September 23, 2009

That's right bff, info on getting your very own bk crown

So's been a long sh*tty day until i saw this! Twihershey has been dying to get her hands on one of these. She has been to every bk in our neighborhood trying to find out when she can get her very own. Did i mention she will be wearing it to the nm premiere???
New Moon Burger King Crown
Just in time for NM burger king released info on how you can get your very own crown. Click here to find out more info so you can be first in line with Twihershey. i can't believe she will rock this sh*t to the NM premiere in Nov. but she won't even consider becoming Pattinson pants lady for a couple of short hours. Yes everyone our very own TwiCrackhead will be wearing the BK crown to the NM premiere so you can spot her a mile away, to make it worst she's teaming it with a Team Jake shirt. Take it from me bff, neither is less embarrassing! Here's an idea why not wear it with this???
Edward Wig
That's right, the latest Edward wig!

1 comment:

  1. I dnt remember visiting *every* BK in the area.. just the one 2 blocks from my house AND I didn't even ask them about the crowns!



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