February 3, 2010

More of Kellan.. Literally

So it seems that Kellan has taken Mark Walhberg's spot as Calvin Klein model.. and gosh darn he does a good job at it... There's really not much else for me to say... Look for yourself... But have a bucket ready ;)

pics taken from Twifans.com

Robert Pattinson's comic book

How did they take this

and turn it into this???
DNP Random Things
Can someone please, please, please tell me what the hell that is? it sure as hell ain't Rpattz and it keeps looking at me funny. Someone's always trying to make money off the man and it just looks creepy as hell, good thing it's only $3.99 cause it falls into the realm of cheap twicrap.

now that's Rob, i mean if they didn't know what to draw they could have asked! i'm sure any twifan would be happy to help out, shame on them for making the man look a hot mess. fyi those are a few of the new "Remember Me" stills, the rest can be found here.

February 2, 2010

Kristen's Vanity Fair cover controversy

Vanity Fair
When they said that i thought it was because she looked kinda nekkid

Appearently it's because every one on the cover is "thin and white"-hear that Anna they think you're thin!-appearently August's issue was the same which brought it to every one's attention
Vanity Fair, August 2008
I say kudos to KStew for being on both cover, she looks hot as always! as for the fact that both issues are extremely "fair" as Shine puts it, who knows if that was their intention or just an oversight.


Kristen and Dakota did what!?!?

Apparently sweet little Dakota and Kristen share a kiss in "The Runaways" Kristen's reaction is priceless when he asks her about it, Love her!!! all the more reason for me to go see the movie. Wait doesn't Dakota go to a Catholic school or something like that?? i'm not saying anything then again she's the one laughing all the way to the bank. Scroll down to see Kristen and Dakota talking about their characters and their kiss.

photo source

Kellan Lutz just because!!!

Wanted to post this for TwiHershey because we love Klutz equally and he went to the Dear John Premiere looking all kinds of hot and she's dying to see that movie....by herself.

damn! that suit, as if that's not hot enough here is snow boarding a few days earlier

Can i still call him my monkey man or is it my snow man now?

I think my heart stopped a little....
photo source


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