February 13, 2010

Move over, it's time for Rob!

*Rated R for Rob looking hot as hell with some naked girls*
Words aren't enough to describe these pics, don't judge cause i they're freaking hot!
"If you look at porn in, like, the eighties, there was something kind of quaint about it, quite sweet - like this little naked community." "Not remotely like the porn that's available now. No community in it at all. It's just everything, everywhere."
Rob watches porn....i think i might love this man lol, i'll shut up now so you can think about that and drool.

these are only a small few view the entire gallery

Saturday KStew and those shoes!!!

We've seriously been lacking some KStew lately so i'm posting these just because it's Kristen. This was her last night at the benefit for Haiti, she looks seriously-look at her eyes, gotta love her and those shoes!


Kellan Lutz-our monkey man

Kellan's taking his role as Monkey man more seriously these days. As for what he's reading we won't be talking about that....I think he's reading that book because he's trying to learn how to out douche her but he can do so much better.

i think it's safe to say he's flexible :)

February 11, 2010

Summit... you're about to be on my "I Hate" list...

Okay... really... how many freaking different versions on New Moon will be released on DVD?! I know technically the movie will be the same on each, BUT each DVD set will offer different bonus features. Why Summit... WHY?! It would be a lot easier if you had one version... So what if it ends up being 4 or 5 discs because its soooo much bonus stuff.... fans will still buy it. But now me and TwiRemedy have to go to various stores just to get all the bonus stuff we want... For instance, the bonus Eclipse footage... TwiRemedy is getting that one [yes I'm sending you to Crenshaw for that one hun!] I hope Wal-Mart isn't lying... because that would be super bad! I read somewhere that some NM dvds will have keychains and stuff along with it [NO FAIR!!!] at Borders or Barnes & Noble... then of course there's my beloved Target.. giving me 3 discs of wonderfulness! =)

Summit needs to somehow work on getting only one DVD set for Eclipse.. because I don't want to be running from one store to the next... we're still in a damn recession and I can't be buying more than one copy of NM or Eclipse!!! lol... okay my vent is over =)

The day half of us have been waiting for.

Well ladies and gents.. the wait is OVER!!! Now if you're thinnking "what have you been waiting for?" you are clearly a delusional Edward lover or you've been under a really big rock for 2009... Today would be the day that cougars... mature women across this world, whom love all things Wolf-Pack have been highly anticipating... ever since we saw New Moon and realized how illegal it is to heavily droll over a minor.... okay, so do you see where i'm going with this? .. No? .::sigh:: if no, then you may never truely understand anything in this world.. but i'll be nice and tell you.... Today... Feb 11, 2010 is.......

... wait for it.....


...wait some more....


It's Taylor's 18th birthday silly!!!! AHHHHHHH who's excited along with me?!!?! I know TwiRemedy isnt.... And she better not even thinnk of switching teams now that jailbait is no longer jailbait.. aww i have to find a new nickname for him =/.. but yes... finally the overly muscular teen who had us alll drolling in New Moon is now GROWN... T. Swift had her chance and blew it! tisk tisk... We know better though! LoL! sooo yea.. to make this long story a little shorter--> HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAYLOR welcome to adulthood! and beware of us the cougars... their looking for you ! lmao

February 9, 2010


You may have seen these, maybe not but it won't hurt to look again. I think Hershey's going cold turkey til premiere night i'm too team Edward to care because nothing can spoil Eclipse for me so Summit bring on the previews! Might i also add Eclipse has always been my favorite book of the series!


February 8, 2010

Taylor and Kellan's weekend in Miami

Heey all... Sorry for the lack of post.. not much has been going on in the twilight word... everyone is still on vay-cay... lucky them!! However, there was some beach tournment thing in Florida this past weekend. TwiRemedy says Kellan Bear and Jailbait were there... but i didnt get to watch cause I don't have Direct TV.. booo So maybe if/when i find clips i will post them. Have a good and safe week!!
Also, check out the new poll on the side bar ----->

oh dear god yes, may i have another!

want more Kellan? 22pgs of Kellan

i'm gonna make it my mission to get Hershey his autograph and it's gonna say "to Hershey for being the pedophile that you are, love little Tay" of course this is after i get Rob's. For you bloggy partner 21pgs of jailbait pics

Viewing Made Easy- quick update

Hello all! Don't y'all like all these updates?! Well I have found a way to make viewing many of our older posts a little easier. At the end of each post you will see 3 different links for other posts that, in some way, relate to the topic of the post you're currently reading. Let us know what you think!!

Also I found this pic of Tay from the Direct TV event... he looks like he jumped from the Baywatch intro... haha.. if they show was to ever be remade, I'd nominate Taylor for the lead lifeguard!! LMAO!

Even more Kellan Lutz cause once just isn't enough

*twiHershey comment.. sorrie if this gets reposted. Updating the site... but since its a half naked Kellan, im not too sorry. enjoy.*
I feel like these pics should have a rated R stamped all over them because they're hawttt and i feel dirty looking at them but i just can't look away.

um can i have this guys job??? pretty please???

want more??? -----> heart attack here lol


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