January 15, 2010

The New Moon DVD date is official!

 The second best tweet, second only to Rob's of course: Summit Entertainment
On Sat., 3/20 be the first to get the 2-Disc Special Edition DVD or Special Edition Blu-Ray!
 The Twilight Saga: New Moon (Two-Disc Special Edition)
 As if that wasn't exciting enough Stephanie Meyer practically confirmed that there will be a Breaking Dawn Movie. She wrote this on her official site
Just a quick note on the subject of the Breaking Dawn film: there is no drama over whether the book should be one movie or two. My personal feeling is that it would be very difficult to cram the whole story into one movie (as I've said in many interviews previous to this), but if a great way of doing that surfaces, I'm all for it. Two or one, whichever way fits the story best is fine by me, and everyone I've spoken with at Summit seems to feel the same way. We're all excited to move forward on this, and we are slowly and surely getting there. I know people are anxious for news, and so sometimes gossip gets fabricated to stir things up, but there's no basis to this particular story.

Are you excited?

January 12, 2010

A contest? A Give-a-way? .....

Hi ladies and gents [i do believe there is at least one reading and we're thankful for that!] Hope everyone's week is starting off well! So TwiRemedy and I were talking a few months back and we wanted to do a little contest to spice things up on here... although jailbait's abs would bring more than enough spice.. that's far beyond the point! So back to the question at hand... we wanted to do a giveaway BUT wanted you're input. =) So many sites do contests with the item already picked out, and what if its something you hate! We don't want that happening here! Therefore we need you all to answer the poll on the left right AND leave comments with feedback! The actual contest wont start until sometime in February once everything is finalized. ALL suggestions are welcome; from the type of prize given to what has to be done to win!! [Trust, this wont be a super easy give-a-way... but it wont be as hard as that Volvo's What Drives Edward contest that was freaking impossible to win... grr...] oops soorie, I'm still a little bitter, can u tell!?

Now if we could give these away we would.. although I'd keep jailbait for myself and toss Rob to whomever [lmao... ] Maybe keep Kellan too and Cam.. wait isn't he married? nevermind....

January 11, 2010

TwiNews Weekend round up:

  • Appearently over the weekend Rob and Kristen moved to the Isle of Wight or whatever the hell that place is called. Don't really care cause it's probably not true, i'm not focusing on anything until i hear a solid "yes, we are together" or until he starts dating me :}
  • The New Moon dvd cover was released and all i can say is thank jesus and all that is holy.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon (Two-Disc Special Edition)
There is no release date yet but you can sign up to be alerted on Amazon when they have one set up.
I must say I'm sorry if you were one of the unfortunate people in the movie theater with me watching NM cause i know it must have been unbearable. it's not my fault, what was i supposed to be when Bella looked at Edward and was  like "no, i'm coming" i swear i was on that dirty ass theater floor cracking up. Still nothing compared to Jacob's almost kiss, i was dying. Don't get me started on the BK bag and the Virgin plane. The icing on my cake was after the proposal when the screen went blank and i yelled "nooooo" like i said i'm sorry if you were in the theater with me, it was funny as all hell but somewhat wrong,....lmao good times.

  • NM on dvd means we can focus on Eclipse which will be more action and less romance. While i love a shirtless Edward i'm happy cause that means more vamps less wolves-wait, who said that lol.
  • New Moon hottie  Paul aka Alex Meraz's bday was Sunday, he hot as all hell but he's married so moving on.

On that note i also wanted to shout out our new follwers on the blog, twitter and Facebook. You guys make me want to blog every minute of every day but i won't....i love reading fanfic and i keep finding new ones, sorries, but i do lurk often-it's a team edward think, you must know how to stalk, it was in the maual :} we love when you guys leave comments, i smile and say thank you, can i have another. i would hug you all if i could but that might get creepy. seriously, don't stop letting us know what you think. 

Will Eclipse ever get here?

Is it me, or is it already taking forever for Eclipse to get here. Just about every Twilight site has the little countdown [like the one on the left] and I swear it must have said 172 days for like 5 days!!! Maybe because I haven't started back at school is the reason for time moving so slowly. But on a high note, small news has broken about Breaking Dawn... I really don't know how ligit this info is, cause well it came from the LA Times.... and how often can we really believe stuff we here in 'hollywoof'? haha... Apparently the only info given to is that Rob, Kstew and jailbait [Y] will for sure be in BD... uhhh no shit Sherlock! That is something we all know would happen... Summit would have to be out of their damn minds to even consider making BD w/o the 3 main actors! Soo basically this is no new at all! Epic FAIL by the LA Times for wasting internet/ newspaper space to tell us shit we already knew!!! The things these media people do for sales! Tsk Tsk!!

So my question to you all is this:
What are you doing to pass the time between now and June 30th?!

my answers:
-- Playing Twilight Scene It [yep... I broke dwn and bought it]
-- blogging.....
-- counting down until jailbait is no longer jailbait ;) haha

-- ... ummm blogging more? ahhhhhhhh
-- school! that is to sure pass the time quickly! I'll be half way through summer school before Eclipse gets here, but the beside
-- Play New Moon Scene it --> does anyone know when the heck this game is being made? That'll be a whole-lotta wolf pack & Volturri!!! JOY!

<-- is this game any fun? Has anyone played it?!?!

January 10, 2010

Twilight weekend funny

I saw this pic on Twitter... thought it was HILARIOUS! Maybe because I'm a little bias towards Jake =) Either way, its pretty freakin funnie! Hope this makes knowing the weekend is over a little more bearable!

Eclipse update!!

A few days after the "Eclipse script leaked" new information about our beloved movie was "released". According to The Awful Truth Eclipse will be even more action packed than New Moon. If you remember Kellan also said Eclipse is by far his favorite movie because of the action. It's less romantic :{ i really did want more Robward/Krisella kissing angst.
Twilight, Eclipse, Poster
How much longer til Breaking Dawn, i mean Eclipse :} i don't know if i can take anymore of this angst, it's gonna make me implode.

The world has gone crazy and they're blaming Twilight

Did you see the episode of Twilight weekly spotlight: Vampires in fiction and Twilight?

am i the only one who's disturbed by that lady? did she just say experimenting in blood drinking and biting was ok? then again she calls herself a psychic vampire so she must know! Fyi, that was sarcasm. For the record we like Robward cause he's hot not because we're curious about being bitten. I'm sure most of us will agree we're not looking for someone to dominate us....fine, not all the time. We also don't want someone drinking our blood cause that's just creepy as hell. What do you think, are people taking Twilight out of context? it's a love story, the new age Romeo and Juliet. Katherine referenced Shakespeare in every book through out the entire series so where the hell did the biting/blood drinking fantasy come from?


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