The Wolf Girl

Blog Name: TwiHershey
Age: 26
Residence: Seattle
Occupation: haha dont need you readers stalking me.

When Did you become a Twilight fan: June 2009... the obsession crept up on me... by July in was a full blow TwiHard... it's died down since then!! Thank God!
What 'Team' are you on: team wolf-pack allll day!! & Team Emmett =) ..
Fav. Saga human: Charlie and Mike
Fave book: New Moon!!! Bring me the wolves!!!
Fav Quotes:
  • "Hey Arizona!!! How you likin' the rain girl"
  • Aro: "what are we going to do with you now"
    Marcus: "You already know what you're going to do with her Aro"
    Cais: "She's a knows too much. She's a liability"      * yes i just quoted a whole scene; the shit is funny!

**non-Twilight related**
Fave band/singer: Trey Songz, Ne-Yo, Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake, Brandy, Rihanna,
Fave movie: I dont have one fave. i like diff kinds--> thrillers, comedy, 'scary', action, rom-com, etc....
Fav. TV show(s): One Tree Hill [mainly pre season 7 episodes], Criminal Minds, CSI: Miami & NY, Bad Girls Club, SouthLAnd,

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