December 19, 2009

we're still alive! see.... =)

Hi all! Wow we don't post for 3 days and we go futher down on the Top Sites list.. =( Well like i said before theres not much going on in the Twilight world... soooo here's some funny pics to hold you all over until 2morrow. Deal?! Good!

December 16, 2009

... And why wasnt New Moon on the list?!

Hi all!! sorry for the lack of post.. I've been busy with final [1 more to go!!!] and ms TwiRemedy has been busy reading FanFic.. haha apparently come of those are better than Twilight?! hmm idk about that.. but moving on.. I just wanted to say congrats to Anna Kendrick for being nominated for a Golden Globe [yea, I'm a little late w/ blogging about this...]! I have not yet seen Up In The Air, and I'll probably just wait for it to go on DVD and rent it. No offense to Anna and her hard work, but it just doesn't seem like the type of movie that jumps out at me. But my only concern is... What happened to New Moon? If Avatar could get nominated, why cant NM? Is our precious New Moon not good enough for the Golden Globes?! huh! Well screw them! haha I'm kidding... we'll sweep the MTV movie awards so who really needs a gglden Globe? I'm sure all the New Moon cast knows they are deeply loved and don't need an overly price statue to remind them =) ha.. sorry for the little rant..

What do you guys think?! Should New Moon been nominated in some category?! Or am I just missing the concept of this Award show?! Let us know!!

December 14, 2009

THE Best New Moon song that didn't make the soundtrack

Lupe Fiasco's Solar Midnight made it in the movie but not the soundtrack. Take notes Summit, if this was on it i might have bought it, sorry too bad:) This song is by far the best I've heard in association with New Moon.

December 13, 2009

Mr. Lautner host SNL & wants an Oscar

You guys didn't think I was gonna not blog about this, did u?! It would be wrong for me not to talk about it!! Taylor hosted SNL, and I loved it... never laughed so hard... well actually I have, but never at something involving jailbait [partially cause I've only see 2 of his movies.... but moving on:

Opening Dialogue
(1) cute... jailbait is *totally* dating T.Swift and its so darn cute. (2) his martial arts skills are insane! Never get in a fight with him... clearly he'll kick some ass!

The 'Team Edward vs Team Jacob' skit
-- this skit was too funnie on all aspects. (1) the debate sounds very much like the debates me and TwiRemedy have.. hahaha (2) Taylor kissing the Edward folder and reciting lines? hilarious... (3) my little Taylor was in a SKIRT and purple leggings?! did anyone else catch that part?? (4) Tay's wig was BETTER looking than the Twilight/NM/Eclipse [this would include the one KStew had] wig pics i've seen!!! Summit should talk to the hair ppl at SNL

Can't remember all the skits, but they were all either cute or funny. SNL tend to be funny soo yea.


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