September 20, 2009

What not to do on twitter

It's too early to be awake, it's too early to be pissed off. I feel asleep at 7pm last night, no, not a typo you read that sh*t right, didn't even get to do my Saturday night clubbing cause i woke up at 4am, while i was catching up on my tweets it became agonizing. I realize we live in different states, cities and countries but some things must be said and i guess i will be the one to say it:
*If you have a twilight blog, don't tweet about anything not related to twilight cause that's the only reason we follow you-this get me the most-oh my kid this and my kid that, god damn it, i don't have kids for a reason so i would rather not waste brain cells reading about yours and the trivial things they do through out the day. If you really feel the need to talk about your kids create a separate account-I stopped following many people for this offense.
*Can we not retweet everything people tweet, having five people RT the same thing makes twitter a bitch, seriously there should be a RT limit. Spare me, @peterfacinelli he has over a million followers we all saw what he tweet the first time!
*Why aren't you following us on twitter? yes of course i had to throw it in there! we need your support and we only tweet our blog posts or things twilight related.
*#FF, can we mix this up a bit, having you tell me to follow the same people i'm already following makes me want to unfollow you! just remember that on #FF
*Fakers, Fakers, Fakers wtf man you have nothing better to do than pretend to be someone else? Come on, how cool are you pretending to be someone else, don't you realize how douchy you look when people realize your not who you say you are. FYI, twihards get crazy when we meet the real twilight stars think about what we will do to you when they realize your not RPattz or who ever your trying to be!
I have a feeling this is only part one and there will be more to come....
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nothing like Edward to calm me down, did he get a hair cut??? can you say sexy!
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i will buy anything he's selling, as long as he's selling himself!

~photo credit both photos taken from the same place


  1. Wow... Rob did cut his hair... I may regret saying this BUT.. He's looks cute!

  2. oh and of course my Kellan Bear looks hott!! the little side smile.... too cute =)



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