's not very street smart. so what about you guys...what if Bella was your BFF???
Found these on google and had to share, hope they do to you what they did to me..........It's called "Bella Sucks" while i don't think Bella sucks but this is too damn hilarious to pass up
Bella Swan sucks by *Lelia on deviantART

Love the wolf packs comments, that's some funny sh*t

wtf is this??? Damn!!!Bitch face anyone??? um, what the hell happened to Edward? thought he couldn't's all the angst well angst and the result of not getting none.

LMAO is that all i can say
***NOOOO Twihard emails please, i'd hit Bella not Kstew! One's real and one's not!

September 8, 2009

Other TwiNews

So last night's concert seem to be the topic of the day but there are other things going on in the Twilight world. The VMA's is this Sunday which means we're only that much closer to the brand new New Moon clip and Muse's performance. The New Moon soundtrack is actually available for pre-order, it will be available 10/20!
Cameron Bright aka Alec is host a live chat right now- this is what he had to say....It will be a 'get to know me' chat and not about my role in Twilight or the cast members. Please respect that."
***fyi you do need to be a registered member of his website as well.

Saw this on Radar and had to post it just because! Twitternelli told us yesterday that today they film the new  born fight scenes, guess all the bruising Ashley has will either pay off or get worst. Also came across a 100 monkeys interview
we've seen this pic before but MTV asks a good question, which scene is it?? most ppl seem to think it's after the birthday party but if you remember during the party Bella got hurt and Carlisle gave her a brace so this can't be after. It could be the morning before the party, before school??? What do you think?

The girl who cried B*tch at Bobby Long's Concert

Once again photos of the cast causes a big debate, to be honest if you don't like it then don't look at it! How is this any worst than looking at the pics of them walking down the street? they're pissed off in every photo so none is worst than the other! In fact Nikki looked happier last night, on Sun she looked like she wanted to slap somebody. Listen ladies don't get your panties in a bunch, I don't support the paps but i don't think it's any different when we take the pics ourselves! We get pissed off then we cry for pics of the cast when there's been none. I will admit this behavior is probably why they hide but when the hell have you seen real celebs posing for pics if they're not promotional??? Think about it! Back to blog............This video shows Rob and Kstew being harrassed by the paps but it also shows the brave, dumb, drunk girl who called kstew a bitch before she got slapped lol if your interested click on the link below, if not then don't the choice is yours. This girl is officially the most hated person online right now, they're posting wanted adds for her so she better watch her back rotf.

**figured you guys had a right to know.....Don't mess with Twilight!!! This is a warning for anyone who thinks they can mess with TwiHards lmao they will come after you-oh wait i'm one of those ppl.......

Bobby Long's Labor Day Concert

@RobPattzNews confirmed- via twitter- Rob, Kris, Nikki and Elizabeth made an appearance at Bobby Longs' concert in Vancouver. Haven't we learned anything yet? Rob's a great friend who always seem to support Bobby Long which means if he's having a concert and he can get there easily then he will be there with Kstew, Nikki and BF Elizabeth in tow-translation our asses should have been there too. They weren't bothered-congrats twihards your finally learning, our lessons on how not to be annoying are paying off....if only we could train the paps the same way.....hmmm we'd have happy celebs-anyways they stayed for the entire show! Nikki and Elizabeth even watched from beside the stage in plain sight, see and ya'll thought they hated us. After the show Rob, manager and Kris left in a cab together and Nikki, Paris and Elizabeth left in a separate cab.
Click to view full size image
are my eyes playing tricks?? is k-stew wearing make up??

Click to view full size image
awww, robbie looks so tired :(
*****UPDATE-apparently there was a little cat fight as well after some drunk girl called Kristen a bitch and she got knock the F*ck out lmao....don't mess with Twilight bitches!, click here to find out how this all went down!
Click to view full size image
is it me or is cabbie not too happy either??? he looks like he's thinking wtf, why my cab?? get the hell out!

Edward Cullen.. rude?! Better believe it!

[this was meant to be posted a week ago.... so it doesnt pertain to the juicy info in the blog Kim just posted about the Bobby Long concert... but read anyways!]
To counter Kim's post about why my Jakey isnt "good enough" for Bella, I've decided to make a post about the MAIN reason Bella shouldn't be with Edward-- he's plain RUDE! I've provided various examples (theres sooo many) from the book and/or movie that explain my reasoning.

1. When they first meet in Biology class and he sat as far away from Bella as possilbe and acted awkward-- RUDE

2. When Bella asked if Edward had gotten contacts because she noticed his eyes were diff & he claims the difference is due to the flourscent lighting and rushes away -RUDE [and funny "its the flourscents" lmao]

3. After leaving the green house with their class fieldtrip & Edward explains when he and Bella shouldnt be friends. Then Alice pops up and asks if bella will be sitting on their bus? Edward yells "NO! Our bus is full!" and then bangs on the bus door -- Really RUDE

4. When Bella questions Edward about the car crash- he knows she persistent and doesn't want to drop the issue and before walking away he tells Bells "I hope you like disappointment!" RUDE

5. While in the meadow, Bella tells Edward she knows what he is.. "SAY IT!!! OUTLOUD!" was it really necessary for him to yell at the girl?! i do believe she was scared- RUDE

6. ... and the continuation of their conversation at #5.. Edward says(yells) something along the line of "Everything about me invites you in. My voice, my scent, My eyes"... (not really accurate but you all know what i mean.) - RUDE ....

7. ... and within the same scene, Edward stats "You need to see what i look like in the sunlight" he then drags Bella by the arm alllll the way up the mountain! Not only painful but *very* RUDE!

8. (New Moon) When Edward LEFT Bella.. with NO FULL explanation! yea he said his fam had to leave blah blah. But if you gonna break a girl's heart and leave her all alone. EXPLAINING might lessen the pain! so he's RUDE for leaving!

9. "It'll be like I never existed"... not the most soothing thing a girls wants to hear when the man/vampire she loves LEAVES her.. and stealing all the pics she had of him... *double* RUDE!!

10. (Eclipse) To prevent Bella from seeing her BFF (Jacob), Edward takes parts from her car engine t o prevent the car from starting up --- RUDE

September 7, 2009

robsession or straight jacket, we need to be locked away kinda crazy??

Found these pics on youtube and they're been causing quiet the controversy so i wanted to know what other people outside the youtube world thought. ****Some of these look like personal private photos rob took with his friends before he was famous but there are also pap photos and promotional photos as well. Do you think this going too far? i'm torn so i figured i'd put it out there and pose the question to the rest of the world....Could this be the reason Rob's afraid of us?

100monkeys and Barbie?!?

Found this on google images to further emphasis yesterday post of TwiCrap Merchandise, if your modeling a doll after a character, um shouldn't the doll look like that person?? Kstew even said the doll has a bigger rack than she does, let's get it together ppl!

The only thing i can say is the hair matches Bella's hair in Eclipse so they got something right......Splash News has more deets on these doll if you really give a crap and yes for once they got something right.
******little bit of an update TwiFans also has pics of 100monkeys looking as fine as they did on Thurs night. i'm so jumping ship-team jacksper.....grrrr daddy, wanna take the entire third and forth row of jackson......sry i'm back, oh behave!-well until i see another Rob pic then i get back on the wagon or anything he wants. So wanna go to their concert or atleast Vancity, damn you passport! a plague on all your houses.

see! don't you agree???

The end of another weekend and new pics of the cast!

As another weekend draws closer to it's final hour-well not really because sept is the sh*t so today's labor day!-Rob was spotted out on Saturday night in Vancouver by a lucky, lucky fan. Some of you might be wondering why we didn't post those pics well to be honest that girls face has been plastered on so many blogs that i'm sick of it. We're trying to make our blog unique, we want our blog to be different from the rest so we try not to show the same pics as five or six blogs-don't get me wrong, if the pic is delicious and Rob looks like  hottie hot hot we will show it not matter how many times you've seen it. With that said Kstew was spotted on Sunday out shopping with Nikki and Elizabeth, if you want to see those check out TwiFans.

 such a pretty kstew pic, starting to like the hair esp after seeing the weave
kristen stewart pattinson stare 01
Found this little slice of heaven on Just Jared Jr. and had to show it! Yeah, i know you probably saw it already but what's the harm in looking at Rob another three, four, or fives times lol :)

Need more twilight fix?? found this great how to guide on which gives you tips on how to hide your FanFic obsession. It's hilarious and i recommend it because amber, the author, gave suggestions on ways of continuing your reading with some fan created literature, they're like continuations or a type of "what if" version of twilight saga.
Here's a small taste of it-
        1. Go to your work’s supply closet and grab a binder. I suggest anything over a 2″ cause, let’s face it, a 1/2″ binder              is just not going to cut it.
5. Put it all together, then set it out on your desk. Now you looked like you got some serious work on your hands.
6. When you leave work, be sure to take this binder home. Let at least 2 people see you carrying it (preferably one being your boss). Now, not only did you hide your obsession, but you look like you are taking work home. Boss approves!
-for more check out her blog.

September 6, 2009

another week=more crap on a stick from our favorite wrapping paper mags

Robsessed posted a blog which basically said they wanted ppl to see the garbage out there on their site so we don't go wasting money and i thought that was a good message to pass along. Kudos Robsessed, i tip my hat to you, with that said i realized that our love for everything twilight started to create a domino effect, things are getting out of hand ppl. There's a lot of twilight crap merchandise out there- i'm not talking about the clothes because those are cute but "the vamp", the shower curtain, the dolls, the creepy ass wall thing, and so on-it's becoming a bit much. It seems like everyone tries to get money out of us just by slapping twilight, vampire or werewolf on their product. Case in point: The city of Forks, WA, they will be celebrating Bella's fictional birthday and Stephenie Meyer day on sept.13. Somehow this became Stephenie Meyer weekend as if day wasn't enough, why?? you might ask, because we flock to forks when ever they mention anything twilight related and spend like fools. It seems to me they're hoping we'll follow suit next weekend and spend, spend, spend some more-oh, there will be a free concert because that seems to make it better-. For more info and a list of events for next weekend check the peninsula daily news.

Found these pics on and it's new to me because it made my heart skip a beat in a whole new way lol had to throw this one in as well for good measure because we just love looking at him.


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