September 24, 2009

Scene It?® Twilight Edition

This morning summit announced they will be partnering with Konami to bring us the twilight version of Scene it? i say hell yea! this game is the sh*t so why would i not want the twilight edition. You did me right today summit, you did me right, if oooonly we could do something about Jackson's wig you would totally get off the sh*t list i'd even go see Boob fest a second time-for the NM trailer but that's just details, who cares really, the point is i'd be paying.
This game includes:
 TWILIGHT content: On-screen puzzles, movie clips, sound bytes, music and trivia questions pulled directly from the very successful first TWILIGHT film.

 All-new puzzle types: Puzzles including "Alice's Vision" and "Locker Picks," sure to satisfy both Team Edward and Team Jacob fans around the world.

 Bonus features and activities: Bonus activities like "Which Cullen are You?", and an exclusive downloadable bonus feature for hardcore fans, which provides all the planning elements for hosting the ideal TWILIGHT-themed party.

Twilight Scene It? Game
The game will be available for purchase sometime in October. Scene it? Twilight party! my house! sometime in October?!? 

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