September 22, 2009

awww, poor Jackson...not the hand, the hair!

Jackson was hurt on the set of Eclipse on tuesday and some say Kellan was responsible somehow i think he got hurt after seeing his reflection in the mirror wearing that busted ass wig or Kellan hit him after seeing him looking a hot mess in that wig.

WTF summit, wtf, did you guys run out of money?? please tell me David Slade did not waste money like Katherine Hardwicke did and buy another $20,000 gazebo. Did you guys recycle Bella's wig and put it on Jackson, he's so hot and that wig completely destroys him. This is Jackson, how the hell do they turn someone into that, his hair looks like a homeless man after one too many nights on the street.

This is Jackson looking his normal hotness minus busted ass wig and yes that is a tattoo you see there, stop staring!

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