September 5, 2009

Eclipse Spotlight: Cameron Bright

Okay, I know.. I'm SUPER late posting this.. sooooo there will be another that shortly follows. Since the first spotlight was on 'Jane' its only fitting this being the 2nd spotlight be about her twin brother, right??!?!?! So here's a little info on Cameron, he will portray Alec in the NM/Eclipse and hopefully Breaking Dawn [you can never be too sure the way Summit is replacing ppl]

So here's a brief bio on Mr. Cameron Bright... He was born in Vancouver.. he's only 15 but has been acting for a while. Some movies he's been in include: The Butterfly Effect, Running Scared, X-men The Last Stand & Juno. I'm glad to see he's changed a bit from how he looking as a child, particually in Running Scared... he looked kinda scary; those eye brows just were not cute... lol.

I'm not sure what else to put up about Cameron so heres a few pics. Can't wait to see how he does in NM! [pictures from]

[pic 1: Cameron in Butterfly Effect as Tommy; pic 2: Running Scared --- both are good movies!]

100monkeys *highly recommend*

twilightersanonymous posted this interview from you tube, Jackson Rathbone aka Jasper calls in to Vancouver virgin radio early Friday morning. This explains why he wasn't at the 100 monkeys gig on pico-TwiBFF woke my ass up at 10pm to go, we got there at 11pm and i'm so grateful because it was so much fun, those guys can jam and they're hilarious, esp Uncle Larry, wish i could see them again! Would have posted sooner but too much vodka makes me forgetful and hungover.

**I will admit we went for Jackson and the alkie but stayed for the music. The absolute were there too and that girl really know how to sing!

Rob's REAL girlfriend or so she wishes~part 2

A few weeks ago we posted a blog about Catherine Hardwicke and her innapropriare advances towards Rob from their first day of cast to their last days of filming. During New Jerseys Twilight Convention she made a few comments about Rpattz which compelled us to revisit this topic. Ms. Hardwicke has also confirmed some of my primary suspicions, one of which being she's a bonified cougar.
-Ms. Cougar Hardwicke won Rob's trust easily, she "comforted" him when he was hired to play Edward since some TwiHards felt he didn't fit the role-why do you guys feel the need to ruin everything???
-She gave Rob extensions because she loves long hair??? this is just wrong, like brother and sister falling in love wrong!
-She held the casting in her house as she she openly tells anyone when ever she talks about meeting Rob-i can't even comment on that one so i'll let you do with that what you will
-Lets not forget the most disturbing of all, her pda at the tca's if you need photographic evidence click here
Catherine Hardwicke with her "Twilight"-related magazine collection

***update- some of you seem to be confused, that magazine rack is inside Catherine's house, she has an entire twilight room!

Thanks to Hollywood crush who wrote about the Twilight Convention and MTV for this, is it just me or do most of those magazines have Rob's face on them?? i'm just saying ppl, i'm just saying!

September 4, 2009

*Day filled with exciting news* :)

So i'm officially on va-cay-cay as of 7pm tonight and i'm super excited caused that means I can blog like a mofo for an entire wk and a half straight, us true twilighters know sleeping is always optional when it comes to our men! hmmm wonder if I can really go a whole 24hrs just blogging??? wonder if I should try it?

Sorry back to the news, I think we should start the night right, by stopping your heart......are you ready???

I wonder who that could be???? I think we would recognize him even if we only saw a pic of his biceps :) and now for your daily cardiac, maybe you guys aren't ready for that yet so i'll tell you this-NM tickets are available now for CA! yup, you heard me. We also found out the red carpet premiere will be on Nov.16 in Westwood (told you so bestie, Westwood is the Sh*t, most premieres end up there and that's where Twilight premiered so i'm not surprised, i was planning on being there that Tues since I found out NM was premiering Nov.20) anyways, if by some miracle i can't make it (like i'm hospitalized for instance...with my driving that's a possibility) i'm planning to go to the midnight showing on Nov.19 I will go to Long Beach, Fresno or where ever to see this damn movie-not opposed to driving to another state either if Cali is sold out. :)****FYIIII, you can search your city on Fandango to see if your able to buy tickets now and I would suggest doing so because the list seems to get bigger every day!

and now the cardiac arrest I  promised....gotta go watch Twilight!

ALWAYS look at me like that, it makes me melt!

Thanks to Radar for the pic of Kellan, @Cullanboysanonymous for the premiere info and google  for the pic of Rob!

September 2, 2009

I'm just speechless!!

So i was right on the money last night-being drunk does that to me-tonight @TwilightLexicon confirmed my suspicion and busted the fake-@CDCrigger-on twitter, how do we know he's fake you ask? he deleted his account less than 15 mins later. I knew something was weird when he put that post this morning as Taylor Lautner saying he left his twitter signed in  lmao-the loser.

In more exciting news-MTV confirmed Rob, Kris and Tay will be at the VMA's on Sunday sept 13 and they'll bring fresh NM footage, so to recap not only do we get the Death Cab for Cutie single on that day we get the cast and NM, i'm so happy to be a Virgo. check it out yourself!!!

Please stay with me here we have one more bit of Infofo lol those rumors of early NM ticket sales are actually true-i know it's like finding out Robsten was dating and they broke up all in the same day but calm down TwiHards he still wouldn't date us-you can find the full list courtesy of screenrant, the only catch it's only certain cities in some states and to all my Cali ppl i'm sorry to say but we're not on the early ticket sale list.

84520903, FilmMagic /FilmMagic
-pic was taken last yr at the VMA's in LA damn it! i love the look on Rob's face

Since we're on a roll we're going to overlook this weeks latest rumor that Robsten is officially engaged, wtf ppl why are we still buying these magazines unless you want pretty wrapping paper. Need more proof of OK magazines stupidity click here, when the hell did they say NM was gonna be released???? 2010??

***Special thanks to my TwiBff Nicole for my Team Edward cake, it tasted as good as it looks, thanks for putting your Jake aside for my special day!!


BiRTHDaY for.... Team Edward!

** this was meant to be posted on Sept 1.. but due to school and a outting that involved alcohol... this being posted now =) **

Sorry for the lack of posts yesterday Monday :( I guess I should inform y'all now... I just started back at school so I will be busy w/ that & other obligations... and Ms Kim works full time. So we will post when we can, promise! So the kick off September I have a fun post/announcement HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM! If you're wondering who 'Kim' is, SHAME. ON. YOU-TwiRemedy. She's the other person blogging all this Twilight stuff with me! :) but yea... she got her gifts yesterday since I have had class allll day on her actual b-day! But best of all? Her cake! Please disregard the purple... I didn't ask for purple and I clearly dnt see how it blends in with red and greyish/black. But I'm assuming that's how Albertson's rolls? .... oh well...

Yes i know its a 'Twilight' pic but I really could not find a better picture! And had no luck finding any NM poster pics [remember- I'm team Jacob... more experienced at locating pics of Taylor & Kellan!]

** also, PLEASE ask for permission if u wish to 'share' this pic. and don't try passing it off as your own cake. thats just not nice

September 1, 2009

*RUMOR control*

As we've all learned from our high school days, rumors can be very damaging to people. There's been a few rumors buzzing around twitter in the last few weeks and i figured you guys should be aware of them.
-Rob's gonna be a daddy, well this isn't so much a rumor, a magazine's taken bet on the next bachelor to become a dad and they say based on Robsten's relationship rob's their sure choice. Now i might be drunk, tipsy or whatever but i don't remember hearing Robsten confirmed. We don't now they're dating or sexing so have is that even a possibility, I swear the things people think up.
-Robsten's engaged, won't even bother addressing this cause it's a waste of time.
-Tania was gonna be in eclipse and she would be played by some slutty looking chick.
-Since Kstew wasn't at the dinner, someone-splash news-started a rumor that she was out with Michael- her ex or current BF or what ever the hell he is. The weird thing is the fool wasn't even in Canada.
-Kiowa Gordon aka Embry/Cameron Bright aka Alec has a twitter, until these pages get confirmed i won't believe it, what makes their page any different from the weirdos tweeting saying they're Nikki reed or Taylor lautner or even Rpattz.

****Did we miss a rumor you heard that you'd like clear up? Is there a new/old rumor you know about that we forgot to add? don't hesitate to tell us!

In recent Twilight events....

We are officially under the 80 day mark, we've been seeing a lot of activity over in Vancouver since Eclipse is supposed to wrap on Oct. 30th. For those who missed in, figured i'd just recap these recent events.

Taylor's teen vogue shoot taken from socialite, this pic seemed appropriate with the cougar sign on the car, remember 17 is legal in GA you will get arrested in LA!
Random Things
Kristen's borrowed weave found on Radar has caused such a big stir because everyone hates that thing they put on her head. Same on Summit for recycling Jacob's weave from Twilight, all they had to do was ask and i could have recommended someone from the ghetto to make that thing look real-lol, yes i said it, the best weaves come from the block-poor Kstew she's rocking it too! God bless her for that. 

Rob's Premiere pic found on socialite, apparently twilight has been nominated for the scream awards- It's an award show dedicated to fantasy, sci-fi, comics and horror movies, you can cast your votes here the award show will air on Tues Oct.27 on Spike.

*****P.S. don't worry, more blogs coming soon, brushing up on my Twilight dirt first and don't forget to vote for us as the Ultimate Twilight fans on twitter, we represent all of you who are dedicated everything Twilight.

August 30, 2009

Your Ultimate Guide to everything Twilight

So, you've found Twilight-maybe you got curious about the hype and watched the movie like we did, maybe your friends talked you into it, maybe you saw the book and bought it. What ever your reason was for becoming a fan you are now hooked on the saga, its like your own personal brand of heroin. Now your asking yourself what am i supposed to do after finishing the book? If you haven't already you need to read all four books in the series-Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn-now this is a must if you want to stop thinking about the series 24/7. Then you can read about 240 pgs from the fifth (unreleased) book Midnight Sun from Stephenie Meyers website- long story, basically the author posted it because it was leaked on to the internet, it's Twilight told from Edwards perspective. Next you need to see Twilight the movie-again this is if you haven't already, even though i watch it every week-it's not a big budget film so there are a few flaws, like the make up and editing but you'll love it all the same. After doing all this you wait patiently until Nov 20th for premiere of New Moon and again for June 2010 for the premiere of Eclipse. Finally, visit our blog daily for updates on filming as well as your favorite twilight characters/actors. We also have original posts you won't find any where else likes Catherine's questionable behavior towards Rob as well as proper Twihard  behavior.

***Don't forget to follow us on twitter @twiremedy and be the first to know when new blogs have been posted!

Found this on you tube and thought it was hilarious and the perfect way to finish this blog. The song's called "Jacob your a dog" by the Mitch Hansen Band. It's written from Edward eyes towards the end of New Moon  about Jacob- of course- and his inappropriate feelings toward Bella during Edward's absence.


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