August 15, 2009

Good God!!!, team Emmett anyone???

Girls it would't be right if I didn't post this, this man is sexyyy from head to toe, how could you dump this??? he's hottt as hell. Find more pics of Kellan and his extra package in Fe Pattz blog.

August 14, 2009

Let the final countdown begin

As most of you true twilighters already know we officially have less than 100 dys til new moon (see calendar on right for exact number of days, hrs, mins and secs). Am i the only one excited? less than 100 dys to see Rob (and Taylor if i must include him) on screen. SO i ask it bad to be even more excited for the premiere of Eclipse that i sometimes forget New Moon? i mean new moon just doesn't have enough Edward for me. I know there has been talk of boycott but lets be honest, does Bryce Dallas Howard really matter? *SPOILER* Victoria dies by the end of Eclipse, i think I'll be enjoying that more than i would have before.
Watch the bandslam preview of New Moon here taken from youtube, it is in ENGLISH and soooo worth it.

Twilight without Edward.... it's possible

This is what I [NiCoLE] think about the Twilight saga... without Edward!

In the beginning it would all be the same:
- Bella moves to Forks; she moves in with her Dad
- Charlie gets Bella a super cool truck!
- She becomes friends with her crew [Jessica, Eric, Mike, Tyler, Angela, etc]

[photo taken from]

Since Edward would have died of naturals causes long ago, Bella would have no 'Edward' to think about. So when Eric and Mike continue to harass her, she turns to Jacob [yay] in order to vent her frustration! When she almost gets smashed by Tyler's truck you ask? Well she wouldn't have been standing outside pining over Edward, even though her truck probably would have gotten banged up in the collision. This accident would lead to Jacob fixing Bella's truck [remember, he fixed it before she even got it]! This would then cause the sparks between them to occur sooner [rather than in New Moon]. This would further cause them to blossom into a cute little relationship... they go to prom together... the books would kinda be the same, minus the Volturi, fighting vampires and Nessie of course. So that would probably mean Jacob wouldn't imprint but he would still love Bella more than anyone. He might still turn into a werewolf if James or any other Vamps roll into town. For the most part Jake and Bella would have been happy and grew old together! The End!

August 12, 2009

Twilight without Jacob...who would fetch the space heater??

~Disclaimer, this is all hypothetical, meant in no way to harm or offend anyone especially not the writer and her amazing books which will forever change our lives. There might be some *SPOILERS* in this blog if you lived under a rock and did not read the books.

Ever imagined what would happen if Stephenie Meyer had altered New Moon like she did in her outtakes? how would the story change? would team Jacob even exist? what about other changes like if Carlisle didn't bite Edward and he died like he was supposed to? what then?

*Team Jacob and Team Edward both have different views on this topic so this will be interesting to say the least and now, Twilight..........with out JacobNew Moon Robert Pattinson by Cine Fanatico.
When Edward left Bella in New Moon, Jacob rescued her, he became her sun, blah, blah, blah. The truth is as much as i would like to hate Jake, he did save her, if he wasn't there to rescue her, Bella would have drowned when she jumped off the cliff so...(if we must) one point team Jacob.
If Jake followed Sam's orders that night like he was supposed to (another arguement against hot headed, Immature jacob) if Bella didn't guess his secret, would she be dating MIKE? hey anythings possible but team Mike??? oh the horror, i can just image the pervy thoughts rolling through his head.....part two coming soon.
*Ideas taken from Stephenie Meyers New Moon outtakes found on her website, image taken from yahoo images and here
Feel free to join the discussion and leave a comment, we would love to hear you thoughts.

August 11, 2009

"NEW" trailer for New Moon

Yea i shouldnt even be on here buuuutttt... dont feel like going to class yet. But I did find that new NM trailer everyone's been talking about. Not much of it is new to those of us who say the sneak peaks from Comic-Con but enough is new for me to post it here! And my Jakey is talking soooo its alll good! Team Jake fan, enjoy!!!

[video found at hitfix]

August 10, 2009

And the surfboard goes to......

As we all know TWILIGHT dominated the Teen Choice Awards [this will become a recurring trend after each movie's release, so be prepared]!!! For the 3 people who didn't seem to know what has occurred, below is a list of ALL the awards the Twilight crew took home!

* Fresh Face Male: Taylor Lautner
* Fresh Face Female: Ashley Greene
* Choice Drama Actress: Kristen Stewart
* Choice Drama Actor: Rob Pattinson
* Choice Hottie: Rob Pattinson
* Choice Villain: Cam Gigandet
* Choice Rumble
* Choice Lip lock [we've realized that next year Kristen could be in this category twice.. that is if 'the kiss' between Bella & Jacob actually occurs in NM]
* Choice Soundtrack
* Choice Movie Drama
* Choice Movie Romance

-- Why was Kellan not up for anything- is he not hott enough?! Sadness.... Next year it'll be diff! [exhibit A: Taylor becoming Choice Hottie... after all the skin he's showing in New Moon this is highly possible!! exhibit B: Kellan also becoming Choice Hottie]. I'm willing to boycott if necessary, TCA needs to get it together!

(Kellan pic from Socialite Life)

Catherine longer a Cougar in training!

89722434, WireImage /WireImage
"Catherine wouldn't keep her hands off of Rob! She always had a hand on him! Either on his chest of his arm or his leg! Ew!"
view the whole story from twifans.

*[side note from NiCoLE: We will soon post a lovely blog about our thoughts & views of Catherine's too-flirty/touchy-feely encounters with Rob... Its beginning to seem.... inappropriate.]

He dazzles me EVERYTIME

89755186, FilmMagic /FilmMagic

Could it get any better than this? RPattz looking so cute at the TCA on sunday. For more dazzling pics visit GettyImages

August 9, 2009

Forget being legal in GA, he's legal in TwiLand!

89721527, Getty Images /Getty Images Entertainment

Taylor Lautner looking oh so foine at the Teen Choice Awards in LA. They say age is just a number besides he sure looks legal to me! Team jacob get your fill here


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