January 9, 2010

Can I be Billy Burke's baby mama.....

Um.... when did he have time to make this cute lil baby? .. [dont answer that...] This is one of the cutest babies I've seen since my niece was born! LOL.. But seriously, Billy makes really cute babies; not that I would expect any less. I'm sure he'll hide her from all vampires and wolfs, ad crazy boys as she grows up.
pic found at EclipseMovie.org

Twi-cast stalking is NOT okay

Fans wonder why during vacation time the TwiCast goes on break? This is why....

For the crazy person who took this pic... they run away to other countries to escape this kinda mad-ness! Now I've seen this pic, unedited, without the arrows informing me of who's who; and i honestly couldnt tell if it was truely any Twilight cast member... but 'thanks' to the person who CLEARLY identified all the persons in this pic... WTH... I think it's time some fans took a break... hibernate for a bit, cause it isnt that serious! We've seen the pics the little girl took with Rob and KStew-- pretty much "outting themselves" as many fans call it... but this is going a little too far... is it really necessary to stalk them while their hiking; putting yourself at risk of falling off a damn cliff?- I think NOT....

photo from EclipseMovie.org i had no part in editing this pic, just want to make that 100% clear!

Why I Love Vampires- The eye-candy

Can't speak. In Shock. Male hotness. Watch video

okay.... okay... I think I can breath now... hott-damn are the gorgeous or what?! Kellan Bear should TOTALLY do an episode of Vampire Diaries! Not as 'Emmett' duh, but it would never hurt to add another hott vampire to the show... WHEN does this issue come out?! I'm going to stalk the store until I find it!!!

January 8, 2010

Chat live with Peter Facinelli Sat. Jan 23!

Twilight premieres on Showtime on January 23, 8pm but you get to have a live chat with Peter Facinelle aka Daddy C. at 7:30pm et before the premiere!
that's right folks we finally get to watch it on cable! you might have seen it in theaters, we all have the damn dvd by now but this is cable! you know you love spending your Saturday nights twistyle.
Twilight © 2008 Summit Entertainment, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
yes, that was sarcasm we know ever line from the damn movie so we really don't need to watch it on cable. There are worst things than having to look at Edward for two hrs plus the live chat with Pfach might be interesting. I'm a little worried because Twilighters seem to have a habit of crashing sites so i hope Showtime's ready.

more info will be added as they come....

A somewhat naked Ashley Greene...

ok, technically speaking she is naked under all that body paint but decide for yourself.

i will say she looks good in any thing, kinda makes me what to switch teams :} fine not really Rob is enough to keep me straight...Rob and Johnny Depp, heaven!!!!

see the rest of the photos here!
Even more photos can be found here! i think these are the outtakes.

January 7, 2010

Anna Kendrick on the small screen

Tomorrow Anna will be on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. It's guaranteed to be funny because, well its Ellen and she's funny! So make sure you check it out tomorrow on NBC.. If you're in SoCal it'll be 4pm.. everywhere else, check your local TV guide.

January 6, 2010

The People's Choice Awards: Twilight's Nominees and Winners

People's Choice New Moon spoof

Movie Trailers - Movies Blog

The nominees: via CBS

-- Robert Pattinson
-- Kristen Stewart
-- "The Twilight Saga," Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner
FAVORITE FRANCHISE (Mobile Voting Category)
-- "Twilight"
-- "Twilight"
-- Anna Kendrick
-- Taylor Lautner

The Winners: via USATODAY
-- Taylor Lautner
-- "The Twilight Saga," Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner
FAVORITE FRANCHISE (Mobile Voting Category)
-- "Twilight"
-- "Twilight"

Congratulations to the winners!

The People's Choice Awards was tonight?!?

Are you guys sure it was tonight? i mean i live a few blocks over and i forgot....i think i'm losing my twi-spark or I've been reading too many fanfics back to back, forgive me Latifa. i never miss things like this so what happened??? oh yeah, Rob didn't go, so much for me watching. as much as i love Kellan a shot of him on the red carpet isn't enough to make me watch, sorries :) i'm sure he was bored as hell, thank god for internet phones.

The other one was there too but he can go unmentioned, he's just a blip on my radar until he's legal. Here's the list of the nominees and the winners, yup we only care about the twicast the rest of Hollywood can go sit in a corner or something, well maybe not so much Johnny Depp or Sandra Bullock.photos via socialite

Mid-week funny stuff.

I saw these online the other day and thought they were hilarious! This should help you all get through the rest of the week!

January 5, 2010

New year, same old Twicrap: New Moon fever, the unseen Eclipse trailer and Breaking Dawn rumors

Hey all, i'm back!!! be afraid, be very afraid cause i'm gonna say it, out loud! Happy New Year to you all, Merry Christmas as well, Summit sucks ass and at this point i might be giving up on Breaking Dawn, who's got the damn bottle?

i've been sick and i have so much to catch up on:

How many times must they shove this picture down out throat? at this point it's not a treat it's just annoying. i'm seeing it when i close my eyes, it pops up in my dreams....maybe that part's a lie.

Is it already January? why the hell don't we don't have an Eclipse trailer yet? am i the only one pissed off? i understand wanting to ride the New Moon money train as long as they possibly but come on what's with the hold up? let's get to it Summit! Then there's the Breaking Dawn drama, why hasn't the movie been confirmed? we know you're planning it, you'd be stupid not to, so say the mf words. In the mean time we'll be waiting to see more of this:

and this

defiantly more of this

People's Choice Awards

So Wednesday is the first award show of 2010 and two of our fav Twilighters will be there- Kellan Bear and jailbait!! And rest assure I, TwiHershey, will be stalking visiting the Nokia Theater, hopefully catching a glimpse of the hottest guys from New Moon! Rest assured I'll be tweeting about it, takin pics and video! I can't afford to miss asingle moment since the liklihood of me attending TwiTour is decreasing =( So i will keep you all posted and whatever i find will be posted Thursday!

In the mean time, heres some nice pics of Kellan & Tay [did i mention he's newly single and almost legal?! ]

January 4, 2010

New layout

To better start off a new year, we've made some adjustments to the layout!! Some parts are still under construction, hope you like! Let us know what ya'll think and check out the facebook page also!

January 3, 2010

You can now find us on Facebook

Yes, you all read correctly!! We now have a Facebook page, so become our 'fan' and tell you friends!! And not to worry, we will begin to regularly update the site starting Monday =) So that means all of TwiRemedy's post of Rob's hottness and my postings of T. Lautner's jailbait hottness!! =) Be prepared for all the fun stuff we're gonna be posting in this new year!!

And now for some nice eye candy that is sure to warm you up in this cold weather!!! Enjoy!


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