January 1, 2010

Poll Results- New Moon thoughts

Well.... the poll is closed, the results are in, AND it looks as if we have a tie?!?! Boooo no one likes a tie.. but this one is okay, I guess. We asked you all to tell us what you thought of New Moon and you responded! Thanks! From the poll it seems like the majority LOVED the movie 100% yet the same amount of you thought there were wayyyy too many trailers and sneak peeks! I totally agree!!! It was all fine and dandy in the beginning when I was new to the whole Twilight thing, but by September I wanted to gauge my eyes out! HAHA not really.. but I did get annoyed with the overwhelming amount of trailers. So I hope for Eclipse Summit doesn't over do it with the trailers. Although I've vowed not to watch any trailers, for the sake of everyone else.... I hope it doesn't become too much to bear! =) Thanks again for voting. We'll be adding new polls within time.
You HATED the billion previews... photo source

LOVED the movie!!!

December 31, 2009

Rob pic...

** Correction** apparently due to my lack of Rob Knowledge the photo below is not new, and i had not idea =/ but it was new to my eyes since i wasnt a TwiFan back when this pic was new and Rob looked cute. Sorry again for the posting error

I know, I know... TwiRemedy HATES when I post things that other sites, literally every other site, has already posted... but I couldn't help myself... i figured its about to be a new year, a new decade, and well I wanted to be nice. =) I saw a pic of RPattz.. and y'all already know I'm a wolf girl... but...... ummm Rob looks hott... I almost hate to say it.. but he does, at least with his hair cut short and all. Now if he looked like this in Twilight I might've been on his team! So here's my nice Rob post since its the end of 2009 and I want to start 2010 off nicely! enjoy- I know TwiRemedy is sneaking a peek at work... dying =)

WOOO its New Years Eve & a Wolf's b-day!

Well, it may already be 2010 in some countries further East... but its still 2009 in California.. so that also means its my other fav wolf's b-day!! Yep... Bronson Pelletier [aka Jared] turns 23! Finally! Now TwiRemedy cant make fun of me for liking yet another younger guy! haha Bronson is the same age now! ;) It must be pretty cool knowing that everyone else in the world is celebrating on your birthday also... maybe not for the same exact reason, but still partying! Hope you all have a same and fun New Years Eve! If you're old enough, have a drink on behalf of Bronson's b-day! haha I know I will! =)

and this is the picture that made me think "move over Taylor i was this guy" haha sooo darn cute!

December 28, 2009

Twilight Town on the small screen

**BREAKING NEWS** well not really... but now that i have your attention, listen to this!!!

Apparently some TV execs are jumping on board the vampire train, but in a different. According to an Internet source a reality show may be in the works for the people of Forks, WA. I'm not sure how much of this will be consensual... I know within the last year Forks has gotten a lot of exposure from TwiFans visiting the small town and REELZ channel doing various visitations to the town. Now, as if all that was not enough, there will be a reality show- showcasing what the people towns folk of Forks do on a daily basis... expect to see little that has to do with wolfs, Vampires, anything sparkly, and Volvos... What do you guys think about this show idea?!


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