November 14, 2009

Wolf-Pack interview

[this is from a week ago, but its still cute]
Soooo i found this video online. apparently all the cast members was doing numerous interviews while on this 2wk long press tour..... im still highly upset with summit because all of the NM cast was here in LA and i was.. well not there! sooo yea, summit needs to redeem themselves BIG TIME or after breaking dawn is made and then released im done with them!!!!! but back to the topic at hand... here is a cute interview access hollywood did with all the wolfpack boys [minus jailbait] and let me just say... Bronson is freakin adorable!!!! awwww

November 13, 2009

NM Cast TV overload

So i was looking at twitter and the official Twilight twitter posted up a few of the cast TV appearences for this upcoming monday. from that i took it upon myself to look up show for the rest of the week.. and my goodness there's a whole lot of twicast before we see NM.. and i probably wont get to watching any of these shows until next weekend!! but since im nice, heres the list of shows i was able to find w/ various twi-cast being interviewed!!! so check these out =)

Monday 11/16
The Ellen Degeneres Show = Dakota Fanning
The Jay Leno Show = Taylor
the Tonight Show w/ Conan O' Brein = KStew
MTV Special 'Twilight Love Bites' 7pm EST [<-- im going out on a limb and assuming this one is about twilight cast?! lol]
MTV News Special New Moon 7:30pm EST

Tuesday 11/17
ummm am i missing something here?! Tuesday is a NM cast-less day?! WTF!

Wednesday 11/18

Regis & Kelly= KStew
David Letterman show= Rob
Late night w/ Jimmy Fallon = KStew

Thursday 11/19
The Today Show= Rob
Regis & Kelly= Rob
Jay Leno Show= Dakota
Late night w/ Jimmy Fallon= Taylor

Friday 11/20
The Today Show = Kellan, Nikki, Taylor
Regis & Kelly= Taylor
Ellen Degeneres Show= Rob
Jimmy Kimmel Live= Taylor, KStew, Rob

WHOA! thats a whole like of New Moon Cast interviews... but i get the feeling that we will hear the same dull questions =/ with the same responces... Taylor will surely discuss is 30 pound weight gain, Rob will tossle his hair and make a joke that will have nearly every girl [except myself] pee their pants, KStew will act a little nervous and possibly say 'um, yea' more than one... Rob and KStew will be asked about their "off set romance".. Taylor will be asked about the country-singing Taylor.. BUT I will say i am looking forward to the Dakota, Kellan and Nikki interviews and who ever Ellen Interviews that will surely be hilarious! If you guys hear of anymore, let me know and i will update!

xoxo- TwiHershey

exclusive first look: Rob and Kristen's Twilight audition~what they didn't want you to see

Apparently MTV found the never before seen Robsten audition tape, well guess what Twihards....i found the audio! or did i? As we all know Rob was super nervous before auditioning for Twilight, he took half a valium to relax and then Cathy had them act out the kissing scene on her bed:
Cathy: ok Rob, Kristen i think we should start in here,
 Edward goes into Bella's room and they kiss
Rob: we can start there *runs fingers through hair while thinking to himself, i must be one lucky bloke, kisser her will be so much better than kissing a man*
Stew: um, like, yeah that's like way intense you get what i'm saying *nervous laugh* can't we start somewhere else *whispers* he looks a bit um *laugs* the hair?

Cathy: since your nervous would you like me to show you how it's done? *rubs Robs shoulder* you just have to imagine he's the love you've been waiting for *laughs* Rob you have nice arms, i mean you will be a good Edward

Rob: thanks *runs fingers through hair* erm Cathy? your hands seem to be roaming
Stew: maybe i should leave you two alone...

Cathy: you have to show him how much you want him *thinking to herself: the things i could teach him....can't wait to get him alone, in the dressing room. must. touch. him. every. day....stop looking at him Cathy, just kiss him you have a valid excuse*
being the good person that i am i listened to all that mess for you guys, i told you cathy wanted him from day one...that's why she keeps outing them, check back will post more of the audio later....if it even exists.

Hot Topics New Moon mall tour, LA was just the first stop!

we covered LA and somehow forgot about the rest of the stops....could say some many things but it would all sound so mean so i'll let it go.

  • Denver with Alex and Kiowa

  • San Francisco with Ashley and Kellan

  • Washington with Edi and Jamie

  • Chicago with Ashley and Kellan

  • Houston with Alex and Kiowa

  • Philadelphia with Charlie and Daniel

  • Miami with Alex and Kiowa

  • Minneapolis with Edi and Jamie

*keep checking back, will post more photos when compy decides to cooperate
photos via socialite

November 12, 2009

New Moon's march on Spain

I heard through the grape vine that is twitter that the crowd started chanting kiss, kiss, kiss. so happy to oblige but they weren't chanting for me to kiss Rob....or the Stew, they wanted them to kiss each other. akward! don't they know Robsten kisses behind closed doors only, like on Cathy's bed.

He's starting to look a little like wolverine and i still don't care. Wolverine's hot, Rob's Hawt!

I'm not worthy, am not worthy, must look away from the gorgeousity that is the Stew

Damn NAAPP, look a Taylor pic....he's starting to look like a wolf. awww he has stubble, Tay tay used him first razor.

bonus Stew cause she own's me right now

apparently they have the day off tomorrow which they will be spending in MADRID, oh how lucky they are.

100 cities with 100 monkeys: are they coming to your city?!?

Here are the cities:
Little Rock & Fayetteville, AR • Auburn, Birmingham, Mobile & Tuscaloosa, AL • Phoenix & Tucson, AZ • Fresno, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego & San Francisco, CA • Colorado Springs & Denver, CO • Bridgeport & Hartford, CT • Wilmington, DE • Gainesville, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Tallahassee, Tampa & FT. Lauderdale, FL • Atlanta & Savannah, GA • Honolulu, HI • Des Moines, IA • Boise, ID • Chicago & Champaign, IL • South Bend & Indianapolis, IN • Wichita & Topeka, KS • Louisville & Lexington, KY • Baton Rouge & New Orleans, LA • Boston, MA • Baltimore, MD • Ann Arbor & Detroit, MI • Minneapolis, MN • Kansas City & St. Louis, MO • Jackson, MS • Missoula, MT • Asheville, Greensboro, Charlotte & Raleigh, NC • Omaha, NE • New Brunswick, NJ • Albuquerque, NM • Las Vegas & Reno, NV • Buffalo, New York City, Syracuse, Albany & Rochester, NY • Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus & Toledo, OH • Oklahoma City & Tulsa, OK • Portland, OR • Allentown, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Scranton & College Station, PA • Providence, RI • Charleston, Columbia & Greenville, SC • Chattanooga, Knoxville, Memphis & Nashville, TN • Austin, Dallas, Amarillo, Houston, San Antonio & Midland, TX • Salt Lake City, UT • Arlington, Richmond, Virginia Beach & Roanoke, VA • Burlington, VT • Seattle & Spokane, WA • Madison & Milwaukee, WI • Huntington, WV
Are they coming to a city near you? Saw the Monkeys perform late one Thursday night at some club, they were very entertaining! it was 21+ and there was alcohol.....would love to do it again.
via Twifans

November 11, 2009

Rob, Kritsten and Taylor parade through London

London today, Paris was so yesterday, i swear they're living my parallel life....too bad they don't stay long enough to enjoy the sights :(

the twisome

yes i realize she looks like nemo passed through a blender but she looks beautiful

found the rest of nemo, it's the orange creme that used to be Chris


ladies he's back!

always forget this one...for the puppy lovers, wouldn't want twihershey calling the NAAPP: national association for the advancement of puppy loving people

Robert Pattinson Vanity Fair Outtakes pt.2

............ . . . . ................. ....... . . ..........................

. . . . . .want more? source

Rob and Kristen's dating confirmation?!?

Rob and Kristen were photographed yesterday holding hands as they were leaving Paris....maybe their hands were colds :) Am posting this because i think i might have jumped ship....i may no longer be team Robward, am now team Kristen, what can i say the girl's magic...she's captivating. Might end up flip flopping between them but in the mean time I'm for what ever keeps them smiling like they do when they think they're alone together.

oh i'm sorry that was Pellan, this is Rob and Kristen


Taylor Lautner was on the cover Men's Health?

am gonna say it cause i must, what does he know about being a man? he's still jailbait bwahhahaha

they gave him a dirty shirt, so Rob like


November 10, 2009

the tragic end to my twi-life

Sooo as many of you probably have read.. not too many people in my life know I hooked on twilight.. well they sure have no clue about this blog OR the fact I'm willing to stand amongst a crowd of crazy kids (no offense) to see Kellen, Bronson or even Taylor (only 2 people understand how I adore jailbait!) Sooo it comes to NO freaking surprise that life responsibilities have gotten in my way of yet another Twi event... :'( what was the 1st event you ask?! Only the LA stop of the New Moon promo tour... yea.. just the ENTiRE freaking cast!! So u can imagine my depression when not 1 or 2 but ALL 3 of my fav Twi-men (Kellan bear, Bronson & jailbait for you not paying attention) were in attendance last Friday! Now... omg NOW I have to miss my only other opportunity at meeting the cast this yr.. um yea.. the biggest new moon event aside from the movie itself- the Hollywood/Westwood premiere! AHHHHHHH why!?!? You have no idea how difficult it is for the majority to say "we need to do this on the 16th" and you're the only one drying inside and there's nothing to be done. Sooo yea.. I mean there's both TwiTour AND TwiCon Vegas next year, but idk... who know what may b going on then.. Jailbait won't be there and Kellan Bear (lately) has been backing out of those tours left and flipping right.. but there always Bronson right? All I know.. aside from Nov 19 being the longest day of my life, if ANYTHiNG tries to come in between me and the 12:20 showing of NM I will go crazy and attack- like Jasper did to Bella but there won't be an Edward to stand in my way! Yea I'm still upset... sooo to help myself calm down.. enjoy these pics =)

I love how the pics of the 3 of them, the boys always tower over Kstew..
and is jailbait growing facial hair?! awww
also i believe this will be the cover for an upcoming issue of Entertainment weekly

New Moon's Rob, Kristen and Taylor storm on Paris

In case you were under a rock the size of the grand canon, here's your New Moon recap:
Click to view full size image
Click to view full size image
Click to view full size image

Click to view full size image
  • Rob, the stew and the other one named Taylor landed in Paris on Monday, today was the official press day...the most romantic city. Mais oui! c'est vrai! more photos from this morning! more than 170!
Click to view full size image
Click to view full size image
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Last week:
  • The primary cast...Rob, Kristen and Taylor returned from their visit abroad. Rob was in Japan with Chris, the dilf that is the best director.
Click to view full size image
Click to view full size image
never wanted to be a bottle of water so damn badly!

  • Kristen and Taylor returned after dominating Mexico
Click to view full size image
Click to view full size image
The hot topic tour kicked off in LA at Hollywood and Highlands
Click to view full size image
Click to view full size image

  • Rob, Kristen and Taylor showed up unexpectedly. The only primary cast members missing were Dakota, Gil, Jackson, Felix and Peter
Click to view full size image
There was a two day press junket from friday to saturday
  • Rob addressed his pregnancy rumors and thank jebus....we didn't get him pregnant!
Click to view full size image
  • Kristen has matured so much she seems so graceful and beautiful and adult like...whatever that means cause i sure haven't figured it out, I'm 22 and she's handling everything a lot better than i would.
Click to view full size image
  • Taylor refuses the acknowled the tay squared rumors....time with Robsten is starting to pay off!
Click to view full size image
Kstew made an appearance on Sunday at dodger stadium to support the fight against diabetes.
Click to view full size image
  • Somewhere in all this chaos Rachelle confirmed her NM premiere appearance, Dakota was named homecoming Queen and Tay one blew a kiss to Tay two.
all photos via BreakingDawnfr

Newest New Moon TV spot

This one has a couple of never before scene clips including another look at the Edward vs. Jacob fight

November 9, 2009

This Backstreet Boy is Team Edward!

A.J McLean of the Backstreet boys aka the hottest backstreet man aka i would marry him if i wasn't holding out for Rob admitted to MTV that he's team Edward! me! we can "watch" Twilight and if your lucky i might even show you New Moon

Christian Cerratos goes naked for PETA

Twilight's Angela tweeted this photo today, it's her PETA add against slaughtering animals for fur.


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