September 26, 2009

Goodbye Bloggy world.....for now!

Hey guys, i'm stuck moving this week so i'm gonna have to yank myself away from everything twilight until i get my computer and internet connected in my new place. *sigh* oh Edward! i'm gonna miss you soooooo much *tear* i'm gonna miss you guys too but it's only for a little while, i promise, i think.......this means twihershey will be taking over so forgive me team Edward because she will use this opportunity to try and tempt you into switching sides but stay strong!

** [From TwiHershey.. not to worry ppl.. I will be fair (for once) towards all things Twilight.. including Rob/Edward. Let just hope I can find time to blog a bit.. my school schedule is a bit hectic... sooo expect my next posting 2night or 2morrow.. for now its back to studying biology (and there's no "edward" in my bio lecture or lab... well there's this 1 dude w/ an accent.... hmmm lol]

UPDATE~i can't unplug my computer and leave her bitchiness to Rob bash, she's already mad because I've been spying on her so look out for her posts, my computer will be up for a little longer......until i know she will behave

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  1. What happened to my warning of this? Well technically you did say you were packing.. lol I didn't really get that hint.... lol I'm trying to learn biology sorries.... but not to worry I promise to be fair to Team Edward and post about his as well! :) and not too much mean stuff promise!!



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