February 19, 2010

Get caught up with some of the TwiCast

This weekend will be a busy one, from what i've read here's what they have planned so far:
Rob's filiming Bel Ami but he's scheduled to present at the BAFTA awards where Kristen is the rising star nominee. She may attend the award show but she's currently promoting The Yellow Handkerchief, Thursday it premiered at The Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood.

You can catch the BAFTA sunday on BBC america Sunday at 8pm ET....wouldn't it be hilarious if Rob presented the award to her? am just saying!

Pfach aka daddy C will be signing autographs in Rancho Cucamonga aka Los Angeles, CA at the Haiti Fundraiser this Sunday from 12-6pm (more details)

Kristen and Taylor will also be presenting at the Academy Awards on March 7....hmm Eclipse preview maybe???

February 18, 2010

Will Robert Pattinson be forgotten after 'Remember Me'?

They're calling it his make or break movie, some say his fame is a stroke of luck, they want to prove he won't succeed and we will prove them wrong....with a little incentive from Summit.

Once again Summit decides on the too much too soon approach. They're promoting the hell out of Remember Me. There's so many previews, pics, this and that. They made the same mistake?? during New Moon mania but financially it paid off. Now Summit's guaranteeing we see it:
The #EclipseTrailer will play with REMEMBER ME in theatres March 12!
In the end, you might be team Bella, team Edward or team Jacob but we're all team Twi. You almost killed him when they were making it so put as much effort into seeing it. If it's bad, you only have yourselves to blame for cause such a commotion when they were filming.

I love this scene because i love a bad boy lol

February 17, 2010

Hatin" in the TwiDom

The fighting in the twidom is getting out of control. My fav. fanfics are being deleted, twifans are creating discussion boards about hating other twihards and we won't mention "borrowing" identical material from other blogs...did i mention copying, word for word?

Shouldn't we be fighting about things that matter? we already know team Edward is def. better than team Jacob. Besides what people choose to post on their blogs is their prerogative as long as they didn't steal it from another blog.
....and he has bad hair!
Let's cut the shit, relax and chill for a sec. We need to get back to things that really matter like Kstew's fugly weave, it's giving Jacob's a run for it's money and it's hurting my eyes all at the same time!

did they recycle it? i can't honestly tell which is worst, they look the same....i wonder??

Shame on you Summit, all you had to do was ask...we would have been more than happy to point you in the right direction of a proper weave!

Apparently Twilight= major business

My mom showed me this commerical the other day, and I laughed for 2 reasons. (1) it was cute and (2) its yet another commerical that refrences Twilight. Seriously now, is Summit getting a small portion of the proceeds these companys make? I mean, they wouldn't be making these commericals if it were not for Twilight being as successful as it was.  But at least this one is better than Bing.com lol...

Tthe tricky thing that Verison forgot is their only capturing 1/2 of the fandom.... the Team Edward half.. Guess us Wolf lovers will be going to AT&T because the bloodsucker is clearly on Verizon's boat..[and they proved again why edwards SUCKS... and not in the literal sense.. HE LEFT!!!]

February 14, 2010

Holy **** Eclipse

this looks original don't remember reading this in the book!

i spy a wedding ring!
and a nasty looking weave....
On to the fun stuff!!


did Edward just grab Bella's boob?? I can't wait til June 30!!! How many more days to go? Good God, i need to get off the computer. On that note if we our bloggie after these pics it's so worth it! then again we're so small maybe no one will notice :)
source1 and source2 (i love you)


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