September 20, 2009

Twilight movie/Vampire Diaries

This is a discussion you might not have heard before, while people compare the books i'll be comparing the shows.

 Is it wrong to watch a show for the men???

While Vampire Diaries obviously has the suspense Twilight was missing, then again a show will have more air time than a movie would, it's obvious Vampire diaries presentation is a huge Twilight rip off. The basic story line is different, Elena's parents died Bella's are divorced and so on. Stefan needs to be invited in or else he can't go into your house and we all know Edward has a degree in breaking and entering. However the details become the same, in the second episode Stefan gives Elena a copy of Withering Heights, wtf any true twihard knows this was one of Bella's favorite books.

I became a fan of Paul Wesley when he starred in Fallen, he was my reason for watching that movie and i will watch vampire diaries for him too, well him and Ian Somerhalder (shown below)

Stefan is very obvious and straight forward in terms of his attraction to Elena and so is she, Edward was so protective of Bella from the beginning so he didn't let his feelings show until later on. Edward reads minds Stefan has superman hearing??? the sight of blood seems to be the only thing to bother Stefan, well that and his brother. Stefan lives in Dracula's castle which is totally different from the Cullens, oh and Stefan and Edward has a journal apparently when you live as long as they do you tend to forget things.

God damn this man is foine, i honestly could not find a bad pic of him, he's so damn pretty!

Damon is Stefan's brother who's really like James lol he lives for the fight and brings out the worst in our leading men. Damon drinks human blood and Stefan is strictly animal hmmm Vampire Diaries is older than Twilight is it possible.....

Elena's bff Bonnie is a witch or something, she's not very sure but she sees the future in glimpses like Alice. Elena seems to have her own Mike Welch in Matt except Elena dated Matt and we all know Mike never had a chance in hell with Bella.
There's a big difference in the first kiss as well, Bella and Edward made us steam but Stefan and Elena was super romantic, no longing, no want.
RobertPattinson.jpg Robert Pattinson!! image by brightangel90_2008
oooh Robward............yes, i will always post a pic of him :)
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