October 24, 2009

All Twilight fans aren't teeny boppers

While Summit kept busy shoving New Moon clips down our throats this week, i found something that annoyed me even more than being reminded we're still counting down until both movies premiere.

When will the media, commentators, journalists and fools stop referring to all of us as teenagers? uh, hello, i think there's more adult Twilight fans out there than you know about, who keep these blogs going? a bunch of 20-50ish somethings who are hot for pattz. We're smuttier than teenagers and we're not shy about it either. We don't openly admit our obsession for everything twilight, some even use their kids as cover but those on the low know the truth.
Let me break it down for you:

  •  it's ok for teenagers to love Taylor, they won't get arrested, we're another story
  • Adults are judgmental as all hell, once you mention twilight in public even the twihards jump ship, they look at you like "you like twilight? isn't that for kids?"
  • How do you explain "the vamp", the twilight porn, the throw pillows and other crap
Basically it comes down to you not wanting to be judged so you fly under the radar. I think we need to take a page from cougar Cathy's book, we need to learn to let those twiflags fly!

Eclipse is a wrap....

...for five people at least:
Wrapped five actors tonight, its getting a lot less crowded in Forks.
 All good things must come to an end. Wrapped on Eclipse tonight.Next stop Phoenix for Az State Fair Sunday,then onto NY for more N. Jackie

(love the outfit)


photo source
all three ladies were seen leaving Vancouver yesterday so who's number five???

we want to know your dirty twilight secrets???

twilight Pictures, Images and Photos

This will probably be my last try, i'm a persistent little bugger so who knows for sure, we want to know your dirty little twilight secrets! You can post them anonymously, what evs, the choice is yours you can post a secret not related to twilight as well.
new moon confession # 14 Pictures, Images and Photos

October 23, 2009

More new New Moon clips

Thought it wasn't possible didn't you, well you were wrong! found another new clip via Twifans (we <3 u)

wait got one more for you!

um, wtf, who is the one who will risk everything for her? i think that's a little much

More New Moon

Had to post these as well, they're EPIC
'The Twilight Saga: New Moon'

Edward's face cracked from the pressure of being thrown to the ground, this movie's gonna be so damn good!

Edward flips Bella behind him to protect her

See the rest of the screen caps from the fight scene here

New Moon "Sneak Peaks": when is it too many?

I noticed yesterday that we've been given 4 different New Moon clips this week!!! I think in total there has been maybe 10 clips?! Seriously Summit!! Is it necessary to dish out that many clips?? I getting a little, just a little, annoyed with all these "new clips"! Just show me the movie, geesh... November 20 is 4 weeks-- 28 days away and it seems like forever!! And i just love [sike] how Summit continues to shove these trailors in our faces, but the second we put it on YouTube they wanna take it off! It's not like their losing money from the leaked clips... So since i'm off work 2day i've decided to compile a list of ALL the NM "sneak peaks" we've been given and a little commentary from me =) AND if youtube & summit is nice today i'll post a video of my fav trailor.

clip #1 - MTV movie awards
clip #2 - comic con Jacob/Bella and the bike scene -- aww we all got to see how HOTT jailbait is
clip #3 - comic con - Bella looking for edward in italy -- we saw how.. hairy Rob's torso is, yet u Rob fans didnt care.. lmao
clip #4 - "meet Jacob Black" trailor --- YAY for Tay! hahaha just made that up, my new Taylor slogan/phrase
clip #5 - the preview shown before 'Sorority Row' -- shocking! lol
clip #6 - MTV VMAs -- aside from the fact Rob, KStew, and Tay went MIA after the clip aired
clip #7 - the clip from the Scream 2009 Awards. I only saw 1 vid of this.. but it includes Chaske and Alex, something like the "meet jacob black" trailor.
clip #8 - Bella punches Paul- HILARIOUS ... and Bronson/ "Jared" is tooo cute =)
clip #9 - the "TV spot" trailor... this is the one with various scenes thrown into one, and it uses the phrase "When forever ends, a new legend begins" .. Jake looks like he's gonna rip Eward to pieces.. lol [still dont know which scene thats from, im guess the very end of NM when Bella gets in trouble about the motorcyce?]
clip #10 - Edward & Felix [?] fight; Volturi scene
clip #11 - the full break-up scene -- i just saw this one today. not sure if it previewed before a new released movie, but it seemed like it from the vid clip i saw.

-- did i leave any clips out?!?! the only type of clips we've haven't been shown are the ones w/ Bella's school mates- Jessica, Eric, Mike & Angela. the first clip aired in June[?] at the MTV Movie awards.. and the last 4 aired this week via Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, and other media outlets... I read somewhere that a clip is going to air during Prime Time TV on ABC.. i'm guessing theres a show that need ratings? shame.... So Summit, please chill out with the trailors... please.. let us all breathe until Nov. 20 gets here or i swear i'll only go see New Moon once!!!! LoL

TWO more never before seen New Moon clip

Edward vs. Volturi

The Break up Scene

Vampire Diaries...sweet jebus

So last weeks episode we found out Stefan has been 17 for a 145 yrs??? are you sure Edward Stefan. As if that wasn't bad enough they used the line "how long have you been 17?" while taking a stroll through the woods, really Bella oops sorry, Elena. See the lines are so blurry i don't know any more. There was a difference, this time Bella there i go again Elena chose not to be with the Vampire.


Jasper Damon was a soldier in the army! Gotta admit Jasper never looked so good...

Congrats on being picked up for a full season! I love forward to seeing the difference as the story continues but if a wolf comes into the story line or one of you start to sparkle, i'm out!

October 22, 2009

Happy Belated Cougar Cathy

Yesterday was cougar Cathy's birfday, Damn 1955??? how are you still that flexible? hip replacements are really advanced! not bad at all...explains why she's so frisky

we wanted her to think we forgot hehehe, then again the cougar's been around longer than Edward (heard she was there when they created dirt, joking Cathy we loves you) but we were in no rush to celebrate this year because that would be like admitting your too old for Rob. Any who they sent me some of your msgs, accidentally of course, or maybe they thought you didn't want them since your so busy with all your up coming projects...damn do you have your hands full, i do not envy you, well i do a little Robbie didn't send me anything this year.
Even Robbie sent you a little sumin sumin to celebrate, it came with a note: Thinking of you always!

Um, there was a third msg but it was anonymous and they wanted to tell you to put away the mini skirts and mini dresses,  crop tops, belly shirts, tight dresses, tight shirts, Jamaican braids and leave all that for Nikki and Kstew, say it with me now new wardrobe.....wonder who sent that one? shame on you!


*This isn't real, well it really came out the corners of my crazy mind, does that count? can't believe i need to explain this...

October 21, 2009

Another never before seen New Moon clip *updated*

Sorry for posting so late, fell asleep, missed the time when they video hit the internet, was counting down by reading New Moon (Jacob's part). Let me start by saying I apologize for second guessing Chris weisz, he.is.a. genius, Jacob wolf looks amazingly bear like...he.is.HUGE! loves you Chris daddy boo, boo boo, boo. Um why is Bella being so judgy? and wtf is going on between Edward and Jacob? you must watch!

via: Twi_Guy Roo
Shall we discuss:
  • Team Edward for the win! lol that's all i had to say on that :)
  • When did Edward and Jacob fight? just curious cause i'm all confuzzled
  • Photobucket source Jacob turns into a rat? lol sorry thought that was funny, had to share.

Funny Twilight Wednesday:

My mother called me this morning to ask if i'm still single (she made is sound so dirty like a damn disease) she tried to reword the question by saying have you decided your not gonna date again (equally rude) but this is why it was hilarious:
"Your waiting for that white, sparkly, sick looking boy aren't you?"
she caught me off guard so i had to ask her what boy, i mean she sounded crazy and i was getting mad
"What's his name, Robert Pattinson, the vampire from that twilight movie"
 i started laughing like nobody's business, then she put the icing on the cake
"well he's not available, he's dating that Kristen girl so go find someone else"
can you believe my own mom believes in Robsten and she doesn't even know about twilight! (long story i blame my little sister who told her not to watch it)

.....according to my momma anyways, she made my day.

To the "vultures" and "rogue tourists":

First there was the set stalking twihards, the people who set stalked and caused problems, (i leveled with my peeps and they listened) but now there's complaints of "vultures" and "rogues"...the "vultures" i can't address because the paps will do what they do, they could do it from a distance that's why they have those big as cameras!

i'm sticking it to the "rogues" because they're supposed to be twilight fans, WTF, how many time must i remind Rob scares easily, translation: don't go hunting after the man because he'll go deeper into hiding. Do we want our Robbie turning into the mole man?

funny Pictures, Images and Photos
no i didn't think so, so back the F-OFF! Kstew will cuss you out so i'm not too worried about her. Do you people not have jobs? families? lives? are you such losers you can fly around the world at the drop of a hat. Let's get it together people, i leave you with this important message:
"These kids are just trying to film a damn movie—wish the world could let them." 
A little new moon to bring you back down from all that hatred
Robert Pattinson



Nikki's photoshoot

here's "The Nikki" doing what she does best

No snarky comment, will not say a word.

Alex and Kiowa's Vanity Fair Interview

I haven't been very shy about loving that Wolfy Alex Meraz, his vanity fair interview maybe me love himx10 when after i read this:

Had you seen the first Twilight movie?
No, I hadn't, but after I got the role, I bought a bootlegged version and watched it while I was on set.

Did he just admit to being twilight illegally? shame on you....love's you! read the entire interview it's super cute, he also talks about Rob, Kristen, Taylor and the rest of the wolf pack.
Kiowa's interview is just as cute

Has anyone tried to prepare for what’s coming once the film is out?
They’re trying! They keep telling me that it’s going to be a lot crazier than what I’ve seen. They keep telling me that I can’t go outside of my house. I just think it’s nonsense.

 So, what do you want to say to the fans who are afraid to approach you? The giggling ones.

It’s fine for them to approach me. I’m not going to bite!
....he's not a vampire after all, even though i'm sure some people wouldn't object to being bitten-shame on you all! Kiowa's interview

October 20, 2009

Itunes exclusive New Moon clip!

This video is amazing! watch full screen, take my word for it! i haven't bought my new moon premiere tickets and i'm wondering how many people can say the same? Don't get me wrong i will see the movie on Nov. 19, after seeing that clip i want to see the movie even more (but i might have to exchange sexual favors to do so) the theater i had my heart set on wants $15, now let me say how much i love Robbie but i'm not paying $15 for one ticket when i can go watch it in the ghetto twice for that price, yes i did say ghetto, no not dirty kinda ghetto....lady in front of you yelling at the screen ghetto, you know the one that makes you want to sharpen your cup and cut her with it. I have so many stories about that lady you'd swear she was the same person but nope i'm just lucky like that. I even find her in other places like the laundromat and grocery store so i know her ass will be in new moon and she'll be lost as hell. I did not wait 102 dys to hear "oooh he a vampire" "why he leaving her?" "don't leave her!" I will cuss somebody out, trust, i've been practicing my Kstew b*tch face (like i don't have my own) i will go off.

October 19, 2009

New Moon mistakes???

Saw this clip and a few things stood out to me, let's discuss:

  • When Paul transforms he looks like a bear, when Jacob transforms he looks like a cross breed of a wolf/dog (no jokes, i'm being serious, i observed this) Isn't Jacob supposed to be one of the bigger wolves? doesn't he become bigger than Sam, the alpha, because Jacob is the true alpha??
  • Bella punches? Paul and it sounds like a punch but he turned his head like she slapped him???
  • Jacob jumps off his porch, hope this is a different scene, in the book when Bella met the pack they were in the woods beside La Push beach not outside Jacob's house?
did you see anything similar?

Bella fights for her man best buddy

Did we all see the Entertainment Tonight exclusive NM clip?! Taylor even introduced it!! Suppossedly this clip was shown at the Scream Awards this past weekend. Im still partially sad i wasnt there... coulda met my jailbait.. BUT Mr. Timberlake was in Vegas.. and well i really love that man.. but this blog isnt about JT... Scream Awards- NM clip- Bella slugs/punches/slaps Paul in the face!

Im sure from the very beginning when the very NM clip was released, we all sat and wondered WTF... is Bella running from Laurent?" "Her clothes are diff... who is she running from?" those questions are FINALLY answered! the answer: Paul. From the clip, and my own brain storming this is what i conclude: Bella confronts wold pack about Jacob's sudden wierdness/ Paul acts all bad-ass, brushed Bella off and laughs in her face/ Bella gets beyond pissed and does what we all think of doing when someone makes us angry... she sluggs the s**t out of Paul's face! haha THEN after he morphs into "the big bad wolf" and Bella regrets ever touching Paul she runs for her life towards Jake's house.... and then the more popular clip comes into play... Jacob morphs into a wolf and in wolf-talk, tell Paul to "back the f**k up!" hahaha i'm totally exaggerating that last part, but i'm sure he thinks something to that effect! well enough of my commentary.. check out the clip TwiRemedy/Mrs E.C. posted above..

in one more month... we'll get 2 hours on this! It's almost illegal!

Last week of filming for Eclipse? *updated*

There's been a rumor circulating about this being the last week of filming, this is weird because i thought the last day of filming would be friday Oct 30. A few sites reported this and tonight the director, David Slade also tweeted something of the same story. It seems they're ahead of schedule? will keep you posted as i find more info!
Shooting first day in the Cullen house, its the first day we managed to shoot more than our schedule.
 from webDAVID_A_SLADE

Wonder if this is from my favorite chapter? you member right? I'll give you a tip-Bella, Edward, a bed, secret sleep over.....joking loves or am i???
So i was right, filming doesn't end til next week....i'd be a damn good investigator lol
Just one week and a few days to go to complete principle photography, the finish line seems still so far.
 from webDAVID_A_SLADE

Timbaland wants Edward and Bella??

Twihershey told me about this interview, she was in Vegas over the weekend and rubbed it in my face cause she found it before i did, i was lazy and just got around to telling you guys...sorries. Timbs, who i love very much wants to create a underworld/twilight mash up and he wants Rob and Kstew but he-Timba-would have the lead role *roles eyes* as a vampire
"We would protect her while he goes away from the other dude (Jacob) and the other people (the Cullens)," 
This is the part i love the best:
"And I have part two to the single too," 
So the big "fanpire" who watched twilight and both seasons of true blood want to recreate new moon but he don't know the story? did i understand him right? Timbs is a great musician but like everyone else he's trying to cash in on twilight...at least that's what i saw between the lines. Don't get me wrong, he's made a lotttt of small people big and he's a genius but come on we don't need twilight the ghetto version we already have twilight porn.  BSB tried the vampire thing too and it wasn't their best video. If you want to read the entire interview, find it here.

The year of giving! Vanity Fair loves us!!

I swear it seems like when the Twilight cast does, or did, photo shoots one million photots must have been taken! New pics have surfaced from the Vanity Fair shoot the Twi-cast did, earlier this year or last year... not exactly sure when but check out these pics! I'm guess there will enough pics to hold us over until Breaking Dawn is released!! LoL

... its good to know Tay football past helps make photo-ops this much better. lol

... i spy a half-naked Kellan! Do you? ....
Even KStew cant keep her hands off Tay =)

[pics are from TwiSisterhood via MrPattinson.com]

October 18, 2009

The Insider's New Moon Monday

Hi faithful viewers and all new-visitors! Sorrie I've been soooo MIA the last few days.School is hectic and then I went to Vegas this wkend to see my boo J.Timberlake (can we say greatest performer EVER? I think we can!) Any-hoo I had a blast in Vegas... but I actually have some NM news.. haha for some reason Twilight won't stop following me. So as I was in vegas getting ready Saturday, on TV The Insider weekend edition showed some good NM footage. Not sure if thats what they're going to air at the Scream Awards... we'll have to wait and see but this is what they showed... Do we all remember the NM scene where Bella runs up to the Wolf Pack all mad and then Paul morphs in front of her?! WELL there's a portion of dialog that occurs we haven't seen. The clip was of Bella b**ch slapping Paul then he starts huffing and puffing like a true wolf before he morphs! Personally I thought it was funnie so I can't wait to see what they say to each other prior to Paul getting slapped, cause I dnt remember that from the book. So to see the whole clip, check out The Insider Monday night, check your local listings for exact times.. u don't wanna miss this!!!
more Taylor pics from last night!!!!!

photo source

Scream Awards New Moon footage

So what are we on like the seven new new moon footage? can we please see the movie already or should i piece together the clips and make my own movie, get it together Summit and stop with the damn new previews that aren't even new! While they didn't show new previews at the award show there are rumors that new clips will be shown when the Scream award air on Spike on Oct. 27
This was shown at the award show:

Scream Awards '09 *updated*

Twilight won for the Best Fantasy Movie and Taylor won for Break-Out Male Performance, How the hell did Alice in Wonderland beat out New Moon as most anticipated movie??? cause you didn't vote so blame yourselves! must say Johnny looked like sex on a stick, if he looked like that...i'd want to go see Alice anywhere!

Taylor represented Twilight at the Scream award show (while my stupid ass was fast asleep)

Rob and Kristen each won for best fantasy actor (male and female) and#Twilight won for best fantasy film.
 from webTwilight


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