August 22, 2009

A Blast From The Past

As I was looking around the internet I stumbled upon these lovely photos/article! And I'm so glad I did!!! InStyle magazine's website has various Twilight related articles and interviews. The cutest one thus far has to be this one.... high school [and middle school] photos of some of our fav Twilight stars. check out how these well know rising stars looks just a few years ago! Don't some of them look the same? Heck they all do! Make sure you go to InStyle's website for all the info they collected!!
he looks every bit of 14 here!
"awwwww" is the only thing that comes to mind
KStew- 7th grade

Ashley looks a little diff but still pretty!

Wooooo Hott stuff! hahaha...
he's only gotten hotter since his high school days

Nikki looks the same here- freshman year
-- Nicole

August 21, 2009

In other TwiNews...*this article might contain words of a sexual nature (at the end TwiPervs) which some ppl find offensive

I see we somehow managed to sell out all the life size Edward wall decal aka that creepy looking thing on your wall looking back at you. (don't lie you already bought it and mounted! it's too late now to return it just don't tell anyone about it, except me that is :))
Edward Cullen Life Size Twilight Silhouette Vinyl Wall Decal
why are you TwiHards to crazy??? WE ARE IN A RECESSION!!! stop wasting money, that thing is creepy and if you feel like you have too much money you can always donate some my way.......> *winky**wink* can you imagine being alone in the dark with that thing..........................which bring us to our next topic
I've spent the last 24hrs thinking whether or not i should inform you guys about this and i've made my decision so here goes~I'm told there's a twidildo excuse me a sexual toy based on twilight but is in no way affiliated with it because they are trying not to get sued. The thing sparles ppl, sparkles, appearently they also want you to freeze it???? to be more like edward i'm guessing.....ewwww even creepier. If that didn't make you quit reading our blog you can find more info here, it's actually a funny article esp if your in need of a good laugh, it's so worth the read.
sparkle lmao

What do I spy with my little blind eye????

Is that rachelle I see on the set of Eclipse......oh wait it's Bryce! I had to show everyone the amazing picture of Bryce Dallas Howard aka Victoria part deux aka Rachelle's replacement aka never gonna happen!!!. Here's a good letter for ya~Dear summit, if your so happy with Bryce why the hell did you decide to dress her up like a walking Rachelle doll?? Sincerely, Twiremedy/Twihards. Can you believe the imposter, i mean really, i was going to give her a chance and let her become Victoria in her own way but why would they do this to her?
I swear its like trying to make her something she's not, its weird looking at her. I understand they offered her the part first but she had the nerve to turn it down because it was such a small part, guess she didn't see the three movie deal and the fact that her part grew with every movie!!! No, no summit, i said no, no! she's really not gonna do it for me sry summit.


I'm still not 100% sure what the difference between TwiCon and TwiTour.. but diff Twilight cast members appear at both, so i guess the technicalities doesn't really matter right? Now since i've recently decided that i will attend TwiTour when it hits Los Angeles next year I've started recieving updates from the company that hosts this lovely, yet pricey event. So for all you fans out there, i've posted a list below of the dates/locations of t he different TwiTour stops! And for those of you in the Charlotte, NC and Toronto, Canada areas get ready because Twi Tour is coming for you as well!

Charlotte, NC -- April 30-May 2, 2010
Toronto, Canada July 30- August 1, 2010

All TwiTour Dates as if 8.21.09
August 28-30, 2009 -- New Jersey
October 2-4, 2009 -- Chicago
Janurary 8-10, 2010 -- Miami
Janurary 15-17, 2010 -- Seattle
Janurary 19-31, 2010 -- Nashville
February 12-14, 2010 -- San Francisco
March 5-7, 2010 -- Atlanta
**March 12-14, 2010 -- Los Angeles ** [wanted to emphasize because i will be in attendance]
April 23-25, 2010 -- Arlington, VA
April 30-May 2, 2010 -- Charlotte, NC
May 14-16, 2010 -- Vancouver
June 11-13, 2010 -- Minneapolis
June 18-20, 2010 -- Phoenix
June 25-27, 2010 -- Chicago
July 16-18, 2010 -- Boston
July 30-August 1, 2010 -- Toronto
August 20-22, 2010 -- New Jersey
September 1-3, 2010 -- Portland

ALL information provided from
so check there for more detailed info!

August 20, 2009

Dear crazy ass set stalking Twihards, please accept my apology.............

today i came to realization that it might be next to impossible for you twihards to avoid the eclipse set now that it's been leaked. Hell who am i kidding, if i didn't have a job/bills or lived in or never Vancouver or Canada for that matter I'd be there at midnight too! Sooooo in light of my recent Epiphany i did a little digging and came across some great advice...........drum roll please.........~How not to f*ck up your set stalking experience, this might be the most important thing you will EVER read:

2.) If you are fortunate enough to know where filming is going on, whether it be today or tomorrow or next week, I suggest you keep that information to yourself. Don’t want to go alone? Invite a friend, and still don’t tell them where you are going. Again, I repeat: DO NOT F*CKING TELL ANYONE WHERE THEY ARE SHOOTING. No matter how exciting it is to have this knowledge, or how cool you think people will think you are for knowing, it is NOT worth announcing to the world on Twitter/blogs/mass text/etc. where they are shooting. Why? Let’s elaborate with the finest example, as recently mentioned by Kristen Stewart herself in Dazed & Confused: TWITTER. By posting the location on Twitter, even if your Twiter is locked, you are allowing the entire world (yes, the ENTIRE world) access to the location. People will RT you like crazy, not to mention “fan” blogs/sites will post this information on their sites - opening the information up to an entirely new mass of people. Be fucking selfish. Who cares if your Internet bestie doesn’t talk to you for a week? The LESS PEOPLE at the set the LESS OF A DISTRACTION you are to the actors, crew and security, therefore the LESS they will try to block you out of their world. I will only say this one more time: DON’T TELL ANYONE WHERE THE SET LOCATIONS ARE.

3.) This one really burns my ass. Screaming. Don’t f*cking scream. ESPECIALLY on this particular set! ESPECIALLY if it’s because Robert Pattinson is on this particular set! If you are a fan and have paid any attention to the words that come out of his mouth in any interview he’s done and not just the pictures on the side, you know that Robert Pattinson has severe panic attacks - the fans made him CRY in Italy last Spring. If you scream at him, he is going to run away with his tail between his legs. And hate you forever, because you’ve scared the bloody out of his Brit accent. Do. Not. Scream. Not to mention, if you are over the age of 13, it makes you look like a loser. I can even let it slide up to around 17, and after that? You are an adult. Act like one.....clicky on the link to keep reading.......................................this was posted by @aliceinnyc

Necessary fix! Twilighters on TV

Okay if you're like me, all these Twilight Saga rumors are getting OLD.

-- The stalkerazzi not letting our precious Eclipse stars breathe [although I don't mind those hott Kellan photos of him jogging ;) ]
-- Robsten 2gether or not 2gether
-- Where are the Eclipse stars shopping now
-- Kristen wig/extension/hair issues
-- Who's to play the newest characters introduced in Eclipse
-- Where are the 'top secret' Eclipse sets being filmed

So to get all you hard core twilighters through the next 3 months before we see NM, and possibly new interviews from the stars, I have made up a nice little list of other films/TV shows that our favorite vampires (and werewolfs) can be seen in. For the one's i've seen i'll post a small commentary. I'm sure some of the movies you've already seen, but check em out again. Its kinda cute/funny to see how your fav Twilighter has changed since exploding into a super huge mega-star! Feel free to post comments or other movies I may have left off.

Kristen Stewart
* Into The Wild
[after watching it a second time, this movie was really sad. its a true story about a guy named Chris who dettached himself from society and travels to alaska by hiking, climbing, siwmming; basically does it out in the wilderness. KStew doesn show up til the later part of the film. She plays a young musician that Chris sees play while at some festival. KStew looks really diff in this film in comparison to how she dresses in other movies. it's a real interesting story if you can look past the fact the film scenery is repetative]

*In The Land Of Women
[this is kind of a sad movie... Kris plays Meg Ryan's character's oldest daughter who falls for Adam Brody's character. in the movie Meg Ryan's character has cancer and it showcases the struggle she goes through when telling her family and as she develops a relationship of sorts with Adam Brody's character]

[twhen i originally saw this movie, it was before Twilight. so i re-watched it after learning KStew was in it. she doesnt show up until the VERY end... literally the last 15 mins. lol so its hard to say if her acting was good or not.. she had all of 3 lines... and then looked really evil-like at Hayden Christenson. so yea.. check it out its a good movie regardless]

*The Cake Eaters
[i havent seen this movie, but its an indie film and it was at the video store when i went yesterday.. so if anyone has seen it, let me know how it was! ]
[ i never saw this movie, but read about it on wikipedia... seems like an interesting movie]

Rob Pattinson
* Harry Potter [i am by no means i fan of HP. i never had an interest in the books, and after watchin parts of this movie, yes i sat through close to 45 mins of this movie for Rob - and FYI he's not even my fav Twilight guy. but his part is kinda small, his words are few and he looks super young, even for 18 - and i only know how old he was cause we're the same age =) ]

Taylor Lautner
* The Adventures of Shark Boy & Lava Girl
[so when this movie originally appeared on Disney i didnt watch it because I was like 19 at the time and was 'too old' for Disney. lol But it came on about a month ago, and i checked it out to see what my Fav wolf looked like. i was too shocked/disturbed to watch the entire movie. Taylor was about 12 when this movie was made!!! ahhh it made thinking of him as a hottie now even more disturbing! LoL but he was an adorable little kid. ]

*Cheaper by the Dozen 2
[ i haven't seen this movie, only the 1st one. not sure if Taylor was in the first one... but either way he was young and adorable. ]

Peter Fecinelli
* Fast Lane
[does anyone beside me remember this show? Bill Bellamy and Tiffani-Amber Thessian were both in it. i like this show. I'm sure somewhere in the world of YouTube you can find clips]
*Nurse Jackie
[we alll know about this one! probably the only recent twilight-fix we have available!]
*Can't Hardly Wait
[so this movie was on MTV last week and decided to watch a bit of it, mainly because i never watched much of it when it originally came out. To my surprise i see our very own Peter paying a H.S. student running drunk around a house party after Jennifer Love Hewitt. Peter looks SUPER young!!!]

Kellan Lutz
[i'm a 90210-watcher and Kellan did a pretty good job in his few-episodes run in the most popular zip code on TV]
* Prom Night
[Kellan's role in the film was kinda small, but he looked adorable all dressed up in his prom tux. he play the boyfriend to a girl thats running for Prom Queen. ]
* Accepted
[ i originally watched this movie because Colombus Short was in it, so i dont remember Kellan's part... =/ im sure it will run on cable again and when it does i will deff check out my fav Vampire!! ]

Nikki Reed
* Thirteen
[yep, i'm sure many of us have seen this also. Sadly Nikki's life wasnt all peachy, but look at her now! LoL.. I havent seen this movie since the year it came out. Back then i thought it wasnt too bad soo check it out]

* Cherry Crush
[i saw this on some cable channel a few weeks back. It wasnt that interesting to me; didnt watch the whole thing. i was going to try to type a summary but realized i cant since i didnt watch the entire movie. but check it out for your self!]

Ashley Greene
[Ashley did a lot of TV shows prior to doing Twilight- Punk'd, Crossing Jordan, Shark, etc So for clips of those episdoes you can probably find them on YouTube. but we should be seeing Ashley in more films within the next year! So be on the look out! ]

Jackson Rathbone
* Criminal Minds
[i found some video on YouTube; the episode Jackson did aired eariler this year... i havent seen it so i cant comment much on it. but Criminal Minds is a good show, especilly if you're into the crime shows. Re-run come one A&E and CBS sooo be on the lookout!]
* The OC
[i was shocked when i saw clips of Jackson on The OC! Lucky for me i have to whole season, so i will deff check up on his guest-starring role. not sure of the exact episode title, but its from season 3; Marissa's little sister comes home from Boarding school and some dude is looking for her... basically Jackson plays that boys older brother]

Billy Burke
* Untraceable
[ i've seen this movie numerous times before ad didnt recognize Billy... mainly because that was prior to being exposed to Twilight. But the movie is about a group of cops that hunt down the person that's hacking into computer systems and then sets up a psycho website that kills his victims based on the number of people viewing the sit. Overall Billy does a really great job in this film]

August 19, 2009

Dear set stalking Twihards.................*WARNING*

It's been brought to my attention that a certain something squealed as to the where abouts of Eclipse. While set stalking might seem, a nice way to meet your celeb crushes or just kill time it's not. This is a warning to all the twihards....if your invasion in anyway causes a delay in filming which would cause them to change the release date OR if your interference changes the outcome of the movie i.e. stealing props or causing the director to create a crappy film....i will hunt you all down!!! Please respect their privacy, be patient and wait for the movie to be released like the rest of us. seeing the set won't do much unless you count getting your ass arrested for trespassing. Seriously i will revert to laineyesque bitch mode on you!

BREAKING NEWS that Ashley walking her dog???

Listen people I've spent the last week reminding you not to believe everything you see. Now I'm gonna ask you once again to stop the unnecessary tweets. I know, I know this goes against everything twitter stands for but do we really need fifty blogs posting about Ashley walking her dog or Kellan shopping in Vancouver for the hundredth time this week??? I'll take your silence as a hearty no!!! maybe we can keep the Kellan news coming because any pics of that man no matter how lame still makes us a little light headed........

Let me remind you there are more news worthy topics out there like the rumors of Vanessa Hudgeons almost role in eclipse, thanks god for that break!!! bandslam says it all. Jackson has a new haircut!!! Team Jackson anyone??? yes i have a new team every week but that's because the Cullen men never fail to dazzle me!!

We also had a few magazines fabricating stories about our RPattz, according to few wrapping papers our Rob has been giving "exclusive" interviews about his personal life last week but wait wasn't Rob in hiding all last week? unless you count those pics from this weekend that you splashed all over the net. So let's sum up this week in the land of Rob...on mon he was engaged, on tues he was moving in with KStew and today he's single. He must be really bipolar or it's all crap!!
*In more exciting news* our daily crack says they're finally working out the details for Breaking Dawn. It hasn't been confirmed what scenes will survive but to my dismay there will be no R-rating which means Isle Esme might not make it into the movie~yes that was my favorite part of that book and the only reason for reading it~don't deny it you feel the same way too! I hope they make it better than the book though because it was disappointing, to me at least and that's what counts *wink*.

*Dear TwiHards don't email me about this comment, i was stating my opinion, you're welcome to your own. Breaking Dawn did not live up to New Moon or Eclipse just stating the facts and no I'm not the new Lainey even though she's hilarious!!! let the anger commence......

August 17, 2009

Robsten..are they or aren't they??? to be honest...who cares?

I promised myself that i wouldn't write a blog about this crap. I love Twilight as much as any fan out there however, when crap starts clogging up my twitter i guess i have no choice but to respond. People everywhere seem to have nothing better to do than analyze the pics of RPattz and KStew from saturday night, seriously ppl? really?. It's been almost 24hrs since there pics went viral and they've stirred up countless debates and polls, polls? does it really matter if they're dating, sexing or nothing at all?, it's THEIR business. To make it even worst people are already talking about "if" they break up and the effect it will have on the movies...let's be real ppl you haven't confirmed they're dating, i repeat YOU HAVE NOT CONFIRMED THEY ARE DATING so why the hell are you already talking about the end of a relationship that hasn't even begun. Please can we all go back to our normal lives and talk about things that matter like Eclipse filming today!!
rob-and-<span class=kristen-possible-kiss-kol-analysis">
is this necessary? pics taken from pattinsonanonymous and to top it off there are other websites out there with similar comparisons.

August 16, 2009

Robs REAL girlfriend!!!

~~ Disclaimer: we do not hate Catherine...this is merely for humorous. We don't intend to offending anyone, so please don't take this the wrong way. ~~

Most of us saw the pics from last sunday night at the TCA where Catherine inappropriatly fondled our RPattz. Although we are grateful [I think we are] that Catherine directed the Twilight movie, some of her behavior, around Rob especially, has been a little too much to handle, even for me [NiC0LE]. After seeing some interviews, award shows, and other footage it has become clear to us both that something is wrong with Catherine. Does she have the hots for Rob Pattinson??? Trust us, the proof is out there. Read our list of incidences below, tell us if you agree, disagree-dint see how you could, but if you must...- or if you know of other incidences that we may have forgotten.

We decided to make this particular posting way before we made the blog. it all started with the bonus features on my 3-disc [yepp 3] Twilight DvD. Sadly, I was really annoyed with the way Catherine talked about certain topics... well more so I though it was funnie yet couldn't bare to listen. It wasn't noticeable until recently, while watching the voice-over commentary that Kristen, Rob & Catherine made for the movie, which brings us to the beginning of it all!
83732842, WireImage /WireImage
no, not KStew, the one on the right ~~~~~> more pics can be found at Getty Images

1) too often through out the commentary Catherine makes comments and jokes, to or about Rob, that seem wayyyy too flirty!! One point in particular she says "ROB!! Stop it! *giggle*" Yes the woman giggles like a little school girl! WTF i can only imagine Kirsten was a little uncomfy! I was very uncomfy and i could only hear the woman for Christ sake.

2) during the commentary, Rob mentioned something about a particularly hard day of filming, he remembered crying in his trailer while watching a movie, etc, etc.. then Catherine makes the most random comment "Yea i remember, i was with you" [the exact quote will come...] UMMMM... is she putting their business on the street or WHAT??!! Chillax Catherine!

3) Again during commentary... i think its the part in the movie when the students leave the green house.. Rob starts rambling about how he was trying to make a sexy face but it didn't quite work out and Ms. Hardwicke makes another inappropriate comment to the turn of "Oh yea! you look real sexy here Rob!" <-- soo not necessary! Even my [Nicole] mother, who kinda thinks Rob is adorable, said Catherine was going too far with her comments! It was at that point when my mom had to turn the commentary off! lol

4) The Teen Choice Awards 2009... I'm sure you all have seen the pics! of all the cast members to squeeze next to, she chooses Rob! convenient, much? yea.. some of the pics people posted online show them all hugged up... i don't have much comments on that little subject for now....

~~ Continue Reading Below For Kim's thoughts on this topic ~~
During the same commentary Rob spoke of his biceps and how much he needed to do to create Edwards body needless to say Ms. always gotta have a comment Catherine compliments Rob on his body again!! so that makes four times in less than thirty minutes. It's sad when cougars prey on the innocent.


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