September 20, 2009

The reason Edward's car isn't silver!!!!

y now I'm sure we've all seen the NM trailor, yes? And you Edward/Rob fans [maybe even myself] have been upset over the fact that Edward's beloved Volvo isn't silver!!! Summit claims its a "metallic dark grey" but thats a bunch of bullsh*t- it looks black to me. The people in charge of color selection are blinder than bats!! So i began to wonder-- Why didnt they use the car from Twilight?Or simply get another silver Volvo?! Did that many people run out and buy up ALL the silver Volvo's??!?!? <--- that one I seriously doubt since we're in a recession. And suddenly I remembered.. The actual car Rob drove in Twilight was given away!!... on the Tyra Banks Show last year [..aaaw i watched that episode and didnt know a thing about twilight..].
[car giveaway is closer to the end of the video]

I'm not sure why they would give away his signature car w/o making sure there was a back-up car for NM... Did they reallly not know they would be making NM?! And I would assume Summit didnt want to look like Indian-givers and ask for the car back, right?! Plus I'm sure the girl wouldnt return it anyway... I seriously hope no other drastic changes are made between the next 3 movies... Can u imagine Bella with a blond wig cause all the brown one sold out?!?! or Bella's truck being green?! I seriously hope Summit learns from this drastic mistake and never lets something like this happen again.. us Twilight fans know the books all to well [some more than others & i'm in the 'others' group. lol]
twilight car

new moon car
Bella sees visions of Edward.

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