September 23, 2009

Twilight weekly spotlight

We recently got into the habit of watching Reelz Chanel Twilight Weekly Spotlight honestly because it's about Twilight-shut up!. They showcase things we didn't know about, Pre-June when we were TwiVirgins. On the latest episode they spoke about people who quit their jobs after many years and moved to Forks, WA. While i completely disagree with these crazy f*cks, i will applaud them for having the cahones to do what I've been dying to do, pack up and move to a new town. These people left behind their lives, moved and started over-not saying i would ever be crazy enough to move to Forks. Brought this up because they're holding a contest to find New Moon ultimate fans and we thought we'd give it a try. They want a Team Edward and a Team Jacob fan and what do you know that's us....should we enter the contest? saw this on the show and i so want it!
this is a shirt from 98331 gear and i love it! mostly because i'm a pervert but i'm still trying to figure out how to order it without actually going to Forks even though bff is quite adamant about going so i think i might let her talk me into it just to buy this shirt.

This gorgeousity is Ashley Green better known as our Alice Cullen on her first cover! I love the hair so i had to post this pic.

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