September 22, 2009

Soundtrack or sell out???

The artist list of the new moon soundtrack was released today and of course i need to put my two cents in on the topic. I am so disappointed with that list-Muse and the Killers seem promising-as for the rest wtf summit??? did you choose these people based on the highest bid??? I love the twilight soundtrack so much i bump it in my car and this in it self is saying a lot because i sorta live in the hood so i can get shot for listening to Muse too loud j/k but seriously can anyone tell me who Sea Wolf is??? is that a typo? is that supposed to be Shakira's She Wolf. What about Anya Marina??? i'm sorry but this is moving further down the list of things to purchase so Twicrack-a-lac aka Twihershey will not be borrowing anything from me.
To view the complete list of  artists on the soundtrack click here but be warned it's like finding out they won't be able to make Breaking Dawn the movie.
here's K-Lutz at LAX because we can never have enough Kellan
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~can someone tell me why he has that big ass grin on his face?? he must be getting some good pootang
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Robert Pattinson, and his eyes, on the set of "New Moon." April 24, 2009
Look upon the hotness, all hail robward! i worship at the altar that is the sparkly one....ya'll thought i was joking when i said i will always post a daily pic of Robward, yes even in a Jacon blog.

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