April 23, 2010

The Final Eclipse Trailer is officially here :(

I think my heart broke a little after typing that but here it is everyone the final trailer :( Hope this teaches us to watch what we say because Summit's listening. We complained when they were giving us too many trailers for New Moon so we only get two for Eclipse.....hope you enjoy it until June 30th.

*I take back what i said that has got to be THE best trailer, Rob looks hot! Ugh, guess that means i'll be watching Oprah May 13th, can't miss seeing Rob! *hangs head in shame* i'm such a sellout.

April 21, 2010

Reasons: First up, Reasons to Love Twilight

We thought we should do something special to celebrate the coming of Eclipse so we came up with a series of posts called Reasons. We'll be sharing our knowledge with everyone out there, by knowledge i mean snarky, bitchy, down right crazy meaningless barb. 
We proudly bring you Reasons....
to love Twilight
Everyone should love Twilight cause its funnie as alll heck!! I mean yea Edward is a super rude-ass and Rosalie is a b-i-t-c-h. but it is hilarious! Exhibit A: The humans... you can't watch Twilight and not think their all funny "Hey Arizona!!"
How You Likin' Da Rain, Girl?
And Charlie? Funny in a awkward-Dad way. Twilight is like your typical teen love story with a huge twist!! Yea it has its moments when you're like "WTF this would never happen in real life" .. but then again none of this movie should happen in your real life because, well, Vampires dont exist, but you still can't resist this movie- "Its soooo mouth-watering [Laurent voice]"!

I'll make this easy, Twilight needs more sex, end of story. You gotta have more Vamp action...maybe not-spare yourself, never google that. Edward needs to get laid more than any one else in the series, maybe a little less than Mike does.

Twilight Funny Pictures, Images and Photos
Look i'm team Eddie but i'm also team who ever's getting some. I'm also team Bella but i really wanted her to beat Lauren's ass. I'm sure Bella would be the first to volunteer and give Edward some...after she kicks Laurens ass.

There's even more reasons to love Twilight, we've really only named a small few. I love it because it taught me a lot....maybe the most important lesson ever: always lock your windows at night.

April 20, 2010

Oprah does Twilight

I want to say it's just a coincidence but i'm no fool.

I was so angry when i found out the only interview Stephanie Meyer chose to do was with Oprah. Mind you this is in the middle of New Moon mania, she didn't even consider giving a small interview to one of the Twilight sites but she went on Oprah.

That feeling doesn't even compare to how i felt when i saw this:
Next Friday 4/23, watch Oprah for the exclusive debut of the FINAL#EclipseTrailer!
Are you serious? seriously, what the hell? it's like they don't even think about us. I'm not watching it, sorry but that's how i feel. I'll catch it online or in front of some random movie but i refuse to go there. -end rant Did i mention she's also doing a search for Twilight fans who want to go on her show? she'll be devoting an entire episode to us! is that supposed to be a good thing?   

Coachella Kristen, guaranteed to lighten the mood! that pose cracks me up.
The Twilight Saga Eclipse: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion
According to Amazon- the Eclipse companion will be available June, 29 and 
the Eclipse soundtrack will be available June 8th! 

June's going to be blogging hell, I love how everything's happening right before the movie hits theaters. This time Summit's going the extra mile to guarantee no leakage or spoilers. Good Job boys! Can you spell overkill?

April 18, 2010

Happy Birthday TwiHershey: TwiStyle!!!

Today marks Twihershey's 24th birthday, since it's her day i'll giving her everything she likes....well not really, Kellan's at Cochella and i can't afford robot Lautner.
 Happy Birthday Pictures, Images and Photos
Go girl it's your birthday! Well, no. You need to stop now, we celebrated all weekend and my liver can't take anymore.
and Hershey? Twilight Pictures, Images and Photos


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