September 24, 2009

Twicrap, Dumb Aaa A-listers and more Eclipse set deets

Someone needs to burn OK magazine to the ground, they've gone too far when their rumors spread to India! The India Times report, thanks to OK, that Kristen's ex or current boyfriend-who knows, who cares-is waiting for Rpattz to slip up so he can steal her back. WTF i'm still shocked at how far the good twilight news gets but when the fabricated crap starts reaching other countries we need to make it stop! I especially love the fact that they let you know Robsten isn't official but they go on to say Kstew will become tired of Rob and Michael's waiting. WTF is it me or does that not make any sense at all, how can he be waiting for a relationship that they themselves say is not a relationship?? anyone??? alright, i rest my case.

O.K.! this is not ok, does any body need wrapping paper??? stuffing paper?? toilet paper?? how about something to burn?? that's all this is good for and in case you didn't read it above this is a rumor, never been confirmed.

Then....there's this one, she seem to walk, talk and breathe Rob. Being the A list celeb she is was she needs to stop name dropping Rob to catch our attention. She has not had an interview in the last month where she didn't mention him. shouldn't you be using precious air time to talk about your viewer less show maybe? no? alright, it's your career. Here she is once again reminding us how desperate she is to carry Rob's luggage, i got you Jen luggage is your code word for love child!

she was the body back in the day, maybe she needs to reevaluate that and try again

Which bring us to the last one of the day.....then again it's me so it might not be, i always find something else to bitch about....a few people are super excited because Rob and Kris were on set together yesterday. hmmm, they are filming a little movie called Eclipse right?? doesn't the story revolved around them, the main characters??? so why the fuss, they have to be on set "together" you f*cking losers.


Rob, Billy and Kristen on set yesterday, look! the mullet's alive! I also updated yesterday's post to explain what scene was shot yesterday.

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