April 30, 2010

My Eclipse reaction video....

....which isn't really a video but still my reaction to the final trailer :) don't judge me, i rather like my anonymity thank you! 
Jacob shows up at school. What's he doing there?
where's Mike Newton when you need him? i can hear it now "gangsta bellaaaaa, how you like'n that hoddie girllll"
Our first look at Riley
god, the look on his face is priceless
He was running away for good reason
snarl, snarl, grrrr...hilarity!
Edward tells Bella about the situation at hand
hold up! why does Edvard look like he's one of the Munsters? he looks older too....
Riley leads them
i'm too sexy for this shot, too sexae
The wolf pack are willing to fight in the war
The newborns have arrived
i can do brooding, Edward's not the only one
Jackson Rathbone rushes in
shame, old ass Carlisle giving Jasper a run for his money
And, the war begins
angry mousy! grrr
Finally, a good look at that engagement ring
i thought this was ugly until....
Who's behind the army? Victoria!
BAM! definition of ugly
Is this when Bella tells Jacob she's engaged?
i'm cold as hell but had to show you my bodae
photos via MTV

April 29, 2010

Reasons: To Love New Moon

Continuing with our little series here's part two! 

 to LOVE New Moon!
  • All the lovely half-nakedness of Jacob/Taylor
  • ... And the half-nakedness of the rest of the wolf pack!
  • Mike-freakin-Newton! I swear he's my FAVE human!!! Soo darn adorable and dorky
  • The Volturi are bad-ass! Even though Aro was ready to devour poor Bella... You must admit that
  • The main thing you learn is; this sets the tone the the next 2 books/films. Good things come to those who wait! [ex. Bella gets proposed to b4 she can become a Cullen... & Jakey-poo imprints!]
I'll make it short and sweet: your reason for loving New Moon should be the fact that Edward came back in the end...well that and the fact that the phone rang before the nasty (Jacob) kissed Bella.
New Moon (funny) Pictures, Images and Photos
Bella rebounded way too quickly and she was leaning on Jake wayyyy too much, sorry i said, get over it. Like after Edward left in New Moon and Jacob became her own personal "sun" B*tch please! he's not that special.

April 28, 2010

One of our favorite Vamps joined twitter last night: Kellan Lutz

Kellan Lutz joined Twitter last night!
@KellanLutz is Kellan's official Twitter handle! Welcome to Twitter, Kellan!
Every one of us can be a light to this world and make a difference. It's our time; lets change this world and let our voices be heard. 
I am 4 NOLA! Come get dirty with me and build some houses with the amazing people of NOLA and the St. Bernard Proj
he had me at "come get dirty with me...." let's hope he's like DSlade: leak as much info as you can and say hacker.

wonder if we'll be getting a show? a shower? can a girl get something?....i'm willing to pass a collection plate O.o

Breaking Dawn the movie is OFFICIALLY confirmed!

You read that right, the wait is over!

Being the lazy couch potato i am, i was asleep when it happened but never fear i woke up just in time! Ignore the jumbles and read on to the good stuff!
Summit just confirmed they'll be filming Breaking Dawn!!!

@Twilight: Bill Condon to direct Summit Entertainment's THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN

Let's take a minute to squee....ok time's up

We knew it was coming, it was only a matter of time plus the TwiStars can't keep anything sealed but it's still really good to hear.

Now that we have a director the real problems begin like where they'll be filming and how to get more Isle Esme and less Renesmee :) sorry me no likey demon baby. Did i mention Steph Meyer will be one of the Producers? yeah, enough said.

April 27, 2010

How to get your hands on Bella's engagement ring

Infinite Jewelry, the same people who designed Bella's engagement ring with Steph Meyer also made her bracelet with Edward heart and Jacob's wolf. The ring is available for different prices depending on the type you want...translation: if you can't afford diamonds they have a ring for you! if you can't afford gold they also have a ring for you!
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse'Bella's Fine Engagement Ring
If you can afford either you shouldn't be trying to get your hands on this ring. Tell him your knocked up and make him buy you the ring then you say just kidding and keep if anyways.

Everything's on sale on their website as well as other "Twilight Jewelry" translation: stuff they put Bella/Twilight on to make us buy it :)

Bella's Bracelet tm

 um just a thought, isn't Jacob's wolf supposed to be made of wood? O.o  

And so the Eclipse "Pick up shots" begin

Kristen and the other one left LAX on their way to VanCity to film said pick up shots.
all photos via Twifans
Kristen looks like she gained someone weight, in a good way, she looks really nice. Go head girl! The hair's looking real cute too. 
oh and the other one who's..... not aging quite gracefully lol sorry it gad to be said.
Refresh your memory if you need to--->
**There's talk of "Pick up shots" being done in Vancouver
Pick up shots are cut into already completed scenes and can be necessary because of anything from bad lighting, a faulty print or a missing expression or line that was determined in editing.  Reshoots insinuate a completely new scene being inserted into a picture.
It's not a re-shoot, in fact it should be a little less than three days and it has nothing to do with the major scenes.

New Eclipse screen shot and the worldwide release dates

This time the photo's legal....i think. Summit tweeted it so they can't arrest me :)
photo via MTV like the big ass tag says
I find it really funny that they're trying to make the "bad" vamp Riley so much like Edward and they're supposed to be complete opposites.

The worldwide release dates via IMDB: wonder if i can hop to he UK in time for the release...
Country Date
Argentina 30 June 2010 
Belgium 30 June 2010 
Brazil 30 June 2010 
Canada 30 June 2010 
Chile 30 June 2010 
Denmark 30 June 2010 
Egypt 30 June 2010 
Finland 30 June 2010 
Italy 30 June 2010 
Kazakhstan 30 June 2010 
Mexico 30 June 2010 
Netherlands 30 June 2010 
Norway 30 June 2010 
Portugal 30 June 2010 
South Korea 30 June 2010 
Sweden 30 June 2010 
USA 30 June 2010 
Australia 1 July 2010 
New Zealand 1 July 2010 
Singapore 1 July 2010 
Slovakia 1 July 2010 
Iceland 2 July 2010 
Turkey 2 July 2010 
France 7 July 2010 
Estonia 9 July 2010 
Lithuania 9 July 2010
UK 9 July 2010 
Germany 15 July 2010

April 26, 2010

Bella's mood swings are giving me whiplash

Have you ever felt like this?
Yeah me too, more times than not, how hard is it to have someone sit in your car without touching your *ish! This got me thinking, how many times did Bella really piss off Edward? I'm not just talking the blocking she did either: "no Edward, we should stop" "Edward, please don't stop" 
Wheel me a Edward Pictures, Images and Photos
From Twilight to New Moon even Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Were we even surprised he kissed in Eclipse? she gave him the opening, made me laugh my ass off too "I punched a werewolf". Then there was the space heater incident, highly inappropriate! Then there was the time after their wedding when she decided to have a talk with Jake about her honeymoon. Bella, Bella, Bella....didn't Renee tell you to never talk sex with a man your never going to sleep with.

I wonder what would have happened if he really told her how she made him feel. I'm honestly surprised he didn't give up and bite for being so damn bipolar.


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