October 10, 2009

Ashley tweets Breaking Dawn reminders

I'm finally getting my Twilight fix in and i'm finding some great stuff! I will admit i've been very bored this week (surprised i survive) i made it through thanks to mobile twitter and creativity. i saw this tweet from Ashley.....

FLORIDA vs LSU today! 5pm! So excited to see Tebow back in action! Go Gators! And by default i'll be rooting for the Wisco Badgers! from web AshleyMGreeneAshley Greeneif you remember Breaking Dawn, during Bella's second book Jake blabs his secret to Charlie, who decides to visit Bella after things became uncomfortable Emmett yells "Go Gators" from the living room to distract Charlie (you'll know if you read it, pg 511 Breaking Dawn) i found it ironic that she's also a Florida fan.

My reasons for loving Rob~revisited

hello, because he has those eyes?!?! and duh because he's Robalicious!!! Honestly because he's not Edward (yeah, yeah shut the hell up) he's not dark and brooding, maybe a little cranky but we asked for it by supporting the paps who follow him 24/7. He's funny, charming, spontaneous, he's a great actor and musician....there's so many it's hard to name them all.

Found a great interview Rob gave the Sydney Morning Herald, it reminded me of the reasons we love Rob. He thinks we scream Edward and not Robert when he's in public so he can't even find a date.....most women might (i for one yell Robward but that's just me and can i say i will scream anything he wants, anytime he wants me to! *wink*) read all three pages it's a great interview.
found this on twilight square, it is sooo cute, why can't we find cute shit like this in the US, it's like foreign countries get the best of everything. Vancouver got the filming of New Moon and Eclipse and now Japan will get to meet Rob and Chris Weitz on Nov. 3 and they get to see the movie on Nov. 17th....yeah it's premiering on Nov. 16 in LA, we live around the corner but that doesn't mean our asses will get to see the movie before the 20th. read the whole story here.

Twilight Merchandise

I'm somewhat secure enough to let the world know i shop at Torrid (cute clothes that fit my boobs what can i say), I've been waiting for the New Moon line since i know for sure the sh*t at Nordstrom's will not fit me even if i saran wrap my body with oil i could slick my way into those small ass shirts. I noticed they add a few shirts, they only had the one of Edward, Bella and Jacob since august, i was so ashamed when i came across these....
New Moon - Jane Volturi 3/4-Sleeve Top SKU: 588643
Dakota already has a big head, iiiii don't think i want to have it plastered across my chest
Then there's the Forks Tee, um....what can i say without sounding like a b*tch, i love Twilight but i really could care less about Forks or their highschool.
New Moon - Forks High Tee SKU: 591186
Then there's Bella's dress.....
New Moon - Bella's Green Taffeta Dress SKU: 580954
are you f*cking kidding me, Bella/Kstew didn't look so great in that dress so i know for damn sure i won't either, that thing would be a fugly mistake! I won't even start on the Edward and Jacob shirts.....decided for yourselves.
Click to view full size image

Kellan Lutz....the hotness!

Just got my internet connection back! logging in feeling so empty after a week without my Twilight fix....well not really you've all been witness to my crazy, anyways i found this! it's like a sign from above lmfao well maybe not, i'm just damn lucky.

Klutz in the gym working on his fitness! here's the entire gallery

October 9, 2009

Ana Kendrick's new movie trailor

By now we've all heard that Ana Kendrick [she play Jessica in Twilight] has branched off and began doing other movies. Well after finding the Nightmare on Elm Street movie trailor, I found this.. Ana's new movie is called Up In The Air and she works along side George Clooney. This movie seems decent enough. I'm not sure if I'll see it in theaters, I'm not a big fan of George Clooney. Not that he's a bad actor, there's just no appeal there. He's more for generations before me. LoL But back to the trailor, Ana does a good job from what I can see. I think she will do a good job through out the film. Check out the trailor and let me know what you think!

Up in the Air

Trailer ParkMySpace Videos

Photo-Op New Moon hotties

A lot of pics from various photo shoots and outting have surfaced this past week of Twilight cast members. I'm just gonna breifly update you all one some of the pics i've seen & love! Enjoy =)

There's nothing sexier than a man in a suit.. especially if that man is Kellan Bear!

found this pic of Alex as Paul on Twifans.com i love his "i'm gonna kick your ass" facial expression!

* speechlesss* =)

JailBait at a Dogers game?! aww i've been to a Dodger's game =) hahaha had to make a connection....

Tay pics can be found at taylorlautnerdaily.com

Kellan's gonna make you scream!!

... Well he might make you scream. Depends on how much you like/dislike scary movies!? I believe later this year or early next year Nightmare On Elm Street will be released, and if you didnt know my Kellan Bear is in it!! Now myself, I like most scary movies. I can sit through NoES, the Saw movies, other 'scary' movies that aren't really scary. BUT I'm just glad Kel Bear isnt doing Halloween... cuz holy crap I WOULDN'T go see that... not after the 2007 version that was too scary for words... okay enough about my fears of Michael Myers.. the point of this post is this: check out the Nightmare on Elm Street trailer! Can you see Kel Bear?!? WARNING: its a bit of a spoiler... you've been warned.

A Nightmare on Elm Street in HD

Trailer Park MySpace Videos

sidenote I DO NOT like what they've done to Freddy's face.. its worst than the original movies... clearly they've got new make-up people... he looks more like the Tales from the Crypt guy...

October 8, 2009

Message from TwiRemedy[Kim]

This was posted eariler... Kim invaded my pretty lil post with a rambling about Rob.. sooo since I'm home now from a looonng day at school, I've decided to place her lovely message in its own space. Mainly because it took up too much of my "Taylor Space" as i told BFF. So if you've read this before.. check out the Rob pic I added... if you havent read it... start reading... now!!

TwiRemedy here: Need to blog (lmfao, Twihershey says Twilight has become my crack so i find new ways of getting my fix) blogging from work again....god damn....how many days til saturday???? til internet connection??? how many days til NM and my damn vacation??? can you say hallelujah!!! Am intruding on BFF's blog because i don't have enough time to create one of my own, besides this damn computer doesn't allow me to add pictures.
I've been going through Twilight withdrawl to the extend that i've watch the dvd three times in 24hrs and yes i found new mistakes. Then i outted myself to my coworkers by saying how much i'm dying for Nov. 19 no, not Nov. 20th Nov.19 you better recognize like a true twihard would. Got a three day weekend coming up and you can be sure i will be blogging those 72 hrs straight if my body will let me.
Then i tried blogging from my cellphone which by far is the most hilarious thing this week because it showed up as six different blogs and all symbols (some of you might have noticed it before twihershey had a chance to remove it).
As if that wasn't bad enough i'm questioning Rpattz.....i'm going crazy i tell ya, certifiable! I hate having a computer and no damn internet....only 48hrs to go and this will be a bad memory or i will go into bitch mode severly! Doesn't help that our site is filled with Taycon, wtf is that, someone needs a time out and yes that means you hershey!

This blog has been approved by Rob! LoL [picture credit here]

Are you ashamed of being a Twilighter?

We've all had our Twilight saga experiences that we share with friends right? You discuss the most recent Twilight related news, buy magazines or candy or other merchandise right?! Sort of... my friends know I've read the books and watched the movie, partially due to facebook quizzes, but none of them know about the blog... or the fact that i have a crushy-crush on lil Taylor.... OR that i plan on attending TwiTour or the midnight showing on NM. None except Kim... It's not that I'm ashamed to be a Twilighter... but when you work with kids and a 6th grader is reading Breaking Dawn, its not the thing you want to scream to the world, right?! That like me saying i like the Jonas Brothers (which i dont, sorrie. had the boyband phase in my life already-- *Nsync & BsB 4 life!! ) But i first realized my secret Twilighter-ness last week... I went to a Borders store near my school specifically to buy those New Moon chocolates... for the 4th time. Rather than asking a staff person where they were, i walked around the store until I found them... then got too scared to buy them! Idk if it was my feeling sick that made me decide not to get the candy, or the fear of running into someone I knew...

But the funny thing? A few days later I was w/ BFF and what do i do?! Buy the US weekely New Moon magazine! Then Tuesday while at Target getting the new Backstreet CD [which is good, go buy!!] i see the NM companion book... and dont buy it =/ It did have lots of nice pics... i'm reconsidering getting it though... Have any of you had simular experiences?! Leave a comment and let us know also i'm putting up a poll.. let us know if your friends know you're hook'd on Twilight?!?
And for the sake of adding photos... this is the CUTEST pic of Taylor [2nd to the one of him sleeping i posted last week]. This was from the Teen Vogue issue he was on the cover for. And NO i didnt buy it.. i accidently subscribed while entering a NM contest and thats the free issue they sent me! =)

New Polls

Do you remember the 1st poll I posted when we had the old layout.. about which movie you will see first- Remember Me or Valentine's Day? Please vote again!! When we changed the layout the poll was deleted =/ Thanks!!!

1st New Moon soundtrack vid.

Hopefully none of you saw those random postings from eariler... BFF tried blogging from her phone... it was a sad fail =( BUT she did beg me to watch the new Death Cab by Cutie video... mainly cause it has NM clips (which are clips we've already seen with the exception of a few wide shots of the scenery). I've never listened to this groups music.. until now. the video is below, let us know what us think!!!

** does anyone know how this group came up with their name!?!? its soooo random lol so im kinda curious.

October 7, 2009

Stop, Breathe and Think for a second...Does Robward or Kstew matter???

So this article has been causing quite a sitr on the internet it's called Why Kristen Stewart matters bascially it's author tried to understand the publics fascination with Kstew. Now personally i think Kstew is the sh*t but i've been watching her movies for the last ten years as well-i'm 22-and i'm sorry to say but even though the author was pretty harsh she made a valid point. Kristen had the same painful scream at the end of Twilight, in New Moon after Edward left, in Panic Room when she need her meds and Speak when that futucker was raping her, her acting style is the same. Let's take a minute and think, if she wasn't Bella we would be obsessed over what ever actress was given the part...not to say Kstew wouldn't blow up in her own her way but let's be real Bella did a lot for her in terms of becoming a household name.

I loves me some Rpattz but it's the same story i mean if he didn't get that part we'd be swoony over another actor. Besides i find that i'm more attracted to Rob as Edward than his everyday grungy look. He's hot but as Edward he becomes irrestible so just think about it. TwiHershey has asked me this question before and i hate to even think about it but we might want to take a second and evaluate who we love Rob or Edward, Bella or Kristen.

I won't even touch the topic of their "relationship" that will be discussed as soon as my internet is up on saturday afternoon. I will say i do have their chemistry with a "friend" of mine and he's still just that, a friend, if i were paid to fondle him on a daily then hell yea i would so do it with out hesitation but just because we're attracted to each other doesn't mean we're together......am just saying!

Tuesday Funny- way better than Newspaper comic!

Good Morning faithful viewers... yea, I'm awake suuupper early.. many things to do today. But I have taken some time to blog because I havn't been able to the last few days... and I dont want Kim getting fired for blogging at work!... [i hope no one from her job reads this.. if so.. that last part was a joke... about her blogging at work =) ] So in hopes in catching up on the latest Twilight/NM/Eclipse news... I was looking around at Twifans.com and found some funny stuff!!!

[I'm not sure what the wording says, but i'm sure it's funnie!]

Ever wanted to know what the Twilight men would be like if they were strippers?!?! hhahahaha this video is freakin hilarious!.. The men[and boy] of Twilight get sexified!!

October 6, 2009

Scream Awards '09

At work, on lunch, blogging illegally, won't have internet til saturday....needed my twilight fix and got a text saying there will be a world premiere exclusive footage of New Moon shown at Spike Tv's Scream Awards. Tuesday, October 27 at 10 p.m., only on SPIKE!.

~fyi, i think they're trying to get the cast to go so don't forget to vote! more info

Miss you guys, miss you Twihershey! I miss my edward, i've been watching Twilight every night lol i don't have a tv, i'm planning on reading all four books again this week.

October 5, 2009

6 degrees of Twilight Seperation

Last week, one of our affiliates (Letters to Twilight) sent us this really funny chart that one of the girls made. It pretty much links all of the Twilight characters, and some of the actors' real life friends & fam! I highly suggest you all go read this! It's a good laugh!! Snce I'm at school today [totally skipped work to study] I'll try to post some news later on!

i know the writing is super hard to see, so go here to see the whole post & a bigger picture

October 4, 2009

What the [%^!&] happened?!?!

Sorry for the lack of posts the last few days! I've been super busy with school && Kim is moving. Sooo much has gone on in the Twilight world, idk where to start! I've looked around at some of my lovely Twi-sources and this is what i've found:

- the make-up artist does a FABULOUS job on Tinsel [aka Emily]... those scars looks scary & definitely make you feel for her.. just like in the book.
- Alex Maraz [Paul/wolfpack] has Twitter? AND he was once a VAMPIRE?! now if HE was Edward I'd be team vampire!

- some cast members have finished filming [i.e. D.Fanning]

- ummm wolf pack in Robes && UGGS?! too cute! I knoww Kim posted a pic like this one [or mayb it was the same one, but it must be reposted.. this boys look good!]

- Cutest Tay pic EVER is found in the NM Companion book... Tay sleeping ;) [dnt worry im thinking pure thoughts.. hahaha]

- a lot of the main cast have done interviews with random magazines that cant be found in th USA- boooooo Can some USA magazines get some interviews/photo shoots please?! Thanks!

and a Bonus pic... because this dude is my #2 fav wolf! Bronson plays Jared in the movies.. dont remember much of the character in the book, so I guess its time I re-read NM.

-- did i miss anything major? I probably did. but let me know!! I'll post more later tonight

It's like the holy grail! Pics of Rob and Kstew

This is my last day in the old apt and i will be internet less unless Wed morning (let's keep our fingers crossed) it's as if the god knew i would be lonely for the next two days and sent me this!

it's daddy! looking oh so yummy in this shot from last night with the exception of that damn hat.

while there are so many things wrong with that coat/thing/whatever her hair is growing out so lay off!
Eclipse is set to wrap on Oct. 31-and they'll be back in LA on Nov.1!(hopefully)-Rob and Kstew was out last night celebrating Bobby's last night in Vancouver.

while i'm here Robbie, isn't that the same shirt you wore on your drunk night last weekend?? don't look at me like that, i like the jeans! more pics from last night, check the archives for last weekend if you need more Rob.
***see you guys on wed morning! Welcome follower #7 i still appreciate you even though your team darkside Jacob, you know who you are you sexy thang, fyi if you wanna convert to team Paul i will soooo understand!
** Follower #7- I, TwiHershey, love that you're Team Jacob! Go us!!! Best team!!! lol ALL Team Jacob-ers are the SH!* =) ... and Kim... stop trying to convert my teammates!


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