October 31, 2009

Tay-squared: my opinion

Sooo everyone knows I adore my lil jailbait. And he making quite a name for himself in the media... seems like he's become BFFs w/ the country star of the year! I was looking at some website eariler and a lot of people think all their outtings are for publicity... but do either of them really need it? We all know who T. Lautner is and who doesn't know or like T.Swift?! Personally I had my suspecisions since wayyy back at the VMAs. It was a cute comment T.Lautner made about T.Swift. But whether their just friends or whatev they would be cute. Heck i still say T.Lautner and Selena Gomez were cute.. haha but im not going to critique T.Lautner's dating history.. he can date who he chooses... just as long and they dont interfer with him filming Breaking Dawn.. that "YOU IMPRINTED ON MY BABY" scene is sure to be hilarious!!! But here's a cute pic of the Tay-squared. hope their ready for some 'robsten-like' attention and lots of questions during upcomig interviews!!!

Y TwiHershey

P.S. i totally dont approve of these pic.. but wanted to prove a point. I now understand why soo many celebs like 'Robsten' go into hiding.. so sad.

Exhibit A - why the heck is the camera all in his face... the boy is trying to drive...
this is how accidents occur in LA... *distractions* shame on u papz!

Exhibit B - umm clearly the dude on the left.. the one hanging on the car wants his toes smashed!!

>> pix from http://taylorlautnerdaily.com/ <<

My [temporary] break-up with Twilight

Sooo lately I've been SUPER busy with school and life... forcing twilight saga to be put on the back burner. That and well Summit has seriously made me angry! I had my little heart set on going to the twi cast tour... this may be my only chance to meet the NM cast.. but summit is being a tight-ass and won't say who is going to be there OR they wait until the last minute to announce who ill be at the LA tour stop but DON'T say what time these tour festivities start [and word around Twitter @ 11:30pm was the line was already 200 deep Grrr]! Do they not know TwiFans have lives? We work? Some have small children (i.e. twi-moms)... long story short.. I have decided to give up all things Twilight! but only for a week... or longer. I need to fully concentrate on the more important things.. cause at the end of it all.. New Moon won't help me pass any classes! lol... plus I need a break from all these darn trailers summit keeps putting out. I'm almost surprised they havent hooked up with the CW to show a NM cip during vampire diaries! ummm let me not give them ideas.. lol soooo after my next post, you might not hear much from me.. for a least a week =)

Y TwiHershey

P.S. a lil team wolf pack love to add some heat to the post lol.. it is starting to get cold out.. hahaha [yea i know, super corny]

Bronson.. sooo cute... and he likes oreos =)

this would be that amazing jailbait pic i tried posting eariler this week!
and to make TwiRemedy happy... here's hottie Alex

**Tay & Bronson pics used from http://oh-quileutes.org/ Alex pic used from >HERE<

October 30, 2009

New~New Moon clips

In case you missed the videos this week, i decided to repost them, a little for your viewing pleasure but more as a reason to stick it to Summit.....Loves you summit, please the Robward and Bella porn kiss is to die for!
The Kiss

Volvo's clip

Edward vs. Volturi

Full Break up Scene
turns out they got this one too, it was shown in Italy so it really was illegal but damn summit, damn!
Scream Awards

Full List: New Moon Cast Appearances

Socialite posted the full list of cast appearances on their facebook page, i'll post the events coming next week but for the entire list check out their events page.
Tomorrow, October 30
Robert Pattinson on MTV special MTV Ulalume: Howl At New Moon
Where: New York City
When: Tomorrow from 10:00 pm to 1:00 am
Tuesday, November 10
Robsten & Taylor Lautner Paris New Moon Press Conference
Where: Paris France
When: Tuesday, November 10 from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm
Wednesday, November 11
Robert Pattinson In London
Where: New York City
When: Wednesday, November 11 from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Thursday, November 12
Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner in Madrid
Where: Madrid's Vistalegre Palace in Madrid, Spain
When: Thursday, November 12 from 7:15 pm to 10:15 pm
Friday, November 13
Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene and Bronson Pelletier on Much on Demand
Where: Canada
When: Friday, November 13 from 3:00 am to 6:00 am
Saturday, November 14
Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson & Chris Weitz
Where: At at the Hypovereinsbank Jugendtreff in Munich, Germany
When: Saturday, November 14 from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Monday, November 16
Kristen Stewart on Tonight Show
Where: Los Angeles
When: Monday, November 16 from 10:30 pm to 1:30 am
Wednesday, November 18
Kristen Stewart on Today Show
Where: New York City
When: Wednesday, November 18 from 8:00 am to 11:00 am
Kristen Stewart on Regis & Kelly
Where: New York City
When: Wednesday, November 18 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
Robert Pattinson on Late Show With David Letterman
Where: New York City
When: Wednesday, November 18 from 10:30 pm to 1:30 am

100monkeys tour

The 100 monkeys are doing a 100 city tour and they might be coming to a city near you! Here's the first 20
Atlanta, Birmingham, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Houston, Indianapolis, Louisville, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Oklahoma City, Omaha, Orlando, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland (OR), Raleigh, Sacramento, Seattle and St. Louis!


October 29, 2009

Robalicious and the Stew has returned.

now let's all hold hands, join together and say a thank you pray because the golden ones hath returned. He's so cute did you know he took on the paps so Kstizzle could escape out a side door, so very cute indeed. I guess that's why she was sporting a big arse smile when she got home. you've seen those photos, wait you didn't? ok click here for the Rob and here to see Stewy looking all kinds of happy.
I noticed my videos are gone and this is what i say to that:


MTV's Ulalume preview photos

see the other two here, this is the only one that matter to me....look at Rob's hair, can any explain me what happened? i think someone got a little play before this take how else do you explain it?
Pattinson and Lutz
love the smug look on Robward's face and the "if i were you i'd be hitting that" look on Kellan's face.

Eclipse finally wrapped, New Breaking Dawn info

Like a fool i was asleep and apparently missed the party, found this when i woke up this morning.
Twilight Eclipse officially wrapped shooting, at 4.30 am October 29th. Physically and emotionally exhausted. DAVID S


Doesn't really help, i feel like i'm apart of the clean up crew or something arriving after the confetti already hit the ground. Late night blogging does have it's perks, like we all suspected Summit isn't ready to get off the money train, they're gonna squeeze the saga til it's dried up like grandpa's huevos, why do you think they take down our videos so quickly? according to E! news Breaking dawn is a definite go so get ready because the crazy will continue.

Tay squared's at it again...

Haven't blogged much about the epidemic that is Taylor and Taylor, frankly don't really care. Saw this pic and suddenly i care!

forget the damn boy can i have that car? more please! omg that car does things to me, I's in loves. Am not ashamed to say i'd date him to drive that car. Kudos little man, kudos, i think your cahones grew in when you got behind those wheels.

October 28, 2009

Volvo's New Moon Clip

Summit and Volvo thought they could hide this from us but they were wrong. This clip has twilight scenes and New Moon scenes, some of which are new! what's pimpin pimpin!

Cougars strike again

The awful truth reports that Nordstrom is complaining about the mysterious disappearances of life size Edward and Jacob. I'm not saying you did it...even though we know you did. Gotta give them credit, they were taught to settle for the next best thing. Am just wondering what they're doing with those cutouts? obviously they're not stealing for themselves. This story is too hilarious for you not to read.... vintage aged? oh come on they're cougars which means they're old and if they're not ashamed of stealing NM cut outs they shouldn't be ashamed of their age either.

October 27, 2009

Scream Awards New Moon clip

I feel kinda ripped off, it's almost identical to the MSN clip posted today but there are some differences can you spot them all??? Told you i saw hooking it up!

Another round of new New Moon clips

did i mention NEW clips? dear God, yes please! told you i was gonna pimp New Moon....bring on the hotness!
THE KISS, holy jebus and his mother mary, CW you naughty naughty girl, did i mention how much i <3 you today? i did? well let me tell you again you sexy thang you.

Omg Alex really choked Kristen, that footage is gold right there

October 26, 2009

24dys til New Moon, Let's pimp that trick

24dys left til we sit down in a cold ass movie theater behind that one loud ass lady....maybe i'll get lucky and sit behind the texter instead. Any yoohoo I've decided to take a page from Summit's book: i'm gonna pimp New Moon like it's my bisnotch. Around here it's gonna be twilight all the time! Ready.Set.GO!

~can tell you i'm a little off today or maybe i'm just high on some New Moon

don't forget, on Tuesday i wish it was friesday IT'S THE SCREAM AWARDS 10PM and on friesday we get ulalumeme on MTv 9pm here's a preview:

Eclipse Cast Caught at Airport

As TwiRemedy posted the other day- many of the NM cast have gone home. And she posted many pics of various cast members leaving or arriving various airports... however she failed to mention one of the hottest cast pics i've ever seen. Now i'm not just saying cause it happens to be my fav wolf.. but seriously.. SERIOUSLY i've never seen a pic of Tay looking as hott as he does in this pic... It might be the baseball cap... or the little facial hair thats trying to grow on his face? either way i love it!

I've tried for the last 30 freaking minutes to save this darn pic... so please click ---> HERE <--- to view jailbait at his finest.. seriously [if i somehow figure out ho to add the pic it will be added =) ]

and to be fair.. here's a cute/funnie/almost controversial pic of Ashley & Kellan Bear.... it almost looks like Ash doesn't wanna hug Kellan Bear?

October 25, 2009

Hot Rob Pic

Someone, who shall remain nameless....Twihershey, brought it to my attention that our blog is filled with Jacob pics. May i remind you this isn't Switzerland so i'm correcting that as of now, i present you HAWT new Rob pic:
To Twihershey, eat your heart out xoxo Twiremedy :)
*You forced me to post a pic that showed up on everyone's blog, hope your happy 
Don't forget to read my conversation with Bella-New findings from New Moon the book.

New findings from New Moon: The Book

Started reading New Moon again last night,

 it's actually my first time reading it since i started this blog so about two months give or take a day, its also my third time reading it unless you count reading just the beginning and the end trying to skip Jacob's part (sorry but it was hell reading about Bella having fun with out Edward lol i know i'm certifiable). Where was i...oh yeah, so this time i decided to read it with an open mind and to my surprise it's like reading a new book. Here are some new things i found:

  • I remembered hating Jessica and Laurent, wanting to slap Bella and Angela, I don't know if you noticed this but Angela is Bella in a normal human relationship...she has the human safe boyfriend but she devotes her self to Ben like Bella does to Edward, that might be the reason Edward and Ben got along. 
  • I discovered something else that might also be important (to me any ways) Jacob is Bella's rebound guy, the guy that made you feel safe after a hard breakup, the one who comforted you and brought you back from the edge so you transfer all your feelings from your lost relationship into this new guy and depending on how much you let yourself feel it's an instant relationship or borderline friendship. 
  • I think Jake felt it as well and tried to be everything Bella needed him to be. This is the problem with that type of relationship and the reason they never last: the girl doesn't allow herself to get over the last guy (Edward) so she's still hung up on him, thus being unable to move on. The rebound guy being unable to show his true self, usually stuck in the friend zone, decides to be the best friend she will ever have hoping she will someday realize her mistake and fall for him.
Am i a genius or what? don't you dare say or what! I'm gonna keep reading with an open mind and see what else i find. I will say i'm back to feeling pity for Jacob and a little less hatred for his persistence, I blame Bella and her mixed signals.

This Bella is a no, no...while we're at it, so is this...even though it's more of a HELL NO!
and this
 must i teach you everything?
highly inappropriate
photo source

Eclipse is a wrap....*update*

I'm not sure if they're coming home for good or if they're here for the weekend but Ashley and Taylor were spotted at the airport leaving Vancouver yesterday then Ashley and Kellan were spotted arriving at LAX. If they're done filming that would be a total of seven actors finished with filming instead of five. I'm guessing Nikki and Jackson should be finished as well since most of the Cullens are. Lainey reported the fight scene between Edward and Victoria is next on their schedule and the final scene filmed will be between Edward and Bella...during the night when she tried to rape him? or is it when he gives in to her and she backs down? i'm not exactly sure....her sarcasm isn't clear. Lainey also posted photos of Taylor leaving, do pay attention to his handler summit, that is a proper weave!

1 interview, 2 Twilight men, numerous thoughts and comments

As I sit in the campus computer lab/library... sending e-mails and *trying* to block out all things Twilight so i can concentrate on studying, I stumbled upon this article[like i always do...] from newmoonmovie.org . Some magazine not in the USA =/ did an interview with Taylor & Rob. Very thought provoking questions! Questions that got me thinking and reflecting.. and remembering why we started this lovely blog to begin with. There's a comment Rob made [yes, i read his portions too] .. it pertains to Catherine Hardwick... and it made me laugh and feel a tad bit upset.. then i remembered... Catherine is mostly the reasoning behind this blog.. yea Stephenie Meyer wrote the books, but it was C. Hardwick's inappropriateness towards Rob that got this whole blog idea brewing. one part of the interview that i found funny was when Rob said working with Chris was more relaxing than working with Catherine. Yea.. I'm sure working with a cougar that wont let you breathe isnt very relaxing at all! Cutest Tay comment: if he had the chance he would re-write new moon so that Jacob gets the girl! awww

[this was suppose to be posted WAY back on 10.14.09... but procrastination got the best of me.. sorrie. ]


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