September 24, 2009

Breaking Dawn and Vampire Diaries *update*

Hollywood Crush is reporting that Melissa might have gotten the green light to do Breaking Dawn. I mention this because they said everything that was on my mind, what happens to those 200 pgs of crap Jacobs thoughts? That should be written out so should his pedophilia towards Nessie.  Making it a two part movie is such a bad idea because the first movie would just be about Bella and life after Eclipse, the second movie would be Bella after Nessie and that's where the book starts to lose my love. 
Also found out Vampire Diaries creator will be continuing the series! way to go, ride that money train maybe Stephenie should take a few more ideas from L.J Smith. The new book being released in Feb 2010 will be about Damon, can i suggest this for the cover??

or this

and this

yes! i love searching for this man's picture! 
read the entire article here, she also mentions twilight.

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