December 15, 2010

Men of Twilight corrupting our minds before 2008

(Repost-Sorry all those pics from July were old and they're now gone and I can't remember which ones they were. These are newer from a recent photoshoot.)

Saw this and almost died, thought i'd be nice and share :)


Holy Jesus, Mary and Joseph, smoking has never been hotter!

July 9, 2010

Eclipse is here but what to do until Breaking Dawn?1?

Eclipse is finally here! I've seen it twice already, we might spend the entire month of July watching it. You might want to watch another movie so why not try another Vampire movie? specifically one based on the saga of course! Biff showed me this trailer, it's a spoof of Twilight, at first i didn't want to see it thinking they'd make fun of Edward but it's pretty equal and it's hilarious! You might need a sense of humor to enjoy this one.....
Can i just say this Jacob looks hotter than the original, i'm loving the wolf pack too lol. This movie looks like pure hilarity and i hope it doesn't disappoint. 

July 6, 2010

Eclipse Thoughts

So we have both seen Eclipse now... Remedy saw it Wednesday while I had to wait til Sunday night!! But that's all beside the point. I'm not sure if any of you are aware but waiting 7 months for a movie and then not seeing any trailers will be the longest 7 months of your life!!!! Somehow i managed, i watched a trailer AFTER i saw the movie.... didn't want anything to be ruined. Even though i was dead tired after a long weekend of work and an even longer week of school and internship.. i managed to run, yes run, to the theater 2 blocks from my house to see Sexy Taylor... i was completely out of breath and missed all the previews by the time I got to the the theater but it was totally worth it.

Parts that were EXACTLY or BETTER how I expected:
  • The Cullens and Wolves chasing stank Victoria in the beginning.... Kellan vs Paul... loved it....
  • Taylor's body
  • the bike scene at the school
  • Edward vs Jacob after Bella 'breaks' her hand.... i almost couldn't understand what those boys were saying because they were literally yelling at the same time.. but it was good to Edward get angry even if his eyes were buggin out of his face! lmao "IF YOU EVER TOUCH HER AGAIN...words i didn't understand. ...THEN WAIT FOR HER TO SAY THE WORDS" lmao And Papa Charlie's reaction- loved that too
  • TENT SCENE! LOVED IT! "I'm hotter than you" the most truth to come from a fictional story! Tay/Jake is much indeed hotter that Rob/Edward... point. blank. period.
  • the fighting with the wolves and Cullens VS newborns
  • Edward kicking Victoria's ass! Go Edward!! The is the only time i condone a male hitting a
  • and lil Seth! Good job on devouring Riley.. but did they burn him too?! <-- Unanswered questions on the movie!!!
  • Rosalie's hair and makeup were one point! she looked cute
  • the kiss scenes : #1 was hilarious, #2- EPIC! I foresee that one winning some awards next year... no more Bella & Edward for best kiss until BD comes out
Parts that could've been a little better:
  • Kellan/Emmett hair. its just looked weird
  • Esme's hair.. in the house it looked redish-brown but i swear in the fight scenes it was black ?!?!
  • ummm i HATE Bella's makeup! the brown colors make her look tired and not as cute as she could look,,,,, just saying
  • Victoria.. sorry, but this Bryce chick has bug eyes and looks disgusting.... I wanted Rachelle to come back! and i also hate how Bryce is getting all these damn interviews and her names is being listed among KStew, Rob Taylor and Dakota and "starring". She didn't star in shit... just so u know
over all i give Eclipse 5 out of 4 stars! Best movie.. it didn't skip around too much and left all my fav parts in! Good Job David Slade!

- for those who saw it, what did u thinnk?!?!

June 24, 2010

Eclipse Premiere

The Eclipse premiere is about to go down and we're a few minutes away from sneaking downtown to take part in our first premiere! We promise not to enjoy it cause we're doing it all for you :) Hope to sneak in like we did last night. I was standing at arms length away from Charlie Bewley (Demetri) i'm not sure how i ended up behind him but we got in a few people's photos too like this one (we're not on the left)
Charlie Brewley is sooo hot! No words! on Twitpic

allowscriptaccess="always" allownetworking="all" allowfullscreen="true" 


If we don't see you there make sure your watching the premiere online so you can fill me in on anything i miss. Watch on Myspace or YouTube I'm getting a pic of Rob/Kellan/Kristen/Jackson tonight!

June 23, 2010

Twiversary !?

So I just dawned on me today that June 16th marked one full year since Remedy and myself saw Twilight! Now we're one week from Eclipse!! Way too much has happened in the past year since we were first introduced to Twilight. Most noticeable would be this blog! I personally never inteneded to get hooked on Twilight, let alone develop an almost illegal crush on T. Lautner!!! But I'm NONE of us expected to see such a beautiful transformation now did we!? Didn't think so!!

So a year ago I was soo oblivous to anything Twilight related! I would see the tabloids with pics of KStew smoking and didn't understand the fuss! I remember not understanding the hype around Rob, and well I still don't! Haha (but I will admit I like his accent!) I had no intentions of loving those darn books and movies this much! Didn't realize there were thousand of other 20 somethings that loved the series too... Then I saw the 30 and 40 somethings... (Scary) I think last fall I taped every talk show that invited any Twi cast member! Too many hours of late night to remember. Then at some point after New Moon it went down hill! Too many "crazy" fans were being used to represent all of us! The same fans/sites started getting invited to random stuff... Who the heckie did they sleep with, really!? Its not fair!! I then realized that sooo many other 'older' Twi-fans were simply CRAZY! Pics of Tay and Rob on your walls and you're MARRIED? Wtf!? Using your CHILD to get entrance to Twilight events.. Damn shame!

Twi-Tours came and went in L.A. And I had no interest in going! Didn't care that Kellan Bear was there or that my favorite JailBait would actually be in attendance.... At this point I love the movies, love the books! Can't wait for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn 1 and 2!! But I don't like being linked with the psycho fans that have the tattoos and sleep outside for "see" the cast.... What happened to this just being another good movie series!?.... I kinda miss the old Twilight days...which for me was at the beginning of all the mania!

(And not this is NOT a goodbye post! Just venting my feeling :-) )

*and I'll post again AFTER Eclipse... My feelings may be diff, idk! LOL

June 21, 2010

From Germany to Sweden-Eclipse taking over the world

Kristen and Taylor continue their Eclipse world tour. The stopped in Germany then continued to Sweden today.

June 18, 2010

Eclipse press update: the motherload

Remember when i said June was going to be a crazy month? it's been so crazy i'm struggling to keep up.

The cast has been around the world and back in the last week- if it feels that way to me i wonder how they must feel? esp. Kristen and Taylor who seems to have become the face of Twi). There was Eclipse con in LA which the entire cast attended. Rome, the late night show promotions also in LA with the entire cast, Korea and Australia. 

Late Night

Eclipse Con
Why do i get the feeling all these big Twi events in LA will never happen again?

Bonus: GQ Taylor

June 17, 2010

More *new* Eclipse clips

I just realized I've been posting "new" clips, most of these clips are just recycled scenes from another clip with a few seconds of a new scene placed into it. 
via RPLife

June 16, 2010

TWO more *new* Eclipse clips

 via RPLife

Kellan: when we thought he couldn't get any better

This is Kellan in Men's Health
This was Kellan on set today
just when we thought it couldn't get any better. i'll call him anything he wants as long as he's wearing that

June 14, 2010

New Eclipse Pictures and 2 New Clips

gotta show some love to Mike
if i must....
All images via Socialite, they have tons of new pics over there if you want to check them out! Videos via Eclipse Movie

June 12, 2010

TwiTour LA

[Have you all missed me?! I know I've bee soooo MIA.. My apologies for all the Rob posts.... Ms Remedy doesn't seem to realize that there are other men in the Twilight Movies.... shame..]

.. So this little thing called TwiTour went down today in Los Angeles! Just about the entire cast was in attendance... including Taylor, KStew and Rob. Was I there? Nope! WHHAATT? Yep that is correct, I did not attend yet another Twi-Tour and this was like the mother of all TwiTours, or so I was told. For about a good 2 minutes I was regretting not going. But then I realized i'd be surrounded for too many girl screaming and crying and yelling "Rob I love you".. ::gag:: . I would not have been able to handle that one bit and I would hate for a unnecessary fight to break out.... then I wouldn't be able to say "hi" to Taylor... haha

Do I regret not going?! not for a single second! I really feel like I'm slowly getting over this Twilight mania. But rest assured June 30, I will have a date with my nearest movie theater! ;-) I simply can't miss Taylor lookin hott and shirtless.... oooh I can't wait to see how my fave scenes are played out!!!

18 days to go!

June 10, 2010

Breaking Dawn to be made into two films

Summit announced via Facebook Breaking Dawn will be made into two movies
Los Angeles, CA, June 10, 2010 – Summit Entertainment confirmed today that THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN will be released as two separate films with the first of the two slated to be released in theatres on November 18, 2011.  
My reaction? thank god they waited til i got home. Personally i don't care much my interest in that book ended when Jacob got his own section. I just want to see where pt.1 ends so my curiosity might cause me to pay for this movie.

Like they said Breaking will be in theaters November 18, 2011. As for Dawn's release date...only god and Summit knows when. 

Since we're still on Eclipse here's another new clip with the puppy pack, no vamps :(

June 8, 2010

New Eclipse sneak peak

I feel so greedy, more Eclipse, more Eclipse...i'm getting excited! lol i feel like Summit's showing the right clips this time, they're not giving away the good stuff just peeks, love it! i', dying because of where this ended, i can so fill in Edwards reaction "You want the Muts to protect you, THE MUTS?"
Extended Eclipse clip...Longer version from the MTV movie awards on Sunday night

June 7, 2010

Important Eclipse dates *updated*

  • 5/13 tune in to The Oprah Show to see Kristen, Rob, Taylor & Dakota!
  • pre-order your tickets on Fandango Friday May 14
  • Muse's new single "Neutron Star Collision (Love is forever)" will premiere 5/17
  • Rob on Ellen 5/19
  • "Neutron Star Collison" the video will debut May 20 at 8pm on MTV and VH1 it will also have new Eclipse footage
  • May 27th Eclipse Board Game
  • The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner will be available on Saturday June 5 
  • Sunday June 6th at 9pm the MTV Movie Awards
  • Starting at noon on June 7th until July 5thit will also be available The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner online
  • The Eclipse soundtrack will be available June 8
  • The Official Eclipse Convention June 11-13
  • June 23 The cast will be doing a special on Jimmy Kimmel
  • The Eclipse premiere will be June 24 at L.A Live's Nokia Theater during LA Film Fest
  • the Eclipse companion will be available June, 29 same day as the Eclipse Score
  • June 30 Eclipse hits theaters!!
There you have it, please let me know if i missed anything...Will update when more dates are announced.

Hot men of Twilight: Remedy Edition

Heart attack in
I think he needs to play with animals more often...much, much more often
Didn't think much until i saw him in a suit, damn this man looks good in a suit!
i'd prefer this one in nothing but i wasn't the photographer :)

June 6, 2010

Relive the MTV Movie Awards-Twistyle: The kiss, the clips and the Rob!

Twilight took home every award they were nominated for!

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Kristen Stewart: The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Robert Pattinson: The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Robert Pattinson

Anna Kendrick: Up In The Air

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: The Twilight Saga: New Moon

*New* Eclipse Clip!!!
Rob and Taylor in Bass-Ass Cops-video below

June 3, 2010

Two New Eclipse TV Spots

These actually look like the best ones yet!

Eclipse press update

Kristen and Taylor went down under last weekend but now then they ended up in South Korea??? who knew,,,moving on. Kristen looked so cute, it's impossible to hate even though she's been getting a lot of bad press about her paparazzi comment....poor kstew.m045.jpg

Kellan, we need to have a conversation...

You are Kellan Lutz, while i'm glad that hasn't gotten to your head, why the hell are you walking around LAX?
i love that he tries to hide by holding his head down and wearing that ugly ass hat. Kellan, you're 6ft manly goodness, there's no hiding all that.

Just wanted to say next time, fly like a damn celebrity...i'd hate to have to come to your defense.
via Socialite

May 31, 2010

Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner down under

Kristen and Taylor went down under where she proudly said she was team Edward...right in front of Taylor. Seems like they've been having a great weekend, i'm not too jealous.

Love the hair, love the make up, Love that skirt!
i'm gonna leave it alone....the things i could say
The first thing he does is check the doll's abs and face, no Lautner not conceited at least they got the height right :) you know i love you.
video, photos via Socialite

Rapper 'Romeo' has a role in Breaking Dawn???

This I've been dying to blog about: Romeo-aka Lil Romeo when he was a kid rapper who went to USC to play basketball or as i like to call him USC's free publicity-told MTV he's up for a part in Breaking Dawn.

I know i wanted to wait until after Eclipse to talk about Breaking Dawn but this was too good to many ways.

This fool's already trying to start "team Romeo" even though it's just a "small part" and he can't even confirm if he's got the role. Unless he's playing 'child standing on street Bella drives down on her way to put gas in new bullet proof car' i really don't see him in this movie.

Did he not know the name of the movie he's supposed to be up for? real bad start.....Thoughts anyone?
via MTV

Another Eclipse TV Spot

This one premiered last week, it has a few new scenes but some are repeats...
via Yahoo

May 30, 2010

Sunday Funny

For the team Edward and team Jacob girls aka team Switzerland cause you just couldn't decide, this was too funny not to post.

May 25, 2010

Rob, Kristen and Taylor brings *new* Eclipse clip to MTV's Movie Awards

what they forgot to mention was thank god for TiVo or i might end up murdering someone at MTV this year. Must Summit constantly pimp us for other people's ratings? Last year they made you sit through 3/4 of the show before showing the cast or the damn clip, how will this year be any different? Yes, Rob was looking hot and worth the wait, yes Rob will be looking hotter this year and that still don't make it right.
Kristen's outfit was super cute...even the other one looked alright.

member? you know you member the fierceness
Kristen Stewart backstage at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards at Radio City Music Hall.
No offense Aziz-your funny and all but i refuse to sit through the torture one more year even if it means a brand new clip.....who am i kidding? we all know i'm lying, if i'm not watching i'll be stalking the building. I couldn't get on Oprah, Ellen or Kimmel, i'm gonna have to pay for twicon and i'm being banned from the four day premiere camp out so i'll be damned if something keeps me away from that clip, i'd even trade my child....if i had one that is :) i'm gonna be such a bad mother.
Tune in to MTV on June 6th at 9/8c

May 23, 2010

5/21 TwiCap: The Cullens vs. The Wolf pack

Sorry guys meant to post this earlier :)
i wouldn't want to be the one standing in the back, they look like they weren't supposed to be in the picture at all...wrong in so many ways.

This video has a few news scenes in it

video via RPLife

May 20, 2010

Rob does the Circus

I thought Bel Ami Rob was hot until.....
that's right ladies Rob does the circus and his character name???? Jacob, oh the irony. I'm officially team Jacob! 


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