September 22, 2009

Blog #100!

This being our 100th post we wanted to take the time to thank each of you....yes all four, count em four of our followers and our daily readers who don't follow us yet! thank you for allowing us to continually supply your TwiRemedy. Before we get down to business, how about a snack??? No, what if it was a vampire snack?? see i knew you wanted some!

now we can talk.....yes that does say salt and vampire

We're still learning the bloggy business and look forward to bringing you the next obscenely inappropriate 100 posts we can muster with more profanity, bitching, moaning, and fighting....which at this rate will be in the middle of October. Keep an eye on the poll as well because there might be some surprises in store before it ends until then we will be getting deeper into all things Twilight. With less than two mnths til Nov 16, the premiere of NM things will become more interesting. fyi, if i need to pimp twihershey down the block [Twihershey- EXCUSE me?! umm I know i live near Figueroa Blvd but there will be NO pimpin anything.. unless its my jail bait hottie! lmao] we will be at the premiere but don't worry we will be safe....


here's a pic taken by Gil Birmingham of him Taylor and Kstew in costume...notice Bella's hair, do you think they heard our cry cause they fixed her up! This was random i know but we needed to include some of today's news.

[from TwiHershey] Like Kim said.. thanks to those that follow our lil blog and those who arent following us BUT still visit on a regular basis! See told y'all that location tracker thing on the side wasnt to stalk you... just seein who we are branching out to! So yea, be expecting lots of funny and informative blogs from us, especially when Twilight saga events are near [ex. NM Westwood premiere & TwiTour L.A.] Also (shameless plug alert) make sure you go check out Valentine's Day on Feb 12, 2010... then you get to see Kim look funnie at TwiTour!... i think someone will be rocking the Jacob crown! =) yea i dont have much else to say except thanks again for reading out blog... make sure you vote for us on Top Sites & Top Blogs!

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