March 6, 2010

17Mag hearts vampires & Ashley's fitness!

So I picked up the recent issue of 17 magazine [i dont even know why... i'm past the teen years but i like most of the content of this mag]... anywho... I'm flipping through the first few pages and came across a picture of Paul Wesley [Setefan Salvatore from Vampire Diaries......] So I immedintly flipped right to that page. Why? Well he's the hottest Vampire I've seen since Kellan Bear!! So theres a short & simple little interview with him followed by a comparison of him... or 'Stefan Salvatore vs. Edward [Cullen].... My first reaction was a laugh, cause I can't see how one can compare these to 'vampire characters when its sooo clear which is hotter.. or simply cute in general [.... that would be Stefan ppl.... i'm a wolf girl 100% but i will abandon the Twi-world for Stefan.. Paul Wesley!] ... so yea there's a comparison btwn these two fictional character and I thoguht I'd share...

so the categories were:
- Stefan.. because he can kiss Elana without fear of hurting her.. unlike others of his kind [i.e. Edward]
-.Stefan of course.. don't act surprised!!! My eyes *still* burn at the thought of Edwards shirtless-ness in NM.... eww [sorrie... thats my opinion]
BEST[or least scary] "VAMPING OUT" LOOK
- Edward... Although I highly disagree about the sparkly one, Stefans "vampire" isn't too cute either. The veins under his eyes move like worms!! lol

[side note: so glad 17Mag did this.. I was going to make a post like this wks ago after watching an ep. of VD]

Also in the mag [that seems to be VERY Twilight friendly] was an ecercise section with tips from a lady named Lehua Harrison.. she's Ashley [Greene's] pilates trainer. No since Ms. Ashley is always in good shape, I will def be trying out these exercise tips!!!

March 2, 2010

Did Kristen do what i think she did??

Sorries needed to catch up on a few FF, any who's take a look at his shirt-no not that one, the one underneath

Look what i just happened to find tonight...i think i've seen that shirt somewhere before but i'm not sure where......on Rob maybe? Do you think he's smiling cause he dared her to wear it? or is it because he knew she'd wear it anyway?

Shocking, i know! she probably asked him to bring the damn shirt for her to wear later but his big ass yellow bag was so damn full he had to wear it instead, that's why she's mad, now she's gonna smell like him the entire flight.

Is she wearing the same shirt he wore under his button up to the Remember Me premiere last night? Leave it to the Stew to make an over sized shirt look good. I wonder if they shop together? i bet she chooses things for him that she can wear too! It's not like its the first time she's wore his shirt either, she's been photographed wearing a few tops that look identical to Rob's. Can't really blame her though, i'd want to take the shirt off his back-literally-what? the man's hot. Don't worry, we got the msg loud and clear...he's unavailable :{

all photos via socialite

March 1, 2010

Rob and Kristen at the 'Remember Me' premiere

Sooooo, it seems i missed the Remember Me commotion premiere (it was unintentional, i swear! i was stuck at work....yet no matter how much i try to avoid the damn previews they keep popping up on my TV....karma maybe?? Summit's making it very hard for me to remain pure, i made it 3 1/2 months without previews i will survive the last four days damn it! )

dear jebus, i think i died a little inside but Rob what's with the two button down shirts?

It seems Kristen walked the red carpet, well!! where to begin???, honestly i'm not very surprised considering she was already in New York, it's a Summit movie, Eclipse is a little over three months they need the Rob/Kristen drama.....and Rob was there, she needs to support her man. I get they might be into each other but i hope they stay at the after party and drink a little extra goose for me.

I really want to go see Remember Me but i'm gonna have to find a way to miss the previews or else i'm gonna end up watching the Eclipse preview....hmmm decisions, decisions....then again it's Rob so either way it's gonna be good. He did make me want to watch the Today Show this morning, not saying i did, but i did find a pic of him from this morning-that should count for something.

all photos via socialite

A fans question for Robert Pattinson

Here's a question i'd like answered: Is it safe to say you took your role in Bel Ami because it has so much sex? after filming three movies as Edward, a character who wanted to have sex but couldn't for various reasons it must be a nice change of pace to play a character having sex the video, you probably saw it already but now it'll make sense :}

is it me or is it safe to say he's excited about all the sex in this movie? i think it's safe to say i'm excited about this movie. Apparently he'll be filming the orgy scene pretty many things come to mind but i'll spare you. Find more videos like this on MTV where Rob talks about a 3D Breaking Dawn, Bel Ami, Remember Me, movie sex and his crotch lol.

February 28, 2010

Our half-year of Twilight

Most Twilight Fans jumped on board the Twi-cruise in late 2008 or early 2009, if not sooner. But not us, nope, we were late boarders.. missed the first 2 or 3 boats in fact! We missed the New Moon script leak, the first NM preview and the entire press tour. BUT never fail... we didn't miss the boat in June, we jumped on board and never got off! haha... who would have thought that a few days off from work and 1 movie rental would turn into this??

TwiHershey: This mania, as i call it, all started June 2009...I had a few days off work and went to visit 'the vampire lover' while she was at home kinda sick... [im such a good friend, huh? =)] anywho... So we start watching twilight and i cant stop laughing... all of it was funny to me- the gloomy colors, the way Edward eye-balled Bella in Bio class [wtf was up with that?! rude-ass...], Mike Newton and his corny-ness [ex. "Hey Arizona! How you likin' the rain gurl!" ], About 2 or 3 weeks after that 'ms vampire lover' had me sit through twilight w/ the commentary on... omg it was the most grueling 90+ minutes of my life! but it was also funny as hell! Around this same time i first started discovering Twilight fan sites... and then it all went crazy from there. Just from the fact that we thought Catherine Hardwick didnt direct New Moon because Rob got her fired due to her inappropriate comments [i.e. listen to Twilight commentary] , we decided to make a blog on our thoughts of Twilight.. and in the process I realized discovered how gorgeous Kellan Bear is.. as well as Taylor, discovered Ashley has a really good taste in clothes, and KStew is one chic not to F*** with.... you've all seen her bitch face, dont pretend you haven't.

TwiRemedy: Damn it's only been six months? seriously, that's it? after calling that one nonstop for days she finally drags her ass to my place and i forced her to watch Twilight-she's not as great as she says, she didn't even want to watch it can you believe that? [i did too want to watch it... but not after another movie cause Twiligt is like 2 hours!! i knew i' woulda been tooo tired to watch it!] then she had the nerve to tell me she didn't like Edward. That's how the craziness started: one week of nonstop reading, six months of nonstop blogging, two months of nonstop Fanfics and our little hobby's growing. I think i had a life before twi even though i don't really remember it (My DVR was so full i deleted the entire thing lol) twi's worth the lack of sleep/life, I'm just happy we're not the only crazies out there!
**fyi i love Rob's accent and that's why i have no problem watching Twilight with the commentary on :} As for KStew, the bitch face is monumental, it should be apart of history lol I've seen it do amazing things.

this little film started a frenzie!! Haha...I still remeber my friend telling me it was so cheesy and laughing at Cam "hmmm You brought a snack" lol [ps. i love watching old movie trailors... reminds me why i ended up liking a movie.]

A tiny Kellan Bear update

Hi all!!! Ahhh I've been sooo MIA from the Twilight world its not even funny. I watched Twilight the other night and fell asleep! lol didn't even get to my fav parts [i.e. "its the flourascents" and "Arizona, how you liking the rain girl!"] So thats not good! Anywho... after browsing the internet and playing catch up, I've discovered a few things:

1) Nightmare on Elm Street [part 5,000- lol]  comes out April 30 and the new trailor has more Kellan Bear.... but I think he dies in this one... I swear the 1st trailor showed him jumping off a roof. But I hope he at least last makes it through the first hour.
and 2) saw this pic on a blog and almost choked from being so shocked.... Chase Crawford, Ryan Philippe and Kellan Bear... how hott is thise?!?!? I want to know where were they! I want to be there!!!
*sorrie again for being soo MIA, its a crazy semester for me.. I'll try to blog during the weekends.. thats when i have the most free time [which still isnt much].  and thanks to all the viewers & voters... we're gettin up there on the Top Sites!!!!!!!!!!!


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