June 18, 2010

Eclipse press update: the motherload

Remember when i said June was going to be a crazy month? it's been so crazy i'm struggling to keep up.

The cast has been around the world and back in the last week- if it feels that way to me i wonder how they must feel? esp. Kristen and Taylor who seems to have become the face of Twi). There was Eclipse con in LA which the entire cast attended. Rome, the late night show promotions also in LA with the entire cast, Korea and Australia. 

Late Night

Eclipse Con
Why do i get the feeling all these big Twi events in LA will never happen again?

Bonus: GQ Taylor

June 17, 2010

More *new* Eclipse clips

I just realized I've been posting "new" clips, most of these clips are just recycled scenes from another clip with a few seconds of a new scene placed into it. 
via RPLife

June 16, 2010

TWO more *new* Eclipse clips

 via RPLife

Kellan: when we thought he couldn't get any better

This is Kellan in Men's Health
This was Kellan on set today
just when we thought it couldn't get any better. i'll call him anything he wants as long as he's wearing that

June 14, 2010

New Eclipse Pictures and 2 New Clips

gotta show some love to Mike
if i must....
All images via Socialite, they have tons of new pics over there if you want to check them out! Videos via Eclipse Movie


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