September 25, 2009

My TwiLife

I came across a couple of blogs the other day, they asked whether twilight ruins your love life. I will tell you i'm 22 yrs old-proud Virgo-i have no kids nor do i plan on acquiring any and i'm singles-yes, by choice because dating's a bitch and i don't want the drama-in fact that's how i go into reading twilight. I don't broadcast my love for everything twilight-wait does this blog count?-but once you get the conversation started it's pretty hard to get me to refocus.

I converted my bff, her mom, i even tried to get my mom into it but with her it's a little harder-she lives 2000 miles away or i would have bombard her with everything twilight, actually when you mention twilight this is her response "the one with the shiny dead people? don't they drink blood? what kind of nastiness is that, in the name of Jesus....." i'll spare you the rest cause this sometimes go on for a few minutes, the only movie she ever like was a walk to remember.

Sorry got off topic, every once in a while i run into the persistent guy and he swears we're destined for each other so they come up with new creative ways to ask you out. What if that guy turns out to be a jackass, do you bust out the twilight deets like a true twihard to scare him off? What if you end up liking him, do you wait until your in a relationship before telling your secret?-ewww not that one nasty, i'm talking about what's locked in your TwiCloset-if he's not a complete douche he'll put up with it. So when is it ok to tell that special someone?

I loves me some RobWard, i'm constantly talking about him-luckily my Alice/twihershey lets me get it out of my system even though she's team Jacob or i'd be blogging like a stalker, did i mention that i almost flew to Vancouver by myself two weeks ago until she reminded me of the movie hostel, one of the many reasons why you should never go to a foreign country alone-hopefully we realize real men can't completely live up to Edward and Jacob's standard, so i wonder should we tell them anything at all?

 ~The smart ass in me says he needs to put a ring on it before you bring up your twilight addiction but then i realized if he doesn't like it i might be tempted to choke him late one night.......


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