April 16, 2010

Twilight's more than just a book, or is it?!?

Twilight's just a book, get. it. together! Twilight Zone Pictures, Images and Photos

According to Yahoo News Twilight was ranked #5 as the most "challenging books" along side "Harry Potter" "The Catcher in Rye" "The perks of being a Wallflower" "To Kill a Mocking Bird" and the "Color Purple" because of their sexual content.

Gotta agree with them about the "Color Purple"-sorry people but i wanted to snatch Sealy a few times, sorry but it needed to be said. "The perks of being a Wallflower" should be in the top five as well, for a teenage book that thing was dirrrrrty! Doesn't mean i didn't enjoy reading every minute of it but that girl was nastee! lol

As for the rest: I don't remember Harry talking about his wand in any of the books (i know right, i felt kinda ripped off! the kid got excited about a kiss-on his damn lips- but that's as far as his sexual relationship went.) Now Harry Pothead was a completely different book-stumbled across it during high school in the school library-that book needs to be number one on that list.
How many times do we need to tell these "parents" it's just a damn book. I mean Twilight was about as sexual as reading the bible. Actually there is more sex in the bible or does it not count because they didn't describe who put what where? Breaking Dawn, now that's a completely different story....broken head boards and all considered it still fell short, it wasn't dirty. They need me to recommend some "challenging books" cause i've read a few "young adult" back in the day, those would give the bible a run for it's money.
bible Pictures, Images and Photos
Twilight didn't make me want to have sex, i wanted my own Edward but Reneesme was a healthy dose of Birth Control.
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they help you live it!

April 15, 2010

Rob and Kristen's not going public, maybe she's in London because....

They say "Action speaks louder than words" then again maybe it was a coincidence, maybe she's there because it easier to get to Vancouver from London?!?* i'm just trying to help a girl explain her where abouts....maybe we can become Biffs and she'll share Rob! She's in London because Rob's there-nope don't sound right :) because the Queen's there? because she a passport? it's Kristen she don't have to explain nothing! (damn i'm really loving my English today)
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pssst! Kristen, it's always nice to share, it's in the bible or was that Kindergarten who knows?? lol. Kristen needs to share the Rob-his time of course :) what else would i be referring to? something in the way of joint custody.....trading off every other day, i'm open to keeping him a little longer-full time-if she's game.

**There's talk of "Pick up shots" being done in Vancouver
Pick up shots are cut into already completed scenes and can be necessary because of anything from bad lighting, a faulty print or a missing expression or line that was determined in editing.  Reshoots insinuate a completely new scene being inserted into a picture.
It's not a re-shoot, in fact it should be a little less than three days and it has nothing to do with the major scenes. That tells me Summit's trying to make Eclipse the best one yet and i'm ok with it. I gave you the cliffy version but Eclipse movie has the entire article.

Never fear children. Eclipse will be in theaters June 30th or i'll be first in line outside Summit Ent. Don't think i don't know where you are "Untitled Entertainment" in Culver City....i got my eyes on you.

April 14, 2010

Kellan. Lutz. Wet. In. Shower...

Holy Jesus mother and Mary.....
i'm ashamed to say that pic does things to me, things they didn't intend. 
um.....yeah, rest. somewhere, here i think.
When do i get my Rob in a shower pic, can i volunteer to be the photographer? i'll work for free, i'll pay you!

For the first time, I'm ashamed to call myself a Twilight Fan

I was poking around the internet trying to find some books-was reading fanfics, they mentioned a few books and i figured why not read them too- unfortunately for me, it led my nosey ass right to this:
The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella (Twilight Saga)
Amazon lists The Second Short Life of Bree Tanner as one of it's highest pre-orders, so does Borders. um, wtf?? seriously people??? this is a damn shame.
Breaking Dawn Pictures, Images and Photos
I have nothing against Steph Meyer maybe, except....Breaking Dawn and Midnight Sun of course. Breaking Dawn because that book couldn't even compare to Eclipse. In my eyes the saga ended with Eclipse and BD was just some extra cash and BT will be the same.
breaking dawn Pictures, Images and Photos
As for Midnight Sun....where do i start? the fact that it's not published is just the beginning. After reading the first 200 pages i have no problem saying it's a better book than Twilight (if you didn't read it, do yourself a favor please). If there was anything missing from Midnight Sun it would be a little more Mike Newton "how you likin' the rain girrrrrrl" lol.
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Why am i bitching?? i needed to post something not related to Rob lol. On a serious note, i'm a little afraid of the TwiDom, i think it's safe to say twihards could stop world hunger if they promised us Midnight Sun in exchange. I think we're proving we'll buy anything they bind together and slap the Twilight name on, that's why i'm ashamed.
*Side note: Cathy the cougar wasn't enough to make me ashamed and she was pimping herself more than Twilight so that should mean something, players will play so play on Cathy.  
I lied! can never have a post without Rob ...so sue me :}besides i love this pic, it screams "take me now!"

April 12, 2010

First it was Rob and Kristen, now there's Anna and the "conversation" after

Love Edward, love Rob even more but i didn't love Bel Ami pics. That should mean a lot coming from me because i can never get enough Rob. Don't get me wrong Rob looks panty dropping hot in those pics but i was losing it.

I know i enjoyed Remember Me as much as i did because i didn't know too much about it. I read the Twilight books so i know what will happen, they can't surprise me but i haven't even read Bel Ami.  I was extremely happy when i realized they might be done filming then i saw this.
The funny this is on Thursday i told TwiHershey "i wonder where Kristen's spending her B-day?" i even thought the pics might have been old lol now Anna has her own "are they, aren't they" thing going.

I can so see Anna and Kristen having the "no, you need to tell them first, you've been dating longer" conversation. I can also see the conversation with Summit "it was in your contract to keep it in your pants and out of the press til the end of BD? well, what happened?"


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