February 27, 2010

Taylor Lautner's becoming another celebrity type cast

Ever since New Moon mania Taylor Lautner has gotten the leading role in every action movie from here to Timbuktu. Don't get me wrong, he looks good doing it and he's young, it's just obvious they're pushing him into certain roles because of his body. He'll be starring in Abduction-a Bourne Identity type movie, Stretch Armstrong-a movie based on a toy who walks around in swim trunks??? and Max Steel-a movie version of the cartoon (it's been rumored that he dropped this one). I've got a feeling that list will be doubled before the year is over. Before you say it, Valentines Day does count as a type cast because he played a jock.

Rob might have been bitten by the type casting curse as well. He has a role in every romantic movie they could get him to agree to.....like watching Rob on screen could ever be a bad thing. Then again, now that Taylor's legal i might pay to she him in a movie looking like this:

**Nope, can never do a Taylor post without mentioning Rob! suck on that hershey :} fyi never said anything about jumping shit, i'm a ride or die girl lol i'm sticking with Edward....i think all the fandom love got to me.

February 26, 2010

Kellan Lutz to start your weekend

This man seems to be all over LA this week but thanks to my first job and my second job of being as lazy as possible i haven't seen him once! life is so unfair but then again i'm really too lazy to go stalking um, looking for him :} I think the twicast found a way to make us love them more, they're all pushing for Breaking Dawn movie and most of them want it to be two movies!

fyi the first pic was in LA the second was Glendale :{ i missed all that hotness, twice!
Sorry about the lack of post yesterday, i rarely have anything positive to say and yesterday was some kind of truce day. Everyone got together, regardless if they were team Edward or team Pup :} and started spreading the love...i felt akward as hell so i chose to stay away...it might be my fault for blogging about all the hating in the twidom.

February 23, 2010

Rob and Kristen left a party with free grey goose, it must be love!

Sooooo....Rob confessed he's dating Kristen, rather interesting....i didn't get the memo saying hell froze over or the one saying he agreed to interviews about KStew. Have you seen the bitch face? if he was getting any and he said that he's gonna be on lock down 'til twenty eleven. Shame on them, they went and ruined the man's sex life, what's he gonna do with out the nookie? To think all this started over this once pic of them leaving the BAFTA after party together...it's been cropped so many times you'd think they had more but it's just the one pic.

hmmm maybe it's true, they did leave a party thrown by grey goose...did i mention they left a party with free vodka! A nekkid Rob couldn't get me to leave a party with free goose unless he was carrying said goose to sweeten the deal.

Any who's the Stew has amazed us once again by winning two awards in less than 48hrs, that's right, count 'em-two! The First being BAFTA's rising star award and the second was Elle's woman of the year award. I'm going on record saying how much she deserves them both! especially after seeing the outfit she wore to the Elle Style awards on Monday

you know she had to rock a leather jacket too!

and the one she wore to the Burberry fashion show today.

it's safe to say i'm team Bella, team Kristen and team i want her damn legs!
all photos via socialite

February 22, 2010

Another Breaking Dawn confirmation???

While Summit's deciding when to release the start date, the actors have no problem confirming it. Kristen confirmed twice last week during The Yellow Handkerchief premiere and after the BAFTA's they might begin filming in November. Rob also confirmed this in a few interviews during New Moon mania. At this point it's safe to say the movie will be made and we're just waiting on the exact location and date. I get the feeling once they get the opening numbers for Eclipse we'll get a date.

Kristen was nominated for The Rising Star Award and.....
Twilight: A BIG congratulations to Kristen Stewart for winning the BAFTA Rising Star Award!!Summit Entertainment 

She looks so beautiful and she accepted that award humbly but that dress is wreck, they should have tailored it to her small frame, it's giving her bulges when she barely has any body fat. Being the Stew she can pull off anything.

Not to outshine Kristen's accomplishment but did i mention Rob also presented at the BAFTA's?!?

Model Rob, i need a minute....or a few. I'm kinda liking the Bel Ami hair cut, he's looks hot.

*A special shout out to T. The Destructor, we love comments so keep 'em coming! 


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