September 24, 2009

The funniest most insane twitter conversation

of course it took place between me and twicrackhead but that's because she called my Edward a bloodsucker, she had some serious at.ti.tude, guess she forgot to check her flees at the door that's why you don't run with dogs! This is how it started.....
HersheyKissez86Icon_lock@kimvwz -u know what's funnie? I overheard some girls discussing Twilight haha. Well all I heard was "jacob takes his shirt off" and... from twidroid in reply to kimvwz
HersheyKissez86Icon_lock@kimvwz ... and something about having strong feeling about characters she doesn't like... she must b Team Edward... ugh from twidroid in reply to kimvwz
kimvwz@HersheyKissez86 lmao why she gotta be Team Edward? are you trying to say we're all bitter? team Jake isn't so hot either! from web in reply to HersheyKissez86
HersheyKissez86Icon_lock@kimvwz well if u dnt like jake u must like the bloodsucker.. I mean edward. Lol and u dnt have to laugh @ me from twidroid in reply to kimvwz
kimvwz@HersheyKissez86 i'd rather the bloodsucker than the space heater fetching puppy! lmfao from web in reply to HersheyKissez86
HersheyKissez86Icon_lock@kimvwz - he wasn't a space heater fetching puppy! Go read Eclipse again because he WAS the space heater 108.5 ... 108.5 remember that!? from twidroid in reply to kimvwzFYI, i think this might have set her offTwiRemedyDaily Remedy~ That's right bff, info on getting your very own bk crown from twitterfeedTwiRemedy@HersheyKissez86 you see it as caring, i see it as another opportunity to laugh at your expense! from web in reply to HersheyKissez86What's even funnier is she looks like she's arguing with two people so all her followers must think she's loco
***this was all joke, it was a real conversation and there's been many like it, don't get offended, if you do then your in the wrong place

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  1. Ummm thanks for putting my *private* tweets (that's what the little lock is for) alll up on front street! Dang.... just wait.... TwiTour you will regret this! Hahahahahha



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