August 29, 2009

Cast dinner on fri night~sorry Rob

Poor Rob, he doesn't look too happy about all the attention, sorry about invading your privacy but I had to post this pic because Kellan look so cute in the back, like a sexy deer caught in headlights. Don't you just wanna caress him?

Is it just me or has Pfach been looking real good these days!!

Photos taken from socialite life

Bella's BFF has been found

As many of you know, some of the key players in the Twilight franchise (KStew, RPattz & Taylor [who doesn't have a nickname =/] ) have been MIA pretty much since eclipse filming began! Within the last few days however, pics have surfaced of Kristen going wig shopping and now during on-set filming. Robert also just recently came out of hiding.. and he had been doing a pretty darn good job of doing so! I mean this man went what, 1 if not 2 weeks without being spotting by paps!! Now my 2nd fav actor from the Twilight Saga [2nd only to Mr. Kellan] has really been MI-freakin-A!!! Many thought he snuck back to SoCal but since all the LA paps are in Canada we had no idea. But now ladies, [and gentlemen?] Taylor has been photographed! Its a happy moment for all us Team Jacob fans. I was almost scared they would try to replace lil Taylor... which would cause me to go POSTAL on Summit's ass! but now those drastic actions will not be necessary!! Thanks to the paps... even though I do wish the Eclipse cast could eat in peace =/

Tay walking with Elizabeth [Esme]

Wonder who he's texting... Selena maybe? [ok.. i wont go there b4 the rumors start; although they r cute!]

* photos used - found here

August 28, 2009

*Just in* Kstew the pics you've been waiting for!!!!

Kristen Stewart: Forks High Graduate

We found these pics over at Just jared, it's Kstew in her Bella weave! Guess they found a way to cover that mess she was rocking in July. We love you Kstew but Joan Jett needed to keep that style in the 80's where it died, god rests it's soul. She looks really beautiful though, and i love the's so Bella like, it says "I graduated now can we get the hell outta here, I hope Alice don't think she can drag me to that party she's throwing I really hope no one shows up, it's the Cullen's house after all!"

What do you think? is the hair believable?

Thanks again to RobPattzNews again for the amazing tweet!

Aaaaah Ha! So I was right............

I saw Billy Burke's tweet last night and guessed they'd be filming the graduation scene this morning. I was looking around and guess what i found over at twilight gossip??? Hopefully I get into true P.I. mode and find those pics of Kstew with her Bella wig! until then enjoy the pics of BBClick to view full size image Click to view full size image is that Pfach I see??

Boo Boo's photos-sexy or just plain wrong???

If your into Twilight and have been following the madness of Eclipse which is currently filming in Vancouver you know who Boo Boo is. If not, he's the luckiest 15 yr old who was recently chosen to play the part of Seth Clearwater in Eclipse. Boo Boo is 15 yrs and basically looks like Taylor Lautners twin-that is if your twin came out two years after you did-there's been a lot of pics of Boo Boo floating around the web of a photoshoot he recently did. I won't even bother to explain these pic, i would rather have you formulate your own ideas!
BooBoo Stewart Seth Clearwater
So what do you think? is this wrong? i mean these pics create thoughts, thoughts an adult should not be having about a 15 yr old child-Taylor's 17 and legal in GA so he's exempt, such pics of him are acceptable *wink* personally I feel like a dirty old lady and i'm only 21! more pics can be found on Mayhem's blog, shame on you all for having those thoughts! LMAO

Top 5 reasons Bella and Jacob's relationship couldn't work

He has a bad temper, Edward warned her to stay away from him because a young werewolf is very irrational

He's too impulsive, a little spontaneity is good sometimes but all time could be dangerous

If she stayed human and Jacob stayed wolf, she would die before he could grow old

Jacob preferred being in his wolf form more than being human

He would eventually get bored and leave her, once the chase was over and the excitement it brought with it

*BONUS~Wolves don't sparkle and if he can't sparkle, how can he dazzle you?*

Vampire Personal Ad by nyxxie23.

FUNNY TWILIGHT COLLAGE by iliketwilightmorethanyou.
Lmao by Venomous.☆.Kiss.

sorry team Jacob, that was a low blow but had to post that one, it was too funny not to!
found on yahoo images

Twi-merchandise.. is it becoming too much?!

** Kim claims this is "old news" BUT I still feel like posting it.. since I don't post as often as I would like =/ so let me have my moment **

As I was checking my twitter this morning yesterday before an 8am meeting & I noticed a tweet from local radio station 102.7 Kiis fm & can u guess what it said?! Nope nothing about Britney Spears' tour, Miley Cyrus or (technically) no other music related news. They inform their followers that those lovely Edward Cullen/RPattz shower curtains have sold out! WTF r u ppl serious? Idk if I'm more upset that they wasted a tweet on this information or that the shower curtain was really that big of a item. I mean if these buyers are under 18 yr olds their mom and/or dad forked up $70 (according to the site) to have the house bathroom (or their daugher's if she has her own) decked out w/ Rob's face. Yea its suppose to be "edward cullen" but this isn't a cartoon people, its not the same as a 5yr old wanted SpongeBob bathroom decor!Its still Rob's face staring at u as u shower/bathe.... which is distrubing I'm sorry. Isn't the posters "staring" at u n your room bad enough. (Y'all totally know what I mean. If you've ever had ur room decked out w/ posters n u look at em long enough and it appears their staring back when u move...). Now if anyone over age 18 has purchased this shower curtain... shame on you! That worse than me almost buying the JTimberlake Rolling Stone tote bag from Wal-mart (which I almost did yesterday :-/ )
So yea. This twilight merchandise craze has gone too far. Next will they be saying "The Vamp" has sold out? I won't even want to know the age demographics for that! So people please calm down w/ the random twilight merchandise... its not that serious... although someone should totally make Emmett workout gear! I'd buy that! :)

August 27, 2009

Rounding out today's TwiNews

Billy Burke tweeted that he'll be on the set of Eclipse tomorrow and they'll be shooting-drum roll please lol-the graduation scene! I can't wait to see what pics will surface, esp the ones of KStew. Speaking of set, Ashley and Jackson were also on set today- we got so caught up Rob's MIA search party, sorry :)-it looks like they cut her hair some even though she's so pretty she could go bald and still make a statement. It wouldn't be Alice like but she'd defiantly rock it! Thanks to Team Twilight for the awesome news!

Twilight Beauty is a go, they have really interesting things on there, the colors are quiet remarkable. If we have any male readers, i do apologize but that makeup is really original.

******I'm also told that we have 14 yr old TwiHards stalking the Eclipse set??? Parents that is not ok! you should know where your children are and they should not be spending five hours outside a movie set when they don't have a part in the production. you can read more of this madness by clicking on Twifans.
- I must say i'm not too mad because she is following my set stalking educate so kudos to you little girl for not screaming or disturbing.
- I will also say i'm very jealous being stuck in LA but my time will come :)

*UPDATE* RobWard on the set of Eclipse

Take a look at those lips, different directors really make a difference in production. He looks like a completely different Edward from Twilight-New Moon-Eclipse. Is it possible we love him even more????

photos taken from RadarOnline thanks to @RobPattzNews for the amazing heads up!

*UPDATE*It's been a good day and an even better Twilight news day :)

Woke up this morning hell bent on rereading New Moon for the third time.........I still don't remember Bella telling Jacob he's beautiful-then again, I speed read through most of their interaction until Edward comes back, the book seems better that way-i guess if she really did say it I will forgive her because she did hit her head.

Sorry back to the news, Lainey Gossip has exclusive reports of Bella punching a certain werewolf on set, they also shot them running through the forest (if i'm not correct this is the beginning of fire and ice, its when he takes her to the top of the mountain to see Edward which means sleeping bag!!! fyi these are some of my fav scenes)

NewMoonMovie was lucky enough to find some great pics of the entire Volturi, scroll down a little on their site and see each character.

We also learned, Death Cab for Cutie has officially been chosen for the first single of the New Moon Soundtrack, the songs called "Meet me on the Equinox" which will also premiere on on sept.13-they're such a great band, i love "I will possess your heart")
                                 New Moon Soundtrack Cover

to make this day even BETTER

it's time to call off the missing person search.

Rob's FINALLY been spotted on the set of Eclipse!!!! photos can be seen on their website since it was taken by our fav paps at Socialite Life, they recently posted even more photos than the first two this morning.

are you ready????!!!!!

Here he is......................


ok! really! here he is..............
Ahhhhh, how we've missed you :)

that's why i love being a Virgo, Happy early B-day to me!!!!

Rob vs. Kellan...oh the hotttttness

Popsugar has this interesting little competition going on their site called Hottest Shirtless Guys, basically they have a bunch of pics of our fav guys shirtless and we vote on the hottest ones, needless to we didn't see it coming, RPattz and Kellan are the last two standing. With that said feel free to submit your vote for your choice and God Bless if you can choose because as a fan of both I've got to say the choice is pretty damn hard.                                                                          
                                                                               Robert and Kellan's Road to the Shirtless Finals!
might i say this pic really moves me, it makes me feel dirrrty *wink*

and then there's unexpectedly, unbelievably speechless....................oh sweet jesus
Robert pattinson by HearttRob_13.

HOW does one choose????? *speechless*

Ooooh My Tweeting Heroes

Can i just start by saying how much i love twitter right now-sorry Rob-it just reminds me how hilarious some of our fav twilight celebs are like Billy when he called out that reporter  IMG_0577 by xdrew574x.        
Or PFach when he won his bet     IMG_0594 by xdrew574x.
i'm still laughing about that one and it looks like he is too! PFach seems to tweet this as often as he can and to be honest I still laugh every single time so tweet on guys, tweet on. These two keep me so entertained i'm laughing at work at the most random, you can hear a pin drop it's so quiet time. -via txt of course!

*****a little FYIII to all you PFach fans, Peter totally kissed a boy on the season finale of Nurse Jackie, you know the one that aired Mon night on Sho. I shameless watched that episode five times just to see it happen again and it was soooo worth it, is it me or did he seem to like it???

I seem to be crushing on the whole cast lately-I know it's not just me either!- J Chon and his new do, Mike Welch looking so cute, even the wolf pack....fine just Paul played by Alex Meraz, Jack Huston, Billy Burke, PFach, Cam, Jackson, Kellan and Rob you might even throw a little Kstew, Anna, Ashley and Nikki-even though every time i think of her and Paris, ewwww, i pity her- to answer your question, yes, i do like the good one and the bad ones too, sometimes it's more fun that way!

photos taken from yahoo and Lainey gossip

August 24, 2009


Last week I clearly warned and educated you TwiHards on proper set stalking. Somehow i find reports that you guys chose not to follow my instructions which really disappoints me. Lainey reports of one such incidents, some lady apparently keeps trying to make herself apart of production??? wtf lady and to make it worst she tried something similar on the set of New Moon. WAKE UP!!!! you are the reason Rob, Kstew and Taylor are hiding, take it from me, your crazy ass behavior won't make them want to come outside. First of all, how do you crazy ass sweethearts know where each location will be? who's got this inside tip and why the hell aren't they sharing it???? did anyone bother to ask or even invite me set but i'm not too hurt :( Thank God you haven't scared Kellan away YET......Click to view full size image
photo taken from Kellan Lutz Online, it was taken while he was leaving lax, did i mention i soooo need to find a job working at the airport.

Peter tweeted that he will be in Portland on sat signing autographs even though they cancelled TwiCon, he's hoping to raise money for charity which is another reason why he really deserves to be Mr. Twitter, he's such a caring person.

***********Rob and Kstew were on set today according to director David Slade via Twitter

For your Kellan viewing pleasure.....

So I've been slacking with my posts [sorries]. I seriously went to post the Dakota Fanning post 3 days ago! Soooo to make up for my lack of postings, and to give us all a reason to drool over our computers I'm posting some georgous pictures of the only Vampire myself and Kim can agree upon- Kellan Lutz! So the few paparazzi that are left floating around the City of Angels [LA] captured some nice pics of Kel being a normal man with a flat tire =) Enjoy!!

I think he's turning wife-beater shirts into a trend... or his own personal trend?
Either way no complaints from me!
this pic has nothing to do with Kellan's flat-tire incident...
.. but I hadn't seen this exact pic when the others were
posted sooo think of this one as extra =)
[all picture credit given to Socialite Life]

*I just now noticed that myself and Kim have kind of been favoring Kellan a little bit... which is odd since of favorite boys are Taylor and Rob [respectively] but this is mainly because his photos have been popping up more so than Tay & Rob [whom have both been in hiding!] Soooo we will try our very best to post pics of the other guys [and girls] from the movie... plus we're close to jumping aboard Jackson's ship cause he's too darn adorable!! =)

Eclipse Spotlight: Dakota Fanning

Okay, so last week I posted a lengthy blog showcasing some of the other movies/TV shows our favorite Vampires [and my favorite werewolf] did prior to becoming more well known for their Twilight characters. So what I decided to do is this: each week I will have a blog for one of the cast members [not previously mentioned] with a list of previous TV appearences, whom they portray in Twilight/NewMoon/Eclipse, and maybe a few pics or video clips. Soooo starting off this weekly blog theme will be New Moon's very own Jane [that would be Dakota Fanning for those who forgot]. This girl is still super young but started acting years ago!

I Am Sam (2003)-- This was Dakota's "breakout" movie. I'm sure many of you have seen it; Dakota play's the daughter of a mentally challenged man [Sean Penn]. This was a really good movie so if you're too young to know about it, or skipped over it I recomend you check it out.

Man on Fire (2004)-- In this movie Dakota plays the daughter of a wealthy man who hires body guards for her protection. After Dakota's character gets kidnapped, her body guard [Denzel Washington] makes it his mission to find her safe! This was a good movie, lots of action. Definitely a must see!

War of The Worlds (2005) -- from what i remember of this movie it was good. I might watch it again someday, cant recall a whole lot about it.

The Secret Life of Bees (2008) --I have yet to see this movie, but I hear it's good.

New Moon -- Yea I'm not going to explain this one.. seriously if you don't know what this movie is about all i have to say is "How the Heck did you even find our site?!" LOL.. so moving on....

So Ms. Dakota has a very impressive work history to be so young; this girl is only 15! So since she has now been tied into the Twilight Saga her career can only go up from here, even though it was already on a pretty good incline.

Next Week's Spotlight: _____ ?! not sure yet =) Maybe "Jane's" twin brother.. check back to see.

August 23, 2009

Kellan Lutz!!!! need I say more....

I see someone beat me to the punch and posted these pics before I got a chance to (good job ladies). These may possibly be the hottest pics of Kellan thus far so i needed to post them for easy looksie. He's fully clothed and yet so irresistible, guess we were wrong.......there are a few paps in LA. Socialite life has tons of pics if you'd like to drool a little more, trust me its worth the click.....just one little click for Kellan bliss.
that smile, that face, those arms....(day dreamed there for a sec, my apologies)

Peter's working what he's got!!!!

LA's still the place to be! PFach flew down for the weekend and decided to show a little skin! guess all that fight training's really paying off. We realize we've been a little Peterless on our blog, while we love you PFach it's just......the being married thing automatically slides you to the bottom of the list. We think you're hot but we love Jennie as well and we'd like to see you two married twenty years from now. So we're just gonna enjoy this pic for now and call it a weekend.


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