June 3, 2010

Two New Eclipse TV Spots

These actually look like the best ones yet!

Eclipse press update

Kristen and Taylor went down under last weekend but now then they ended up in South Korea??? who knew,,,moving on. Kristen looked so cute, it's impossible to hate even though she's been getting a lot of bad press about her paparazzi comment....poor kstew.m045.jpg

Kellan, we need to have a conversation...

You are Kellan Lutz, while i'm glad that hasn't gotten to your head, why the hell are you walking around LAX?
i love that he tries to hide by holding his head down and wearing that ugly ass hat. Kellan, you're 6ft manly goodness, there's no hiding all that.

Just wanted to say next time, fly like a damn celebrity...i'd hate to have to come to your defense.
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May 31, 2010

Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner down under

Kristen and Taylor went down under where she proudly said she was team Edward...right in front of Taylor. Seems like they've been having a great weekend, i'm not too jealous.

Love the hair, love the make up, Love that skirt!
i'm gonna leave it alone....the things i could say
The first thing he does is check the doll's abs and face, no Lautner not conceited at all...at least they got the height right :) you know i love you.
video, photos via Socialite

Rapper 'Romeo' has a role in Breaking Dawn???

This I've been dying to blog about: Romeo-aka Lil Romeo when he was a kid rapper who went to USC to play basketball or as i like to call him USC's free publicity-told MTV he's up for a part in Breaking Dawn.

I know i wanted to wait until after Eclipse to talk about Breaking Dawn but this was too good to resist....so many ways.

This fool's already trying to start "team Romeo" even though it's just a "small part" and he can't even confirm if he's got the role. Unless he's playing 'child standing on street Bella drives down on her way to put gas in new bullet proof car' i really don't see him in this movie.

Did he not know the name of the movie he's supposed to be up for? real bad start.....Thoughts anyone?
via MTV

Another Eclipse TV Spot

This one premiered last week, it has a few new scenes but some are repeats...
via Yahoo

May 30, 2010

Sunday Funny

For the team Edward and team Jacob girls aka team Switzerland cause you just couldn't decide, this was too funny not to post.


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