January 26, 2010

"Only 2 discs?!" Target to the Rescue!!!

I L-O-V-E Target!!! They will be releasing a 3-disc edition of New Moon! hell yea! Did we ever mention that it was target who had a 3-disc version of Twilight... which thus caused us to discover Catherine Hardwick's inappropriate words towards Rob... then causing the birth of this lovely blog =)... so you see.. we owe Target... or maybe they owe us?! IDK... but i will be getting NM from them! I can not wait to see hear the commentary... wonder if Chris Wietz acts more mature than Cathy the Cougar or does he try to hit on KStew while she give him the 'bitch face" you can totally tell when she does it, even when you cant see her face! haha. So don't buy you NM from amazon, or Wal*mart just yet..... get the bonus disc... all real die-hard Twifans need that extra disc.... I expect to see a lot of Jorts and half-nakedness =) That way I can properly drool over Jailbait and Bronson...

become familiar with these covers so you don't grab the wrong one!
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January 25, 2010

This weekend belonged to Kristen Stewart but can you blame us? she's bad ass!

Kristen's currently at Sundance promoting "Welcome to the Rileys" in which she plays a damaged girl who turns to stripping and "The Runaways"a biopic of The Runaways in it she plays Joanne Jett. She's been getting a lot of compliments about her performance-which really shouldn't surprise anyone, that's just the Stew, we should be well aware by now.

i love this pic of her, she's such a natural beauty, the chucks are just an added bonus. ~source

i call this one: bitch face revisited...you can tell they asked her a dumb question, it's written all over her face. ~photo source

January 24, 2010

Rob on a desk, Rob rough on the floor, Rob up against a door....

it's exactly what you're thinking! unfortunately it won't be with any of us but that's just the begining of Rob's sexcapades in "Bel Ami", he'll play a Journalist who gets ahead in his career by getting in, for lack of a better word, powerful women. The movie begins filming next month, more importantly can i get a part in this movie? i can play the part of prostitute against a door as long as it's with Rob.

do i need to flash this man to make him smile? he'd make a sexy wolf or a hot ass lumber jack...i wouldn't mind seeing that wood he can use it to light my fire any day. ~photo source

This is Rob after filming Hope for Haiti-text HAITI to 90999 to donate $10, it will be charged to your phone bill automatically.

Kellan's not their Barbarian but he's still hot as hell, i mean smiling

Kellan auditioned for the part of "Conan the Barbarian" but according to Socialite they gave the part to another hottie. Here's the always smiling Klutz on thursday donating clothes for Haiti, there's nothing wrong with enjoying the view right?

I love this pic, will not explain why :}

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