March 19, 2010

New features added to site

Soooo I figured out how to make 'pages' within the site!! To start of simple we made info pages... a little.. .and I do mean a little, info about us!! Its at the top of the page under the pic of Tay, KStew & Rob. Hop everyone's ready to buy NM tomorrow!!!! =)

Grrr Summit, GRR

So the offical Twilight/Summit Twitter page is finally releasing details about midnight release party locations.. ummmm.. So by the title of this blog you can tell I'm a little mad at the. The release the locaton for the Los Angeles.. and the party is in Santa Clarita at Wal-mart of all places [nothing against Wal-Mart..] BUT my complaint is against the fact that the midnight party is about 1 and a half hours outside of Los Angeles... idk if thats stilll even LA County... Epic FAIL by summit!! We were sooo such that the party was going to be in Hollywood at Borders, but I guess not... No midnight party for me =/ And Kellan Bear better not show up or I will be PISSED!!! ... Guess I'll have to have my own New Moon party!! okay rant over....

March 17, 2010

Umm... What's That Movie about Again???.....

Is it wrong that I don't want to see The Runaways?? Am I the only Twilight fan that doesn't care much for seeing the movie?? I don't know if its the 70s era theme or what but not much about this film stricks me as "OMG I have to see that". Yea, KStew is in it, and we love her.. and little Dakota [who doesnt like her??....] but again I've never listened to much, if any, of Joan Jett's music [aside from a cover Britney Spears did years ago..] So yea, for those of you that see it, hope you enjoy. And I hope it does well the theaters!! But I'll be waiting for it to get to a RedBox in about 3 months [that should be just in time for Eclipse]

March 16, 2010

Full list of TwiCast appearing at the New Moon Midnight Release Party!

This Friday at midnight, my house, we're throwing a big New Moon party and everyone's invited...that's how it would be if i wasn't so damn lazy and actually planned a party....Summit went ahead and planned the party for us!
Here's the full list appearances via Summit's Twitter page: 
Los Angeles, Chris Weitz and Nikki Reed
Daniel Cudmore (@danielcudmore) is going to be in Houston!
Kiowa Gordon (@CircaKiGordon) and Tinsel Korey (@tinselkorey) are going to Cincinnati!
Elizabeth Reaser will be in Phoenix
Charlie Bewley (@alchemission) is going to Denver!
Justin Chon (@justinchon), Christian Serratos (@cserratos) and Michael Welch will be in Salt Lake City
Melissa Rosenberg will be going to Seattle
Chaske Spencer (@THEREALCHASKE) and Tyson Houseman will be going to Atlanta
Edi Gathegi (@iamedigathegi) will be in Pittsburgh
Peter Facinelli (@peterfacinelli) is going to New York
I need to get to Denver stat! A sneak peak at what the DVD will have:

I want to know what i did to piss Summit off. For starters our wack ass walmart-the only one in LA-won't be participating in the midnight release party then they send us Nikki Reed??? is this not mf LA??? don't most of the cast live in LA? wtf! I'm sure Kristen will be back in LA by Fri she can go with Chris and where the hell will Kellan be?

They'll probably be having this festivity at the Borders in Hollywood where you need a wristband to buy the DVD and everyone behind the wheel of a car tries to kill you. So again i ask, why should i go to this mess again? Target's selling the three disc version but they're not apart of the midnight release-target knows people like to sleep. 

Bel Ami better be as good as Rob looks in his costume. I'm fussing and i won't even have time to watch the DVD lol even more of a reason for me to buy the damn thing online. I'm watching 'Remember Me' and 'The Runaways' this weekend!

*LA had a 4.4 magnitude earthquake last night and i'm bitching about twilight, don't you just love my priorities? then again i rolled over and went back to sleep after i realized the ground was moving and i wasn't being robbed lol.

March 15, 2010

Twilight's Sexiest Turns a Quarter Century!!

thats right ladies!!! Mr Kellan Bear himself turned 25 today!!! Wooo hoo!!! I totally forgot about his b-day until I saw a tweet PFach posted a few hours ago!! Soo again, Happy Birthday to Kellan.. I'm sure fans had tons of stuff for him at yesterday's TwiTour!!!
i know this is a totally random pic, but its new to me and Kel-Bear looks hott [paul does too]

March 14, 2010

2min sneak peek: The making of Eclipse

This is a sneak peek of what will actually be apart of the extra disc on the New Moon DVD, there's no spoilers previews, it's just showing a bit of how they made the movie most you're seeing what each character will look like. Edward....Hottt!!! Jasper....fugly weave ut hott!!!

Kellan's showing his goodies again

Does this man even wear underwear? i thought for sure he'd be wearing his CK's. i look at him and hear "my goodies, my goodies, not my goodies" i'm just gonna stop talking now before i sound more pervy.

continue drooling at socialite life where you can find the entire gallery.


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