September 26, 2009

Taylor: (young) Man of The Month!

Its been a good few weeks for all us Team Jake-sters out there! First we got the special edition New Moon with the movie poster cover.. the cover that I adore! Taylor and KStew ..umm Jacob and Bella front and center! Yes, I bought the book even though my mom had a copy of NM w/ the original cover! And yes, I have that lovely poster from the book on my wall now! I had to show support for Team Jacob. THEN a few days after I got my NM copy, the issue of Teen Vogue w/ Taylor on the cover was in the my mailbox! Apparently when i entered that contest TeenVogue had, the one about winning 3 passes to the LA New Moon premiere, I accidently subscribed.. and thats the issue they sent me for FREE! sooo that always good, right? Sadly, since I've been busy with school i wasn;t able to read the magazine, or seen their tiny advertisment about this Young Hollywood party =/ So to make-up for my lack of knowledge about the party and its attendees... here's picks!!! =) Christina Serratos & Mike Welch were there too! And I read somewhere that Noot girl... i forget who she plays in NM.... must not be too important.. jk

this is the pic Teen Vogue put on their twitter.
I must agree he does look really nice in this suit [see above photo]

Mike Welch aka Mike Newton

Christian Serratos aka Angela

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