September 24, 2009

Eclipse Kellan Bear update.. pic/ video included

So i'm at school waaaayy too early and have an hour before class so i decided to post a lil bloggy =) Sorrie for my lack of post yesterday.. i had more than enough time BUT i was busy trying to find Britney Spears[.. its a contest she does before each show..] now back to twilight...

I'm kinda behind on whats been going on lately..[apparently OK mag is lying once again... the paps are all over the set & some newspaper in Vancouver is leaking secret locations?!]. BUT i did find some info at && some pics! So i figured, why not post em just for the sake of doing so! =) Do we all remember when Kellan somehow was able to sneak into Los Angeles undetected(by me at least).. and we've seen the pics of him leaving LA right?! The cute pics of him w/ his teddy grahmns [awww] well here's a video of my Kellan Bear talking to the stalkerazzi!

wasn't able to post the video from the actual PopSugar site.. but thank goodness for YouTube!!

this would be the Teddy Grahams pics yumm =)

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