December 25, 2009

Happy Holiday

Hi everyone!! Hope you all are having a fun-filled holiday celebrating which ever particular holiday you celebrate. Make sure in the mist of your break from school and work and spending time with loved ones; watch Twilight or go see New Moon again. Laugh at all things Twilight and reminisce in the fun times you've had at the expense of Twilight =) Have a fun and safe day!!

this pic if for TwiRemedy... this is all she wants for Christmas.....

December 22, 2009

Tuesday funny- Jacob belongs with Bella?

saw this video and thought it was cute... maybe partially because its a T. Swift song... or beacause its about Jacob... either way its kinda T-squared related.. but that dosnt matter. Its cute/funny

December 20, 2009

Andy Dick+Strip Club+Twilight, am i the only one trying not to puke?

There are no words to describe this other than Ewww, you could use gross if you really want to cause it's just down right nasty...enough said.

Yeah you saw that right, it's Andy Dick leaving a strip club about to go home home and watch Twilight. I love that some many people are into Twilight but why would you take it to a strip club? did i mention he went be himself? then again don't want to think about his reason behind that, EVER.


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