September 13, 2011

First full Breaking Dawn trailer

It's that time again! The first full Breaking Dawn trailer is here and I just want to know why they're hiding Bella's wedding dress. Happy Birthday Bella!

August 18, 2011

3 Months

That's right! We are THREE months (1/4 of a year) away from Breaking Dawn part 1!!! Idk about yall but I'm excited!!! Myself and Remedy planned on seeing the movie together BUT life and finanaces won't allow *tear* but its okay cause we're still gonna see it and talk about it for months!!!!

As a member of Team Jacob I can't wait to see the wedding reception scenes when Jake transforms and damn near causes a huge fiasco at the party. Should be interesting! Ooh and I can't wait to see what happens when little Nessie is born... I still don't know how that's gonna look on film. Are you guys excited?? Anyone already got their midnight showing tickets??? Let us know!

June 4, 2011

Why Must Summit Tease Us?

So I'm sure as most of you know Summit and MTV release a 15 second teaser trailer of BD Part 1.... many things were missing [Jacob] many things left my confused [the chick or vampire in the front row that damn near jumped in front of Edward to get the Bella], and most of it got me thinking... where were the WOLVES?!?!?! Now i think Seth was in the back aisle, but I'm not 100% sure, And i know the book says that the wolves show up AFTER the ceremony but still... showing a little wolf growling wouldn't hurt; after all it worked for the New Moon trailer... just saying!

Now "supposedly" MTV will show a longer trailer on tomorrow during the Movie Awards and i hope for their sake and my own that i see some Jacob or all of Team Jake will riot damn it! But with out further delay here's the over-analyzed teaser trailer. It should hold you all over until tomorrow

P.S.- Sorry for being sooo M.I.A. I relocated to Texas after my mom passed and I'm just now getting back into the Twi phase of my life.

xoxo, TwiHershey

January 6, 2011

We had to come back for 2011 Peoples Choice Awards

Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Eclipse DVD day, Merry Christmas, Happy New years, Happy Holidays! They should revoke our TwiCards for being gone so long but they won't cause we're baaaaack! It's been a busy 6mnths in the fandom, what what have we missed:

We have been gone so long Eclipse premiered in theaters and went on DVD-the Rob/Kristen commentary is hilarious!

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Two-Disc Special Edition) 
Rob and Kristen came out as a couple-wait, that one was only in my head

Last night was the 2011 Peoples Choice awards-As always Taylor showed those pearly whites, Kristen looked better than ever and Rob looked hot wearing something questionable that leaves me saying if he wasn't so cute....I might say something about that jacket and his sneakers. Appearently they flew in from New Orleans for an hour just to be at the show. That explains the 1 1/2hrs of pure fuckery we need to sit through before seeing them on camera.
Robert Pattinson Kirsten Stewart Taylor Lautner 2010 People's Choice Awards show backstage

We took home 4 awards: Favorite Movie, Favorite actress (Kristen), Favorite Drama movie and Favorite on-screne team (Kristen, Taylor and Rob). Rob didn't win Favorite actor but hey Johnnie Depp, need I say more? Kristen gave some Breaking Dawn updates which some might say were spoilers so I will not repeat.

Robert Pattinson Kirsten Stewart Taylor Lautner 2010 People's Choice Awards show backstage

Breaking Dawn started filming, they filmed the honeymoon in Rio! can you say pillow bitting? The rest of the movie is being filmed somewhere in New Orleans. This is a picutre summit tweeted during Thanksgiving.

Actually we might have missed too much to recap all of it. Here's to a better year with more posts and more Breaking Dawn!


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