December 31, 2009

Rob pic...

** Correction** apparently due to my lack of Rob Knowledge the photo below is not new, and i had not idea =/ but it was new to my eyes since i wasnt a TwiFan back when this pic was new and Rob looked cute. Sorry again for the posting error

I know, I know... TwiRemedy HATES when I post things that other sites, literally every other site, has already posted... but I couldn't help myself... i figured its about to be a new year, a new decade, and well I wanted to be nice. =) I saw a pic of RPattz.. and y'all already know I'm a wolf girl... but...... ummm Rob looks hott... I almost hate to say it.. but he does, at least with his hair cut short and all. Now if he looked like this in Twilight I might've been on his team! So here's my nice Rob post since its the end of 2009 and I want to start 2010 off nicely! enjoy- I know TwiRemedy is sneaking a peek at work... dying =)

WOOO its New Years Eve & a Wolf's b-day!

Well, it may already be 2010 in some countries further East... but its still 2009 in California.. so that also means its my other fav wolf's b-day!! Yep... Bronson Pelletier [aka Jared] turns 23! Finally! Now TwiRemedy cant make fun of me for liking yet another younger guy! haha Bronson is the same age now! ;) It must be pretty cool knowing that everyone else in the world is celebrating on your birthday also... maybe not for the same exact reason, but still partying! Hope you all have a same and fun New Years Eve! If you're old enough, have a drink on behalf of Bronson's b-day! haha I know I will! =)

and this is the picture that made me think "move over Taylor i was this guy" haha sooo darn cute!

December 28, 2009

Twilight Town on the small screen

**BREAKING NEWS** well not really... but now that i have your attention, listen to this!!!

Apparently some TV execs are jumping on board the vampire train, but in a different. According to an Internet source a reality show may be in the works for the people of Forks, WA. I'm not sure how much of this will be consensual... I know within the last year Forks has gotten a lot of exposure from TwiFans visiting the small town and REELZ channel doing various visitations to the town. Now, as if all that was not enough, there will be a reality show- showcasing what the people towns folk of Forks do on a daily basis... expect to see little that has to do with wolfs, Vampires, anything sparkly, and Volvos... What do you guys think about this show idea?!

December 25, 2009

Happy Holiday

Hi everyone!! Hope you all are having a fun-filled holiday celebrating which ever particular holiday you celebrate. Make sure in the mist of your break from school and work and spending time with loved ones; watch Twilight or go see New Moon again. Laugh at all things Twilight and reminisce in the fun times you've had at the expense of Twilight =) Have a fun and safe day!!

this pic if for TwiRemedy... this is all she wants for Christmas.....

December 22, 2009

Tuesday funny- Jacob belongs with Bella?

saw this video and thought it was cute... maybe partially because its a T. Swift song... or beacause its about Jacob... either way its kinda T-squared related.. but that dosnt matter. Its cute/funny

December 20, 2009

Andy Dick+Strip Club+Twilight, am i the only one trying not to puke?

There are no words to describe this other than Ewww, you could use gross if you really want to cause it's just down right nasty...enough said.

Yeah you saw that right, it's Andy Dick leaving a strip club about to go home home and watch Twilight. I love that some many people are into Twilight but why would you take it to a strip club? did i mention he went be himself? then again don't want to think about his reason behind that, EVER.

December 19, 2009

we're still alive! see.... =)

Hi all! Wow we don't post for 3 days and we go futher down on the Top Sites list.. =( Well like i said before theres not much going on in the Twilight world... soooo here's some funny pics to hold you all over until 2morrow. Deal?! Good!

December 16, 2009

... And why wasnt New Moon on the list?!

Hi all!! sorry for the lack of post.. I've been busy with final [1 more to go!!!] and ms TwiRemedy has been busy reading FanFic.. haha apparently come of those are better than Twilight?! hmm idk about that.. but moving on.. I just wanted to say congrats to Anna Kendrick for being nominated for a Golden Globe [yea, I'm a little late w/ blogging about this...]! I have not yet seen Up In The Air, and I'll probably just wait for it to go on DVD and rent it. No offense to Anna and her hard work, but it just doesn't seem like the type of movie that jumps out at me. But my only concern is... What happened to New Moon? If Avatar could get nominated, why cant NM? Is our precious New Moon not good enough for the Golden Globes?! huh! Well screw them! haha I'm kidding... we'll sweep the MTV movie awards so who really needs a gglden Globe? I'm sure all the New Moon cast knows they are deeply loved and don't need an overly price statue to remind them =) ha.. sorry for the little rant..

What do you guys think?! Should New Moon been nominated in some category?! Or am I just missing the concept of this Award show?! Let us know!!

December 14, 2009

THE Best New Moon song that didn't make the soundtrack

Lupe Fiasco's Solar Midnight made it in the movie but not the soundtrack. Take notes Summit, if this was on it i might have bought it, sorry too bad:) This song is by far the best I've heard in association with New Moon.

December 13, 2009

Mr. Lautner host SNL & wants an Oscar

You guys didn't think I was gonna not blog about this, did u?! It would be wrong for me not to talk about it!! Taylor hosted SNL, and I loved it... never laughed so hard... well actually I have, but never at something involving jailbait [partially cause I've only see 2 of his movies.... but moving on:

Opening Dialogue
(1) cute... jailbait is *totally* dating T.Swift and its so darn cute. (2) his martial arts skills are insane! Never get in a fight with him... clearly he'll kick some ass!

The 'Team Edward vs Team Jacob' skit
-- this skit was too funnie on all aspects. (1) the debate sounds very much like the debates me and TwiRemedy have.. hahaha (2) Taylor kissing the Edward folder and reciting lines? hilarious... (3) my little Taylor was in a SKIRT and purple leggings?! did anyone else catch that part?? (4) Tay's wig was BETTER looking than the Twilight/NM/Eclipse [this would include the one KStew had] wig pics i've seen!!! Summit should talk to the hair ppl at SNL

Can't remember all the skits, but they were all either cute or funny. SNL tend to be funny soo yea.

December 10, 2009

Do you want to get your hands on Taylor jailbait Lautner?

well too bad cause you can't ;) in fact i say ask me again when he's legal ;) until then you may stalk him from afar, wayyyyy over there.

Calm down cougars, here's the rest!

December 9, 2009

What the **** Summit, the fans followed through so why haven't you?

Did we really get @Twilight over 200,000 followers and all we got was this mess?
Summit Entertainment Another 200K exclusive! ECLIPSE will also be available in IMAX theatres on 6/30/10.
Really Summit is that the best you can do? i mean New Moon did hit over half a million dollars did it not? couldn't you have given us a sneaky peek trailer? a damn photo? who gives a damn if Eclipse will be shown in Imax, i could have gotten that bit of info from fandango. I don't even give a damn about Imax, i could watch Eclipse hanging from a damn window like a monkey and i'd be happy. I've been, um...reading and i just realized what they did and i had to say something cause it's not right, couldn't we have gotten this with the bed, minus the sheets?

if you entered the #seenewmoonagain Twitter contest this could be you, hope you loves you some Chris
Summit Entertainment Sweeps update! Chris Weitz will call the winner! Tweet @Twilight "I've seen New Moon __ times!#SeeNewMoonAgain" Rules 
 Dear Summit, i got my eye on you, you still owe me for New Moon we know what i'm talking about so fix it! love, not really, kinda, sorta maybe not so much right now, Me.

Vanity Fair Rob because once is never enough

come on, it's Rob you know you want to see them again!

More Photos!

December 8, 2009

JailBait in InStyle

Have people posted this already?! Probably so... but oh well, now it's my turn =) So I was in the store and was finally able to pick up the latest issue of InStyle. Figured I'd wait until after moving to get it. T.Swift was on the cover, which was partially the reason for me buying. As I'm skimming through the pages who do I stumble upon? T.Swift's bf.... Jailbait!!! And let me tell you, he looks mighty adorable all dressed up. He's got to be one of the best dressed 17-year-old guys I've seen since... hmm idk who... But here are some pics/video from his 3 page spread in InStyle

Click [HERE] to watch the video InStyle posted, wasn't able to embed it here.... boooo

December 7, 2009

Haters of all things Twilight

Yesterday TwiRemedy was telling me about this unfolding situation w/ Chaske. Apparently some a-hole is a mega hater and told some tabloids that our beloved Chaske used to be in rehab and had drug issues?! WTF... who is this person and why are they such a hater?! Personally what the various twi-cast members have done or experienced in their life that is personal info, like this rehab rumor, is NONE of our business. Apparently the person who "outted" him is upset that Chaske has changed his life and is doing bigger and better things. Its sad to hear that people are stooping to such low levels to get money or to give someone else a bad name. Obviously their little scheme didn't work because the fans are going to support him regardless! Hopefully Chaske can find out who leaked this person info and punch them in the face give them a good talkin to. I just hope no other bad news about the twi-cast gets leaked... can you imagine headline reading "Rob Pattinson is a sex addict" lmao... okay, sorrie this is a serious subject matter... no rumors are good or funnie.

December 6, 2009

TwiHershey's New Moon Review

I know, I know... New Moon came out 2 weeks ago, and I saw it twice during opening weekend. So technically I should have done my review sometime soon after that, buuuttt its better late than never. Besides I had to let the movie settle into my brain =) So finally here is my review of New Moon.

What I liked

- The 4 month time frame when Bella was depressed; i really liked how that was displayed with her sitting in the same chair as the days and months went by- nicely done.

- The humans... it was good to see the school scenes and be able to remember than in the mist of all the mythical creatures, Bella is still a human!

- Charlie: Who doesn't love Charlie Swan/Billy Burke?! I loved the interaction between him and Bella. It really showed how Charlie and Bella's relationship was in the process of having a better bond but he was still a little uncomfortable with raising a teenage daughter...[it's in Eclipse where they have the sex talk right?!- that will be hilarious!!!!]

- The Jacob/Bella/Alice scene- Jake & Alice calling each other names, Jake comes thisclose to kissing Bella... i was totally cheering for that to happen! Although the phone call part could have been a little closer to how the book describes, I still liked.
- The *entire* cast! Everyone played their role well! I laughed, almost cried, cheered and got angry! =)
What I didn't like
- Alice's vision of Bella as a vampire.... ummmm I'm stuck on those hideous 1800 style clothes they were wearing?!

- The ending was NOT the same as the book. Chapter 24 and the Epilogue were meshed together and parts were completely cut out... that's not okay.... not at all. Jake is suppose to turn into an A-hole and Bella's suppose to be mad at him... and Charlie's suppose to yell!! AND what was up with this little fight scene?! Don't they just argue in the book?! I wanted to hear more name calling and yelling!!

- Not enough interaction with the wolves. New Moon is suppose to introduce us to the wolf-pack, so a little more time spent on them would have been nice.

- Not enough time spent on the Cullens.. ummm can they please get more screen time in Eclipse PLEASE! I know the series is about Bella and Edward; with Jacob on the side. But Edward has a family and darn it I wanna see more of them!!!

- Laurent's make-up and newly found accent... ummm so he goes from being American to being Jamaican?! AND when did he get paler?

What Summit/ The Director needs to change
- DO NOT show 100 billion commercials/previews! It ruined the movie.. not much was left unseen; not much was as much of a surprise as it should have been.

- If Melissa meshes together more scenes in Eclipse y'all might have to get a NEW screen-writer... not putting in important scenes is NOT okay.

- Can we chill out from the subliminal messages? [exhibit A]- the HUGE blue burger king bag?! and [exhibit B] The Virgin Airlines plane... they wont be getting by business just because they were featured in New Moon... I only fly Southwest- they give me snacks! =)

December 4, 2009

What the wolf-pack *really* think about TwiFans

So I'm sure you all heard about the skit the Wolf-pack boys did for Jay Leno, right?! Well if you forgot [like I did] or simply didn't know, here's the clip. It's kinda funnie. Not super hilarious, rolling over laughing, but it's still cute =)

Uh-Oh Kellan Bear tells us where he lives!!!

So not much is going on in the world of Twilight =(.. Ashley, Kellan, and Nikki have done a few interviews recently. But of the few late night shows I've DVR'd i have grown slightly disappointed. Many of the shows spend like 20 minutes on random intros then ask the particular celebs on there show like 3 questions?! UMMMM that's not okay. It would be nice to have a nice 15+ minute interview with the Twi-cast, rather than spending 20 minutes on Robin Williams and only 5 on Ashley Greene... but I'm just saying.

Long story short... here's an interview Kellan Bear did recently that I thought was cute =) this man loves telling stories! enjoy

check youtube for part 1 of the interview.

December 2, 2009

New Moon = jail time?!

Apparently a 22 year old from Chicago was caught illegally taping New Moon straight from the theater!! From the article i read, she sat in the front of the theater [mistake #1- everyone know u gotta find a spot in the back!] the ushers saw her, called the cops and shortly thereafter she was arrested! Crazy huh!! worst part, if she's found guilty she could get 3 years in jail, max!! WHOA 3 years?! she wouldn't be able to see Eclipse or Breaking Dawn [part 1,2, 3..or how many ever parts there making!] Can you imagine being in jail because of New Moon and telling people "yea I went to jail because I taped New Moon"

now this is something illegal I'd be willing to get lock up for.. consider ;)

Another Cougar trying to dig her claws into the Jailbait that is Taylor Lautner

for once it's not twihershey, i know how shocking that must sound but this interview is inappropriately funny.

The stealing continues....Rob's turning into quite the on set klepto

Remember this?

then he stole my heart... technically i willingly gave it and he threw it back but that's another story. It seems like he's still bigger things or should i say smaller things?

Michael Sheen to your rescue, he's gonna make your wednesday unforgettable!

I have a Michael Sheen loving follower, maybe she'll out herself who know's, here you go love some Aro to make your wednesday even better.

December 1, 2009

Did Stephenie Meyer dream up The Twilight Saga or dd it come from someone else?

Stephenie Meyer tells the world she had a dream and after she woke up she was inspired to write Bella's story this was June 2 2003. The funny thing about success, it draws out anything in the same genre where it be movies or books.

The Twilight saga is about a girl falling in love with a vampire who lives on the blood of animals. The vampire falls for this girl as well and even though he's drawn to her blood they somehow accidentally creates a half human half vampire child who falls in love with a wolf. Did i mention the vampires and wolves have been at war since the begining of time? However the wolves in their town are shape shifters who become wolves to protect their people from vampires.

Vampire Diaries is about a girl who falls in love with a vampire who survives on the blood of animals. The girl looks identical to his love from the past, the love of his life he lost and she was also in love with his brother. Did i mention the brothers can go out in the sunlight? they don't sparkle like the vampires in the Twilight saga, their rings protect them from burning in the sunlight.

Underworld is a movie about a vampire who saves the life of a human and ends up falling in love with him. The human carries a special gene so if bitten by a wolf or vamp he'd become their ultimate weapon. Well the vamp bites the human to save his life after he's bitten by a wolf and becomes part wolf, part vamp. Did i mention the vamps and wolves have been at war for centuries? The war started because the leader of the vampire coven killed his daughter after she fell in love with a wolf and became pregnant with vamp/wolf baby.
Coincidence Pictures, Images and Photos
Now i love the saga and while i hate to be the one to say this, the story might not be very original. Vampire diaries was published in 90's and Underworld hit theaters in '03. Could this be the reason Ms. Meyer is trying to prevent the Twilight saga from becoming more popular?

November 28, 2009

Could Twilight be better than New Moon??

it's been a week since the world changed, only a week for New Moon to become this big record breaker. However New Moon the movie bothers me, to be fair i need to break everything into categories.

Bella and Edward's chemistry:
The first kiss between Bella and Edward in Twilight made us want Edward to no end. The ending kiss at prom left us wanting more. Did the chemistry between them transfer to New Moon? I don' think so, the moan-kiss after her birthday party was pure hotness and it was nothing compared to the first in Twilight. I'm sorry to say but Twilight's Bella and Edward out shines New Moon's.

New Moon's vampires looked more attractive, Bella, Edward and Jacob were clearly different skin tones yet Twilight portrayed them all as  the same color and to be honest they all looked like ghosts. New Moon's special effects were amazing, the vampires moved with grace, Edward sparkled he didn't glisten. Edward looked exactly as described in the book-square jaw and all. New Moon's Bella was beautiful throughout, to be honest some of the costumes were hideous but it worked.

Twilight was directed by the book, any new creations meshed with the book and made it better. New Moon seemed to use the book as a reference but in my opinion they dropped some of the more important things. To top it off the Bk/virgin ad placements were ridiculous.

Honestly New Moon surpassed Twilight because it was given so much exposure. Chris is by far a better director than Cathy will ever be and yet Twilight might just be the better movie but i blame that on the writing.
gif/photo source

November 27, 2009

Breaking Dawn.... the alternate ending

This is hilarious.... Peter is hilarious... love him!! Check out this video... It, um, gives an alternate ending to Breaking Dawn ;)

November 26, 2009


Hello followers and fellow NM junkies! hope everyone is having a GREAT Thanksgiving!! If not, then... I'm sorrie... go see New Moon and it will cheer you up. If you are having a good time... go see New Moon!! Haha take your uncle or a cousin or neighbor to see NM. haha! Can you tell I'm trying to spread the New Moon cheer? it's the side effect of listening to X-mas music LOL... but yea hope you all have a awesome day!!

xoxo, TwiHershey
***Msg from TwiRemedy:
it's already Thanksgiving? it feels like i just started reading the books last week even though i found them and read them all the same week last June. My life has been all Twi all the time since then and it's pretty satisfying. It's funny to think reading about a guy from a book makes me happy but that's how bad things were before Twi. I am thankful for the people in life it's brought me closer to and next year i will be thankful for meeting Rob :) Hope your having a good one cause i'm thankful for all of you as well. Should we go see New Moon a third time today???

November 24, 2009

Taylor Lautner's first tweet?!?

I guess it's only fair, since Rob and Kristen "tweeted" which i'm still debating, Taylor should be able to tweet as well....assuming it was him.
From Taylor - Thanks for your incredible support of New Moon.  
from web 

From Taylor cont. - Your passion for The Twilight Saga is the sole reason we're #1 across the world!
from web 
Showing some puppy love cause New Moon Bella kinda pissed me off, enjoy it cause it might not happen again.

We had this debate after watching the movie, yes i know i have no life, I think post New Moon Taylor Lautner is much bigger than New Moon Taylor. Hershey says he's still the same, which can't be true cause i like him a whole lot more now than before. What do you guys think? does he have more muscles now or is he the same?

The Twilight cast uncensored: they're cussing up a storm just the way i like it!

You thought i was bad? well they're worst! Found these videos via LTT and i had to post them. The Twicast is filled with sailors and i'm loving every dirty minute of it! They cuss up a storm and let me say it's inappropriately hilarious! Abbage for your caggage? wait, what? love it!!!

This interview is by far the best but i gotta ask how much she drank before going into the room? heffa's on one, i love how she got them to play along with the exception of Taylor and a few Cullens, damn prudes. I think Kstew wants to go black but she's a little afraid cause she can't go back, word! Can someone tell me where's to find the list to become a wolf pack bitch? I run with vampires but wouldn't mind laying with wolves.

November 23, 2009

Did we miss Kristen's first tweet.....and Rob's second?!?

I'm sitting here scratching my head like did i miss something? Do you remember this?
Thanks a million. Here's Rob... Hi, it's Rob... My first and last tweet. My dad made me do it.from Tweetie Peter Facinelli 
Appearently Kristen tweeted for the first time:
From Kristen - You all have proven you're the most amazing fans in the world once again. 
from web  Summit Entertainment
 From Kristen cont. - I feel so lucky to be a part of The Twilight Saga and thank you for making us #1! 
from web  Summit Entertainment
 From Kristen cont. - Yes, I twittered. Or twitted..tweeted? I dunno, but thank you sooo much anyway..! 
from web  Summit Entertainment 
while Rob sent his second tweet???
From Rob - Thank you for making NEW MOON #1. It's very exciting to be a part of something embraced by so many people. 
from web  Summit Entertainment
 From Rob cont.- I hope you are looking forward to ECLIPSE as much as I am.
from web  Summit Entertainment
Are you shitting me Summit? was that even for real or were you trying to pull a fast one? i still somewhat doubt Rob's tweet through Pfach's account so why should we believe you? you refuse to admit your Breaking Dawn plans even though we all know how much you like to ride that cash cow. you've ruined this relationship Summit,  RUINED! fyi ya'll still on my list thanks to your stupid ass decision to approve New Moons sucktastic script.

My New Moon experience

After counting down a hundred and some odd days, two weeks ago my computer broke: no Rob, no Stew no nothing! unfortunately that was just the beginning. Saw New Moon on Thursday night, stood in line in the cold for a good 15mins to get crappy ass seats. Stayed up until 4am watching it thanks to a few noisy people and George Lopez (i may or may not have been one of those noisy people but the Bella and Jacob thing.....tell you about those some other time)

missed this
The movie started and it was like whoa what the hell is going on? The lines were there but they weren't in the right scenes. Visually that movie rocked so if you didn't read the book then it will blow your mind. However, if you are a fan and you actually read that fat ass book, lets say two to four times or so, you might not have the best experience. My scenes were missing, gone! i was so looking forward to them and nothing! the movie moved too damn fast, I'm not a wolf fan and i was mad because those parts went missing too.

Don't miss understand, Chris did an amazing job! Visually the movie was on point. I blame Melissa for writing out my scenes and because Summit you approved that mess. I'm not happy, you need to make this better, I would have sat through 2 1/2hrs if it meant seeing the important things slowed down a bit. I'm going to see the movie again today hoping I will change my mind or else i quit you Summit.
wtf is this?

and this?

photo source


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