September 23, 2009

Eclipse set deets....from a smart ass point of view

Pictures were posted of Rob, Kristen and Billy on set today, apparently they were shooting at the police station?? i don't remember the police station in Eclipse-it's been about a month since i re-re-reread it-maybe one of you remember or this could be a new scene written in by Melissa's and we all know her habit of creating scenes that weren't in the book. You might notice by now that i am a huge smart ass so i found a story behind that story! we need to get the Vancouver sun shut down-it can be temporarily of course, until Oct 31 aka the last day of filming for the cast-those stupid mofos printed another article with the exact location of the set and this time i do mean exact. It's amazing how stupid they are, they had the nerve to talk about an increase in security, um maybe summit wouldn't be wasting money on security if it weren't for you dumb f*cks! more than half the employees must be on set security guards. Rob and Kstew inaccurately blame twitter for the mob people when they need to be going after the sun. That's how you know they're in Canada because if they were in the Ghetto that sh*t would have stopped. It's not the first time they've done this and by the looks of it, it won't be their last.
Twilight actors Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart film on location outside of the Port Moody Arts Centre in Port Moody, BC Wednesday afternoon.
At the same time our favorite blogger, who will remain anonymous, found a new way to piss me off. B*tch is now a full time set stalker and still has the nerve to talk sh*t about other people and the paps. Ooooh, rigggght, she seems to think she's exempt from that list because she goes to the set early when the cast isn't there but she stays until they show up and she watches them film, um news flash ho you are a f*cking set stalker. Leaving early and showing up early is just as bad as the b*tch beside you who stays all day. Taking selective photos is the same as the paps who click non-stop but say whatever you need to say to make your man think your not a TwiHard like the rest of us.
**UPDATE-Lainey gossip reports Bella was at the police station where she and Edward were talking but he tries to hide the details from her, like most in most of Eclipse, then Charlie comes out and they talk about the plane tickets, to Florida???, i think Melissa did create a new scene using info from the book.

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This dumb ass is Paris aka Nikki Reed's puppy, did you notice his tattoo?? no??? didn't see the ink on his hand???? That's right the dumb f*ck got Nikki tatted on his hand....don't believe me then zoom in....guess they were too stupid to realize any couple with ink always break up, always, how long have they been together??? hehehe not for much longer.
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